Sunday, 1 January 2017

Update 40

and you thought I was joking!!!!


Prelude makes a start on TWENTY-ONE's potty training

Prelude being a Diva

They must be mad .... its more like watching the snow fall, I doubt they can see any stars!!

TWENTY-ONE takes a trip out into the snow

I don't have a clue why he is outside!!

Baby sick.

These two are driving me cuckoo ... and I thought Jazz and Red were bad!!
The woohoo is none stop!!

Red finishes TWENTY-ONE's potty training

Lol ... I wander why Red is building an igloo ... I doubt it is for the kids to play in!!

Forrest is back
and he doesn't waste any time hunting Red down and having another go at her accusing her of cheating again!!

Red now has a dirtbag reputation

boy ... he's angry!!

It amuses me, that Forrest is doing all this kicking off .... but he is not breaking off their romantic connection (like Jazz and Atlas did)  ... it is still there, and Red is not rolling the wish to break it either!!

Baby bump.

Leafy ... Basil has left you a surprise on that computer!

She is pulling that face again!!
Forrest really gets to her, doesn't he!!

Basil finally gets a different skill other than his four music skills!!
He now has logic too!!!

Painting 56

It's nice that Forrest hung around to celebrate Basil and Catnips birthdays!!
He hasn't been there for any other part of their lives!

Basil becomes a young adult

He gained the Genius trait

(I think he looks most like NINE)

He already has his LTW locked in ... One Sim Band

Catnip has her birthday and becomes a young adult

She gained the Green Thumb trait (game given)
LTW = Greener Gardens

I have to say Catnip is the first sim EVER in over 30 legacy generations of playing wishacy that has reached adult without a single skill!!!!

Prelude knows that there is another baby on the way ... he wants a boy

Forrest eats then cleans up the dishes before he vanishes.

Basil decides he wants a career in music, so he now has a job at the theatre with Prelude.

Red learning more elixirs ... she now knows how to make the fairy elixir.
(the only trouble is - Fairy Damsel fish ... there are none in this world ... looks like I'm going to have to build a community fishing lot with all the fish spawners (cough cough)

If I get the opportunity - I want to turn Basil into a fairy so I can keep him around longer.

Prelude being a good Daddie ... their candy is safe, for now!

I am amused by Catnip and Prelude dancing together, when generally all they do is argue!

Basil and Catnip graduate

with the usual family trip to the town hall

Red and Prelude don't even bother to go inside too busy messing about!!

Hello Lilly

Poor TWENTY has to sit waist deep in snow just watching!

Photographic evidence of toddler neglect for social services!!  Lol

I'm howling!!!
Catnip was the CLASS CLOWN!!

I'm glad they remembered to take the toddlers home with them!!


Catnip is hanging out with THIRTEEN and SEVENTEEN

Basil didn't get to toss his diploma until he got home?
 Basil was Class Vledictorian and most likely to become a Rock Star

I think there are way too many hot meals that sims can make!!

Catnip's Class Clown award is taking pride of place on the living room wall!!

Preludes thing seems to be Heat of the Moment Kisses ... he is doing it all the time!

Smilie face 😋

Forrest is back again
he seems to be visiting a lot at the moment!!
Jamming with Basil

Lol!!  Blatantly stand there watching him why don't you!!

Prelude  "Got lost you perv!!"
Forrest  "I'm surprised you can do anything with that Maggot!!"

yes Leafy, you was wise to vanish right then - because Prelude probably would have punched your head in!!  He wants to become your enemy!!

Catnip building a snowman
Its unusual to see her doing something that is not housework or child minding related!!

Prelude gets hit by the fairy trapped couch

it sends him to sleep

TWENTY-ONE is never short of attention!

The baby is coming

TWENTY-TWO is a human boy

Only one again!!!
Prelude got the boy he wanted.

NINETEEN has her birthday

She gained the Vegetarian trait

TWENTY has her birthday

She gained the Over Emotional trait

and here comes the evil little madam!!

TWENTY and Prelude are going to be a nightmare together!!


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