Sunday, 29 January 2017

Update 79

is a fairy boy

and the extra has a name ...Paprika
he is also a fairy boy

I wander if BOTT has realised yet .... we are running a baby production line here?!


Traits = Disciplined - Artistic
Favourites = Dark Wave - Potato & Truffle Torte - Spiceberry

he gets his brown eye colouring from his Grandmother Caramel


Traits = Loves the Cold - Genius
Favourties = R&B - Hot dogs - Violet

Phoenix has started to help out a lot with the toddlers.

Red teaches FORTY-TWO to walk

and makes a start on his potty training

Mr pouty face!

Phoenix wants to play on the chemistry table.
He successfully makes a Liquid Horror Potion

Bay is potty training FORTY-ONE

Wanting to make a Stink Bomb potion did not go so well!!

Well it looks like Red has lost the sculpting table if Bay does what he normally does - half a job.

The unwashed Phoenix is working on his book again

Yep .... just as I thought!!
Bay has done half a job and wandered off.
I dread to think how long it will be before he comes back here again!

The girls look like they are having a race.

She is waving ... that better not mean what I think it means!!

Thankfully no time child came out of it.

I am not sure that the game will let any come out with there being more than 8 in the house - and that's why I'm leaving it turned on to test it.  If I do get any coming out of it, I'll just turn it off permanently.

THIRTY-SEVEN is happily dancing

The bedtime stories has really been a pain with the quads.  FORTY and THIRTY-NINE have had at least three stories each and are still not sleeping!!

So I gave them sleeping bags- which got them both to sleep instantly.

However, it has given me another problem!!

Red was looking at the certificate on the wall .... and now she is trapped because of where THIRTY-NINE is sleeping, and she is about to pee herself!!!!!

I ended up pulling the bedroom wall out and moving the unoccupied beds so she could get out - so now the bedroom is wider.

I hear loud squealing coming from outside .... Forrest
He definitely seems to make more noise on here than everybody else strangely.

Atlas is in the sandpit

and THIRTEEN is in the sauna

$3361 she got for this one

Forrest looks happy!

Forrest = "Why didn't we have a water slide when I lived here?"

These three ghosts are civilized - they cleaned up the kitchen instead of trashing it

Oh no!!
The flirting with Forrest and Red is starting up again.

Bay appears and I think she might be in trouble.

but he didn't notice

Bay is reverse engineering a nanite.
He made blank processors out of that nanite .... now we need to find plenty more of that particular nanite.  Blank processors are a pain to get.

Bay is on a roll!!
Wanting to potty train and teach Paprika to talk.

Basil reading THIRTY-EIGHT the social networking book gained himself the skill.

Phoenix has finished his second book and I found him randomly painting.
He rolled a LTW = Illustrious Author.

Bay is now teaching Paprika to walk.  He has taught this boy all his three skills.

Bots get stir crazy too!!

I sent her down the road to see what she did.
She killed me ... she can tell something needs doing at home!!

She flew back up the road to water the plants.

Basil wants to do another three floor murals .... so he is messing up the grass again.

He has been pretty quiet lately, I think he is moping again.

They keep trying but nobody is coming out of the time machine!

So I cheated!!
I made Bay go back to the sculpting table to finish his thing, to free up the table.

Forrest seems to be stalking Red again.
First he disturbs her from playing in the sandpit

Then he stops her from tending to the garden and starts flirting with her

She tries to go and use the bathroom and he stops her again

They are going to start messing about together again soon ... I can see it coming!!
Forrest is not angry any more, and is friends with her again.  Their friendship level is slowly flying back up,

Christopher has come home with Phoenix from school

I'm amused when he walks in and changes  FORTY-TWO's dirty diaper.

Checking the cooker - so he is neurotic.
Christopher didn't stay long, he ran off saying he had to be somewhere else, so it looks like he has a part time job.

Forrest must have been paying attention to his family tree.
In this life they don't know each other, but Forrest acted like they did.

Their friendship flew up.

Helping BOTT to look after toddlers and reading the quads bedtime stories is keeping Phoenix very busy!!

When Bay has maxed his bot skill, I think I'm going to put the logic books in his inventory, to help him with his LTW.
He reads the bot books a lot because they are in his inventory.

The garden, inside and out, is now looking really good .... BOTT is keeping it very well kept.

BOTT has to tune herself up sometimes .... when she is neglected (cough)

That is awful!!
£3,021 .... can you believe she earned that much for it!

It's been a while since I've shown you the gnome grave yard!

Mysteriously the science machine is broken and smoking!
I think BOTT might have done it syphoning power from it.

The quads are doing their homework as soon as they get in from school.
They are all on an A grade except for THIRTY-EIGHT who is B

Tell tale puddles .... it is not hard to guess what they have been up to!!

Bay decides he wants to equip BOTT with a handibot trait chip.

Red has fixed the broken science machine and she now wants to upgrade it to unbreakable.

FORTY-ONE is having his birthday

He gained the Daredevil trait



  1. I think you should clone Bay! He is so handsome to look at. If you are going to keep the clone in the house it would be nice to see what his clone gets up to.

  2. Ooooog agreed! Or basil ! We could always you another basil to bad 23 is gone cause cloning him would of been great!