Friday, 13 January 2017

Update 56

Mango is teaching TWENTY-NINE to walk

while Red teaches TWENTY-EIGHT

He thought he had the day off, until he was called in on an emergency

TWENTY-FIVE is the first to create a potion without blowing himself up!!

Basil has taken a shine to one of the Paps hanging about outside .... Myra

He invites Myra in but she didn't stay very long.

Sign baby THIRTY is on its way.

Its been a while since you have seen these fellows!!

Brook is reading the second book that she wrote ... AGAIN!!

For a change Red is the one getting the toddlers up and feeding them!!

Red makes a start on TWENTY-EIGHTS potty training

I spotted unpaid bills on the garden ?!
Strange when Red has the No Bills Ever reward - so she shouldn't even be getting bills.

over $20,000 ............ game are you taking the peeeeeeeeeee !?!?!?!?!

I would have been narked but I was too busy laughing .... Red had received a couple of love letters and gifts off ... The Grim Reaper!!!!!

 Red wants to visit the graveyard which gives me a chance to get out more graves.

I knew I would be getting THIRTEEN's grave out, but was really surprised to find FIFTEEN has now also passed away.

I also got out Lily and Limes graves.

Baby bump.

TWENTY-THREE is doing most of the child care!

SIX and EIGHT are outside having a natter

THIRTEEN and Melvin are also here

TWENTY-FIVE is eccentric ... so he should learn the inventing skill pretty quickly

A tired Mango is annoying me, putting the toddlers to bed when they are not tired!!

TWENTY-SIX has his birthday

He gains the Neurotic trait

TWENTY-SEVEN has his birthday

He gains the Loves to Swim trait

I think we do have a mini Mango after all!!  This one is promising!!

A little dancing fairy.

TWENTY-SIX is getting a lesson on photography for his bedtime story

Don't kneel on the door like that ... you will break it!!

TWENTY-THREE decides he wants to be a self employed painter.

TWENTY-THREE is painting a picture I have never seen before!!

Red has her chain saw out.
Seeing her using ice again - I check on the octopus (who I have completely forgotten about) and he's melted and gone.

TWENTY-THREE had two expensive pictures to sell that he had painted, which jumped him straight up to Painter career level 4

Not exactly how you are supposed to clean the sink!!

He is a happy bunny!!

Mango is not good Dad material (shockingly!!)

He feeds TWENTY-EIGHT who doesn't need feeding and leaves TWENTY-NINE in his crib starving!!

While he goes out and plays in the sandpit!!

Don't worry Mango, TWENTY-THREE fed your starving son!!

Red is oblivious to the starving toddler too .... playing with her chainsaw!!

Brook being stir crazy I sent her to the festival ground - I didn't plan to stay with her until I realise she had not gone alone.

I didn't realise she had taken TWENTY-EIGHT with her, until I lost him.

They went into the photo booth and had a family portrait.

I spot Ice on the rocking chair

and so did Brook, I'm surprised when she went over to talk to her mother, they are in the red friendship wise.

Brook left TWENTY-EIGHT on the rugs

While she went apple bobbing with her two Aunts, TWELVE and NINETEEN

It is funny to think that TWENTY-EIGHT is Brooks Uncle!!

Red's second ice sculture is now out in the garden so it can melt in peace.

Mango has had another promotion
he is now a Resident.

and onto reading medical journals

Winter and the snow is here again

Jazz and Apple are outside

Atlas and Melvin are inside

Jazz is causing absolute chaos in the bedrooms ... he has woken everyone in the house up, except for the toddlers.

Hello Atlas

Atlas stares at a sleeping Apple for ages

then joins him for a nap.

Jazz seems to be on hyper rails tonight ... lol

Don't even think about waking that toddler up, like you have woken everyone else!!

For once I was glad when all the ghosts went .... when they visit through the night, they are really starting to mess with the sleeping patterns.

Sensible Mango ... playing out in the snow in his underwear!!!

TWENTY-THREE wants to decorate the house with 5 paintings ... there is no chance of that now he is a self employed painter. (pout)

I think they are admiring the lovely snowy view

but they are up to something else!!

TWENTY-SEVEN is doing the smuttle dance.

That will teach you to mess about in the hot tub ..... the baby is coming

Off to the hospital

Just the one this time!!
I was half expecting them to come out with twins again!!
So no extra's this time!!

THIRTY is a human boy.

Hysterically they have SIX BOYS .... they both have rolled girl wishes .... but its not happened!!

Ha! ha! don't think you are making any more to get the girl you want ... auto try for baby now turned off!!

Basil has a new chess buddy.

TWENTY-FIVE is a busy boy, he is always doing something constructive!!



  1. Wow, if it wasn't for the extra kids in the house all of Red and Mango's kids would probably get taken away, lol. I am shocked that Mango is not a better father!

    Were the bills close to the money tree? I think if you don't take care of it properly it will drop bills.

    1. OMG!!!
      Yes the bills were dropped under the money tree!!!
      I AM AN IDIOT!!!