Friday, 13 January 2017

Update 57


Traits = Slob, Heavy Sleeper
Favourites = 

he looks like he might be another mini Mango, facially.

Basil is now very close to maxing his logic

I find TWENTY-SIX flaked out on the kitchen floor
he has fainted .... I think from seeing monsters under the bed.

SSSSsssshhhhhh .....
Eleven sleeping sims ... because tonight we have no ghosts!!

A stupid place to play his piano!!
He doesn't care that nobody can eat .... because he has just maxed his piano skill!!

TWENTY-THREE is a maniac painter, while Red seems to have forgotten how to paint.

Red is teaching THIRTY to talk

Potty break

Mango teaches THIRTY to walk

TWENTY-THREE and TWENTY-FIVE are becoming very good friends.

TWENTY-SIX is a couch potato, so he doesn't mind watching them playing.

TWENTY-SEVEN has found the easels.

Mango makes a start on THIRTY's potty training

Watching the snow fall

Red has hardly done any painting for a while because two of her boys are now completely hogging all the easels.

The ghosts are here.
Jazz again - he seems to be visiting every time lately, and notice Forrest has disappeared.

Nine stared out of the front door for a while, then went over the road to his old house.  I didn't see him again.

Lilly and Lime are out the back building snowmen.

Jazz is taking yet another photo of Brook

Jazz = "Can I make babies with your daughter?"
Basil = "NO!!"

Basil amuses me by going outside to Lime

Jazz and Red are having a dance

Brook gains herself the Street Art skill by reading the book to TWENTY-SIX

I'm starting to worry about these two - they are making friends pretty quickly, which is unlike Lime, she doesn't make friends easily being evil and mean spirited!!  They have nothing in common, I don't get it!!

When Lime vanishes he goes to talk to Myra.

he invites her in again, but goes straight away again.

TWENTY-SIX is cooking himself something to eat.

He is insane, so you will see him wearing some strange clothes!!

Mango has another Vacination Clinic at the festival ground.

I am shocked to see Rian is now elderly!!

I'm surprised by how much he looks like Jazz and Five did at that age

Harry holds up the clinic wanting a photo of Mango.

Werewolves should be able to take it!!


We've already done the heart farts for TEN Mango!!

Harry is now a young adult.
He is the only one of Red's Grandchildren that is a fairy, so I guess he will be around for the longest.


Heart farts AGAIN for NINETEEN

Prelude is brave enough to be vaccinated this time!

I seriously can not get used to seeing an old aged Prelude!!




I haven's seen ONE - TWO or THREE for ages!!

I am actually dreading when Ice's ghost comes to visit - she is forever going to be causing chaos with all of Red's future boys!!


SIXTEEN ... I guess is going to be the next of her children to pass away


Mango wants to impress TWENTY-ONE?!
Mango is a 4 star celebrity while TWENTY-ONE is a 2 star celebrity ... it should be the other way round!

It didn't go well ... he named dropped Red ... TWENTY-ONE stormed off!!

It's not often I see Brook doing anything gardening related.

Someone is getting chattering teeth from building snowmen in her underwear.

Basils maxed Piano certificate arrives

I think the roof has a hole in it - we have snow in the house lmao!!

and so does TWENTY-THREE's maxed painting certificate

Another one of TWENTY-THREE's paintings that I have never seen Red paint.

TEN phones Mango for a date!!

I was very tempted to accept it .... well I do need to break their romantic connection before he leaves.  But I will leave it a while, a little closer to the end of his time - its nice not to have fighting and arguing in the house for a change!!

TWENTY-FIVE has his birthday and becomes a teenager

He gains the Sailor trait

(I'm hoping he might want to interact with the sea - which we haven't seen much of yet!)

I thought he was going to set the kitchen on fire - the microwave got a fire blast.
Thankfully he didn't!!

for a couch potato, he doesn't half do a hell of a lot of dancing!! 

TWENTY-FIVE has found the inventing table again.

Just please don't make a time machine!!  
Red will be filling the house up with adult extra's otherwise - woohooing in the past!!

TWENTY-SIX = "I'm the king of the world!!"

TWENTY-SEVEN spends a lot of time in the arcade machine.
I had to pull six teddies and a load of toys out of his inventory.
A couple of the kids have now got ghost gnomes in their inventory too.

Tonight we have Atlas, Apple, Lime and EIGHT

Lime is building us an igloo

That is as close as Atlas and Apple got to each other, you would never think they have a romantic connection ... obviously it is not a strong one!!

What really is the point of most of the things that are created on the inventing table??
Other than to fill the house with clutter?!

Mango is shattered the poor love!!
He is now a Trauma Surgeon

I love TWENTY-FIVE he is always doing something constructive skill wise.

TWENTY-SIX didn't come home from school
at 8pm I found him hanging out on the school grounds with Prelude, TWENTY and TWENTY-FOUR.

I don't know what TWENTY-EIGHT is doing outside!!

He has his birthday

He gains the Heavy Sleeper trait

TWENTY-NINE has his birthday

He gained the Night Owl trait

I don't have to worry about TWENTY-NINE being out in snow ... because he loves the cold, so he will never freeze!  I hope!!

We have lost one of the ghost gnomes.

So now we will be down to only three visiting ghosts.


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