Sunday, 15 January 2017

Update 59

There are plenty of seat in the house to sit and read  .... or is he constipated?!

I'm really not sure why Lime is crying!!

I'm seeing a lot of this at the moment.  The floor scent squirting thing is making everyone sick!!
So I've sold it!!

Caught in the act!

Now Lime is embarrassed

Red gets a celebrity opportunity to cameo in a play, so I sent her off to the theatre.

I am amused that the water fountains are frozen and not working.

Yeah I get bored waiting for sims to come out of rabbit hole buildings!

Ladybug the dog is wandering around without any of the Charm bees.

Red wants to paint a portrait of him ... I have noticed she does this with all the dogs she is coming into contact with, but how exactly do you invite a dog round so you can paint him??!!

She gets to talk to Cranberry and TWENTY-TWO

I STILL don't get the fixation that Basil and Lime have with each other!!

What a stupid time to hold a vaccination clinic ... at 1am in the morning in the cemetery!!??
I'm surprised it was so busy.





TWELVE having a rant again

Then she tries to fairy prank Mango

but it backfires on her!!


FIFTEEN's ghost turned up, but time ran out so NINETEEN was his last vaccination

Lime is definitely stuck here ... she has been here constantly for days

I am wandering if the ghost gnome she came out of passed away while she was here, and that is why she is stuck here?

Forrest, Lilly and THIRTEEN turn up

Kick TWENTY-THREE off the dart board why don't you Forrest!!

Lilly and THIRTEEN are having fun in the sandpit.

Forrest doesn't mind his Granddaughter now she is no longer a child or teen.

Red seems to like slow dancing with all her ghost ex's

Just don't start getting too pally!!

Something I have noticed about TWENTY-FIVE that I don't like .... he is constantly picking on TWENTY-SIX ... he is constantly berating his ignorance.

Seriously the boy can't help being insane!!

Today was the first day that the boys could go to school ...
and all six of them got into trouble for trying to skip school

I had to send them manually because I am not sure the bus actually came!!

Nice try ... but hiding in the igloo is not going to save you from a telling off!!

Red got an opportunity to deliver a painting worth $500 to the Bistro.

I think the Bistro looks really pretty in the snow.

Doing the Bistro opportunity took Red up to a five star celebrity.

Another one of the ghost gnomes passes away, so we are now down to only two.

we are getting a gnome graveyard in the garden!

All the other ghostly visitors have gone, but Lime is still stuck here.

We had a pop up ... Caramel has passed away.

and as usual Basil and Lime are stuck together like glue

They danced together for hours!!

TWENTY-NINE has his birthday

He gained the Dog Person trait (game given)

TWENTY-EIGHT has his birthday

He gained the Great Kisser trait (game given)

TWENTY-THREE also has his birthday, becoming a mature adult

TWENTY-THREE is having a mid life crisis!!

and ... they are still dancing!!

Until Lime stops and pee's herself!!

great start to his midlife crisis, mopping up ghost pee!!

Mango is now a Gene Therapist

I'm glad she had the sense to take a shower straight away .... I had visions of her stinking the house out!!

Yes Brook is still here

She is boring me silly!!
I don't think Lime is the only one who is stuck ... Brook has not rolled a single new wish for a long time ... even after resetting her.


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