Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Update 53

APPLE, SIX, EIGHT and Forrest turn up tonight.

I think I'm going to have to put only two ghost gnome out at a time in future - four ghosts I think is going to be a bit too much when the house starts filling up.

Basil already has another two and Red has one, in their inventories, where they will be staying until all the others have died away.

How obvious is she ... forget her three kids, she is just happy to see Forrest!!

Mango and Red are outside watching the stars, when Forrest appears and interrupts them .... to give Red some purple flowers, lol.
I thought he might have cause a problem already, but Mango didn't seem to let it bother him!!

Forrest and EIGHT attached at the hip again!!

I'm amused when Basil joins his Dad and brother.

Apple is outside on the trampoline, while SIX is in the sandpit.

Hugs for EIGHT

How many times do you need his autograph SIX??!!

Apple scares Red

but I think it was only so that he could move her out of the sand pit

Then Forrest comes up and scares her.

They end up watching the stars together ... Forrest did the asking.

It's a good job Mango is in bed, so he can't see them!!

bye Forrest

Mango and Brook are watching the cooking channel together, Brook wants to learn the cooking skill, I don't know why Mango is watching it, I've yet to see him even attempt to cook.

$895 she got for this one

I've placed an easel outside ... I'm wandering if the bad portraits are because of the lighting in the house.  This portrait is already looking a lot better!!

Mango has put Brook into time out for a whoopie cushion prank.

Brook wants to learn the inventing skill.

I hate the inventing table, because its sets sims on fire and I've lost too many this way.
So the table is placed right by the toilets in the bedroom, so if they do set on fire, they don't have far to run!!

This one is not much better ... but it will have to do!!

The baby is coming.

It is a human boy


Traits = Genius - Eccentric
Favourites = Indie - Potato & Truffle Torte - White


While everyone is sleeping, Apple, Forrest, Jazz and Melvin come to visit.

Mango starts to teach TWENTY-FIVE how to talk.
But he had to rush off to his first day at work.

Forrest is cooking pancakes.

Jazz = "Well if it isn't my old mate Forrest .... "
Forrest = "I've never been your mate!!"
Jazz = "I told you didn't I ... I'd see you again when you came back to haunt us!!"

Red finishes off teaching him to talk.

and makes a start with the potty training

Brook goes home with her cousin Delores after school

She gets to know her Uncle SEVEN

and her cousin Harry.

Mango makes a start on teaching TWENTY-FIVE to walk.

$875 she earned for this one

Well you are stupid enough to eat the stinking gone off food ... it's no wander it doesn't taste nice!!!
You won't enjoy throwing up later either!!

Brook is still over the road watching tv with Delores.
SEVEN and Harry are outside playing ball.

This is the first time I have seen Rian in werewolf form.

Mango again only does half a job with teaching TWENTY-FIVE to walk.  Amusingly he didn't even bother to put the toddler to bed, he just went off to bed himself and left him.

Brook had to put TWENTY-FIVE to bed when she got back from over the road.

Basil has had another promotion ... he is now a Conductor (level 9)
Only one more promotion to reach the top of the tree!!

He now needs to be logic 5 for work to progress, but luckily he already is at level 7 logic.

Baby bump.

Red wants to learn the sculpting skill ... I'm surprised it has taken this long.

$60 for that statue

Red finishes what Mango started and teaches TWENTY-FIVE to walk

He is also now fully potty trained

I seriously don't get how doing that one sculpture has jumped her up to level 5 straight away?!

I am surprised to see TWENTY-THREE sat outside the hospital on the bench with TWENTY-TWO.  I didn't think I would see him out much with him hating the outdoors.

I am wandering why Mango is not coming home from work.
I find him running around town chasing a deer ... lol

Basil is confronted by a living room full of ghosts again when he walks in from work.

Yes Red ... Forrest is here again!!

So is Apple and EIGHT.

TWENTY-FIVE is watching the tv and chatting with his older half brothers.

I think they only come half the time just to eat and sleep.

Ghosts skate like fairies ... they float around the pond.

EIGHT is not happy with Basil playing his Bass in the bedroom.
He keeps waking him up!!

Mango is now a bed pan cleaner at work

Hello FOUR.
It seems like forever since I've seen him!!

Ice is now elderly.

Red takes a trip to the graveyard to get out Atlas's grave

I'm very amused when the minute I put the grave down,  FOURTEEN goes straight to it and starts to mourn.

Awww poor baby is missing his Dad!!

FIFTEEN also has a cry.

Oh lovely ice and a chain saw.

She doesn't get to finish her ice sculpture

The next baby is coming.

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