Saturday, 31 December 2016

Update 38

Red makes a beeline for Forrest, she is planning to hug him amorously .... but she didn't expect what she got!!

He accused her of cheating!!

Finally Leafy lmao ... he never accused her of it once all the time that Atlas was here ... only now he gets it!!

She tries to hug him again

Yes .... he is angry!!

That face she pulls!!

Forrest goes into watch television

Finally he gets to interact with his youngest two children!!

I'm amused when he gets his favourite out of the fridge .... French Toast

He only eats half of it then vanishes

For all Preludes faults .... he is a good Dad (most of the time)!!

(he has 6 kids in TCE)

Pack it in .... I am trying to age the babies up!!


Traits = Neurotic - Brave
Favourites = Soul - Egg Roll - Yellow

I seriously can not believe that she has the white eyes!!!!

I have to wait for them to finish before I can age TWENTY up ... lol


Traits = Loves the Outdoors - EVIL
Favourites = Pop - Pumpkin Pie - Spiceberry

They might be making friends now .... but wait till TWENTY's evilness starts kicking in!!

It is Spooky Day .....

and I think I've just noticed something .... EVERYONE in the house goes out and has a kick at all the gnomes!!  So does this happen every Spooky Day??

Prelude is rolling the twins skill wishes quicker than Red is.

Red teaches NINETEEN to talk while Prelude teaches TWENTY

and potty training.

Time to mess about!!

Yes Mr Laundry Gnome .... I heard it too!!


Basil wanted to go trick or treating!!
Out of the three houses - only ELEVEN came to the door and gave him candy

Prelude finishes off TWENTY's potty training

Red has made his favourite .... Sushi

That is a little creepy Holly!!!!

I guess that is one way to wake him up, just to take his photograph!!

Bad Daddy has come out to play!!

NINETEEN loses her candy!!

It's no good trying to comfort her after you are the one who made her cry!!
Give her the candy back - you meanie!!

Goodnight Holly

While Red is still sleeping Prelude teach NINETEEN to walk

and finishes her potty training

He takes her out and puts her on the rider

She is Daddy's girl alright!!

She has got the mean Orchid look!!

I'm a little confused ... there were a load of toddler books and now we are only down to three.  I empty everyones inventories of books before I move them out ... so I don't know where they have all gone!!

That is supposed to be a portrait of Prelude .... but like the one of Atlas, it is not looking good!!

I checked on Basil and Catnips grades.
Basil has an A grade and Catnip ... C

Baby bump

Baby TWENTY-ONE is on the way.