Monday, 9 January 2017

Update 52

This one is going to be very hard for me!!  Mango as a character (for TCE purposes) is very strong and complex in my head ... and his sim is not going to be anything like the character that I have given him!!

Mango Muffin

Traits = Disciplined -Genius - Neat - Friendly - Family Orientated.
Favourites = Pop - Mac & Cheese - White
LTW = World Renown Surgeon

The moment he walks through the door he is hit with the attractive sim and positively orgasmic moodlet (lol)

Being a genius he heads straight for the chess table

Red takes a look at Mango and walks off ... that wasn't a very good start!!

Well at least Mango is making friends with Basil.

This seriously cracked me up!!
Mango obviously lost ... so the chess pieces flew across the room

You sulky baby!!
Whoever would have thought it, Mango is a bad loser!!

He stomps off to bed after his outburst.

Be warned .... this sim pulls the funniest of expressions at the strangest times, which I can't help taking pictures of.

$1350 she earned for this one

and $1452 for this one.

All Red is doing is painting and all Mango is doing is reading books, cleaning and playing chess ... they are yet to speak to each other.

I get Red painting his portrait.

He goes straight back to reading!!
He is actually spending more time with Brook and Basil.

Well that is not supposed to happen!!
Shame on you Mango, she is just a teenager!!

FINALLY they speak to each other.

from their lengthy interaction they built up their friendship quite quickly.

Friendly hugs.

and he is back off to his cleaning and chess.

I get the feeling that Mango is going to take days for Red to crack, she actually doesn't seem very interested in him, which is unlike her, usually any man goes!  There has been no heart farts between them either!!

That is awful!!
I don't know why but Red has never painted good portraits, compared to other artistic sims that I have!

$2095 she earned for it.

Flirting ...

and watching the stars ....

Then it is back to Basil for more games of chess.

I'm highly amused when Mango gets into bed with Red!!!!
All they have done is a bit of flirting

Basil suddenly decides he wants to make a stink bomb potion

which ends in disaster!!

Mmmmmm ... I was hoping I was wrong .... but we have four ghosts turn up at once.  I guess they will give us some entertainment while we are waiting for the babies to start arriving.

Tonight we have FIVE, NINE, EIGHT and Jazz

Jazz tickles me waving at Basil.

EIGHT is having a go on the arcade machine, but he didn't win anything.

NINE and FIVE are now jamming with Basil

Lmao ... Basil rolls a wish to form a band.
I'm tempted, but I don't know if the ghosts will turn up when they get gigs.

He always loved that sandpit when he was a boy.

See Mango, Tapestry isn't mad ... ghosts are real!!

Mango = "What the hell is this?!  A boarding house for spirits?!"

We seem to be getting somewhere slowly, they progress to hand holding.

Mango is telling himself a ghost story

Until Jazz turns up and he stops and runs off outside.
I think he scared himself ... lmao!!

The four ghosts are now trashing the kitchen!!

Thankfully we have neat Mango, who cleans up the mess in no time.

More flirting and hand holding.

Brook is putting her new Green Thumb trait to good use.

I am seriously slipping!!
I'm too busy watching Brook gardening when I hear the sound of woohoo.

Now I don't know how or who started their romantic attachment!!

Mango = "I think I need to try that again!!"


and here was me thinking Mango would be a hard one to crack!!

Basil is getting the pink hair dye prank left by one of Preludes kids ... or was it Brook?!

Mango is really surprising me ... he is the one jumping on Red all the time, not the other way round, he is not giving her a chance!!  But then I guess the positively orgasmic moodlet might help to reel them in!!

Red goes to the graveyard - to get out graves but she gets distracted by TWENTY-ONE and TWENTY-TWO being there.

TWENTY-TWO kept acting like he is starving .... so I dragged out a few apples from Red's inventory and he picked one up and ate it straight away.

I can't have him dying on me so soon!!

I got out Apples grave - he has a medium sized one like Jazz and Forrest

Forrest and four of his children ... Jazz and three of his children.

We have a houseful of ghosts again.


Melvin and ELEVEN.

Mango now has a job at the hospital, but it will be three days before he has to go to work because he has the weekend off.

NINE isn't hiding behind the curtain, lol, he is just coming through the wall.

Red is trying again, to paint a better portrait of Mango.

The ghosts are quite amusing when there are a few of them here together and they interact with each other.

ELEVEN scaring SIX

Now there are four of them visiting us, they are creating a constant mess in the kitchen to be cleaned up all the time!! They are wasting more than they actually eat!!

Red is invited to another party that THIRTEEN is having
She is Mango's boss, so it's good he makes friends with her.

It annoys me when they walk around for years after the event in their graduation gowns!!


TWELVE and Mango heart farting.

Mango cracks me up, planning woohoo in the middle of the party!!

We spring a baby bump, which puts pay to Mango's planned woohoo.

Amusingly he runs off into the bedroom and spins into his sleepwear, and is lying on the bed waiting, but Red never gets there, too busy nattering to Catnip.


I'm glad he redressed himself before coming out of the bedroom or it would have been hysterical watching him wandering around the party in his underwear!!

As you can see, the second portrait of Mango is not looking too good either!!

Brook wants to fertilise the plants with freshly caught fish, so she is fishing.

poor frog is about to become manure!!

Mango is swatting up on Logic which he needs for work.

Hello Mr Ghost Gnome.
That is the first time I've seen one venture into the house!

I spot SEVEN over the road, he is now a mature adult

and Harry
You can't really see any of Atlas in him.

unlike his sister - who looks just like Atlas

Delores is a teen now like Brook


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