Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Update 42

Everyone has been helping themselves to NINETEEN's baking since yesterday, so she has had to cook more for today's bake sale.

The girls have not been to school yet because of snowy days getting school cancelled.

You would think with all those nice chocolate cakes she would do better today, but she didn't!!

She only got one customer ... Apple

Ice came, but only ended up talking to Apple.

So NINETEEN wasted the day standing in the snow!!

Red has been cooking that cake again ... for breakfast!
EIGHT is still here as you can see.

THIRTEEN is standing on the garden, I'm not sure why.

TWENTY surprised me by inviting her in
So far, I haven't seen a lot of evilness from her!

Catnip cracks me up!!
That girl still hasn't done anything to gain herself a skill yet!!

EIGHT spends some time on the science machine.

THIRTEEN is socialising with Catnip and Red

EIGHT and TWENTY surprisingly are giggling together a lot and have become good friends.

Red teaches TWENTY-TWO to walk

Both Basil and Prelude are doing well at work
Basil is a Roadie

and Prelude is a Lyricist

EIGHT amuses me - turning into his Bot form
I forget that about him!!

Prelude = "What the .....?!"

The cardboard box man walking around the living room distracts him enough to stop him playing his guitar!

She is your Mother for berry's sake!!  How can you be star struck?!

I wander if THIRTEEN is reminiscing lying on her old bed??

Now what is THIRTEEN ranting about ??

Oh yeah ..... now I see

Prelude insults THIRTEEN and she pee's herself

WOOOOHOOOOOOO ... FINALLY she gets a skill!!
Catnip has level 1 gardening ..... maybe we should have a party to celebrate!!

This is why the ghostly visits have stopped again!  The second ghost gnome has died!!
The ghost gnomes don't exist for very long do they!!!

So we won't have any ghostly visitors for a while .... I guess it will give Forrest time to cool down!!

Basil is caught by Catnips fairy trap

and it is funny that she is the one who gets to clean up the puddles that Basil is now leaving everywhere.

LOL!!  She makes a puddle of her own ... she pee's herself!

I think I would struggle to keep my face straight if I had to talk to a cardboard box!!

TWENTY-ONE has his birthday

he gains the Lucky trait

Straight away he is playing fairy pranks

He casts Hot Head!!

EIGHT is lucky his cardboard box didn't catch fire!!

I find this a strange one .... Atlas phones Prelude for a chat.   I notice on his friends list that Prelude and Atlas are really good friends ... and I don't know when and how that even happened!!

Baby is coming

Atlas better not be filling his head with rubbish!!

TWENTY-THREE is another human boy

Only one again!!

She puts the baby down then promptly pees herself!
I guess we can forgive her for that one!!

Prelude is quick to get a cuddle of the new baby

I'm not sure what Catnip is saying to Prelude but it doesn't look good!!

he see's red!!

at least he has the sense to put the baby down before ....

.... he slaps her!!


I am surprised it has taken Prelude this long to have a punch up!!

I don't think I have ever seen him lose a fight .... and I've seen him have hundreds

Painting 57


Traits = Hates the Outdoors - Artistic
Favourites = (I'll have to fill this in later (hides under a chair) I forgot to write it down)

he is a little Mommy clone - without wings

Red teaches TWENTY-THREE to walk

Painting 58

Don't bother Catnip ... he wants to be your enemy - so don't push him!!


I emptied the mailbox when I saw the pop up for TWENTY-THREE's IF.  I quickly deleted his IF ... not realising TWENTY-TWO also had one sat in the mailbox!!

Bobo and TWENTY-TWO are now friends ... blah!!

TWENTY-ONE has also started playing with the child's oven.

I'm amused watching Prelude watching Red and TWENTY-ONE fairy frolicking!

TWENTY sneaks up on him.
He is getting a taste of his own medicine!!

Even though Red has maxed the alchemy skill, she still has a lot of elixir recipies to learn.

TWENTY's evil antics

Stealing TWENTY-TWO's candy

TWENTY-ONE comes to the rescue

and plays Peek a Boo

Now what is she up to ....

Scary monster screen!!

TWENTY-ONE is a cute boy, looking after his little brother!!

Prelude teaches TWENTY-THREE to talk

and potty trains him

NINETEEN's baked items are not going to waste ... it is all the kids are eating at the moment.

Basil cops for TWENTY's prank

Basil is talking to Ice on the computer.

She works with him and he wants to become good friends with her.


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