Monday, 30 January 2017

Update 81

Straight after TWENTY-FIVE passes away, the twins are having their birthday.


He gained the Angler trait

He is a cutie!!


He gained the Lucky trait

So now we have another grave out in the garden.
TWENTY-FIVE's grave sits in front of his statue.

BOTT has been a little neglected by Bay of late.
She is virtually at the point of breaking when he gives her a well needed tune up.

I hate it when she does this because she sometimes breaks the electrical item that she is syphoning power from.

Dancing fairies.

Basil didn't come straight home from work ... he is outside the theatre ranting about the Supernatural.

Yow ... I'm cool!!


The picture from the festival ground

I found something interesting in BOTT's inventory.
A death flower.
BOTT has been doing all the gardening so I haven't been paying attention to it.

Red anaylsis and takes a sample of the death flower.

Puts the sample in the machine

and out pops another one.

Now BOTT has no toddlers in the house to look after, she has more time to do the housework and gardening.

She doesn't have a trait chip fitted that enables her to play with the children .... yet
So Red is playing see saw with FORTY-ONE instead.

Phoenix is now writing his third book.
He wants to earn $500 a week in royalties .... at the moment he is earning $311

FORTY has found the bot builder and wants to learn the bot skill.

metal sculpture ... this should be interesting

Basil has a new jamming buddy

I'm amused by this ...

One of the kids have pranked the sink outside that THIRTY-FOUR sculpted.

The visiting cats and dogs must have been eating the cat food - I hadn't noticed the bowl is empty until BOTT fills it up

Where the hell did Emit (the time traveller) come from??

He spoke to Bay then vanished - and now everyone in the house has him on their friends list.
I sold the time portal as soon as it landed ...
maybe I should buy another one, it would be very interested to see Red's future descendants right now!!

Basil randomly decides he wants to learn the fishing skill.
I'm actually surprised when I spot he has the Angler trait .... I'd completely forgotten about it, because he has shown no sign of having it before now.

Which gives me an idea ... if he gets into fishing and catches a deathfish - Red can make ambrosia and then he can bring Lime back and play with her properly he! he!

For someone who is not artistic .. Phoenix is not doing too bad a job.

That is hysterical
Why exactly would a bot need a work out for Bay??

Bay has now maxed his bot skill!!
He decides he wants to make a Sentience trait chip for BOTT.

He can now upgrade her to the max 7 trait chip slots

She is now equipped with = Gardeningbot - Handibot - Limitless Learning - Competent Cleaner - Friendly Functions - Robonanny and Sentience trait chips

The Sentience trait chip will basically make her as human as any other sim ... her social and fun needs will work like her power and maintenance.  She will roll wishes and can chose a LTW.
The only thing she wont be able to do like a normal sim, is fall in love, have a relationship and woohoo - unless Bay makes her the Ability to Love trait chip.

As soon as he fits the trait chip she is off ............
squealing on the water slide.

I spot an elderly THIRTY running down the road

BOTT will now become unreliable as far as housework and gardening go ... she will do it when she feels like it, just like any other sim!!

At the moment she is too busy having fun!!

Red wants to give Basil a gift.

She has the perfect thing for him ... a death flower.
It will stop me worrying about him ranting about death on that mega phone that he keeps ranting on!!

Basil randomly wants to tune up BOTT

He is doing a lot of hugging today!

Curfew pop up for FORTY.

I find her sleeping by the hospital

At 11.50pm she gets a ride home in a police car.

Yeah and now she is grounded!!

W H A T ??!!
Red feels unwell = unknown causes!!

That means we have another baby bump on the way .... but that should not even be possible!!!

Try for baby and risky are turned off ... so how is she having another baby???!!!

I noticed the ghost gnomes are playing up again - we only have one ghost or none visiting at the moment, that is why you haven't seen any for a while.

This one is Tonia one of the Paps.

Is grounded FORTY sleeping on the edge of the garden so she can do a runner when the school bus arrives - lol

She came inside to eat and I'm surprised to watch BOTT let her off with the grounding

I have to laugh .... the house is empty
All of the kids are at school and Basil is at work ... and I get to watch BOTT doing the gardening, housework and playing on the water slide, because Bay and Red have literally slept the day away!!

Yes and here is the mystery baby bump

(It is time I refreshed the mods I think, and put in new copies, just in case the ones I have are broken!!)

She has sneaked another extra in ggggrrrrrrr

The boys are doing their homework ... while the girls have better things to do, play on the water slide!!

Like they haven't already spent all day in that bed!!

THIRTY-SEVEN wants to play dominoes ... so I got them the dominoes table

Since he became a teen all THIRTY-NINE is doing is working out.

FORTY-ONE is having his birthday

He gained the Computer Whiz trait

Phoenix is having his birthday and becoming a young adult

I gave him the Artistic trait to help with his LTW.

LTW = Illustrious Author.

This made me laugh - he jumped straight into a mud bath

Like he doesn't already have 150 days to his next birthday .... he now has 151.

This guy hardly sleeps!!
I've seen him have one full sleep - the day they slept the day away, the rest of the time he just cat naps.


minus his cc hair which the game obviously hasn't loaded

That's cute ... Phoenix is paying attention to the baby bump.

I am amused when she announces the pregnancy to FORTY-TWO

Oh yeah ... the monstrosity that she sculpted out of metal

Phoenix is graduating

Paprika is really dressed up!
How cute does he look in that tux!?

I spot THIRTY-THREE is now a mature adult

Christopher is also graduating today - so all of the remaining leaf clan are here
SEVEN - TEN - TWELVE - Delores and Harry

Hello Rocky.

Bay didn't bother to go into the town hall, he napped on the bench instead.


Phoenix was Class Valedictarian
and Most Artistic ...... don't make me laugh he only got the Artistic trait about 12 hours ago!!

I spot a cardboard bot walking down the road
I am amused when I discover it is Christopher
He's a cardboard vampire bot!!

He looks all grown up in his police uniform ...
then he pulls out a freezer bunny and starts playing with it like a child!!

Is it me or is that girl gorgeous?! I can't stop looking at her.

And THIRTY-NINE I think has Forrest's face shape which Bay doesn't have.



  1. Yes she is gorgeous :)

    Who is the baby daddy of the mystery baby? Is it Bay or has she snuck in another baby daddy, lol.

    1. It is Bay's baby ... I just dont get how and when they made it when their only option is woohoo now because risky and try for baby is turned off.