Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Update 82

So now Basil has moved onto actually rolling wishes not just to see a ghost, but to see Lime's ghost as well as his constant wanting to visit the graveyard ... so that is where he is.

He is keeping himself amused fulfilling another one of his wishes - floor murals.

EIGHT is out reading a book

Jazz, ELEVEN and EIGHT are the only ghosts to come out .... we don't see Lime.

So I thought I would pick up Limes grave .... it is now sitting in the back garden
He might get to see her a little more often this way.

Red got this machine for maxing her science skill.

IF I have ever played with this thing before .... I really can not remember!!
I don't have a clue what this thing does!!

I put it down on the back garden and Bay and Red wandered out to play on it.

Pull the handle of doom??!!

That's not too bad .... it gave everyone in the house the ability to learn skills at an accelerated rate.

Everyone now has gold sparkles flying around their head.

Bay, Basil and Phoenix put the ability to good use, swatting up on skills they need or want.

Baby is coming

One little brown fairy boy

So now we have another extra to go with Paprika.


Traits = Genius - Excitable
Favourites = Song Writer -  Cheese Stalks - Orange

He got his brown hair and eye colour from his Grandmother Caramel.

I am really not sure what THIRTY-SEVEN and THIRTY-NINE are doing hiding behind the science facility next door!!!

BOTT now doesn't care about anything ..... only having fun
Aniseed is screaming the house down and she has suddenly gone deaf to it!!

Phoenix has got his painting up to level 4

Red teaches Aniseed to talk

THIRTY-NINE must prefer the sleeping bag to a bed.

I'm amused that Basil and Aniseed are now sleeping together

BOTT has found the science machine

Oh dear ... Lime is out and Basil is fast asleep

Wakey wakey Basil ... Lime is here!!

He does wake up, but he doesn't spot Lime .... he goes out to get a acupuncture massage from Phoenix

Would you trust the Grim Reaper's son with a handful of acupuncture needles??
Ouch!!  That looks painful

He is still oblivious to Lime being here ..... he still has the See Limes Ghost wish locked in.

Oh Finally he has spotted her!!!
lmao - he flies across the garden

That will teach you .... she's been here for hours and because you was sleeping, all you got was a hug!!

FORTY has found the science machine

Someone is pleased with himself  woohoo number 50 get him level 4 woohoo skill
(he is beating Jazz's record I think!!)

Now Phoenix is an adult, its time to get his ice statue done

his pigtails still crack me up!!


THIRTY-NINE is a workout freak

Phoenix's ice statue

FORTY seems addicted to this science machine - it is all I see her doing now

EIGHT and NINE are both Bay's half brothers.

Basil is making me laugh.
Catnip has been showing on the family tree as a mature adult for a few days, and being her twin, Basil should also be a mature adult now.

He still has 8 days before his birthday ... showing how many mud baths he must have had.

Red is teaching Aniseed to walk

From now on I think everyone is going to be getting maxed science skill.  All the teens seem to be drawn to it, they have been playing on this on free will and they seem to be learning the science skill very quickly.

The three of them have just programmed it to do something, but I don't know what the blue bar means yet.

Basil pulls the handle of doom.

Everyone now has the inhibited moodlet.
All everyone seems to be doing is dancing??!!

FORTY-ONE has rolled a LTW
he wants to be a Creature Robot Cross Breeder

$2583 she earned for this one

Aniseed is now walking, talking and potty trained

FORTY-TWO is having his birthday

He gained the Hopeless Romantic trait

This boy is super cute!!

Paprika is having his birthday

He gained the Handy trait

THIRTY-EIGHT has got herself a little frozen ... it's a good job she came in before she froze solid, we could have lost her.

One way to warm yourself up I guess!!

Nice Basil

I am going to have to watch THIRTY-NINE ... sleeping out in the cold!!

I am amused watching Bay and Phoenix painting exactly the same picture

That's cute.
This is Suzie Little Dog.

Holly is here and Basil makes his normal beeline for her.

Quick chat and she vanishes.
You need to make living friends - you pay too much attention to the ghosts!!

FORTY-TWO has found the sculpting table

These kids are crazily camped out on this machine all the time.

BOTT is now just like any other sim in the house - she does what she feels like.  Cleaning, gardening and child care are not high on her priority list .... dancing and water slide seem to be her favourite things to do.

I really love this batch of children!!
Most of them are always busy doing things - they all have good skill levels and school grades.
I have only seen ONE fairy prank played.
The house is not covered in pranks and traps like it normally is, again I've only seen one.
AND they all get on with each other .... all of the kids are best friends or close too.
Bay makes nice looking babies too!!

I think this is Red and Bay

until Lime and Basil fall out of it.

I checked and they don't have the option to try for a baby in the past - I suppose because she is a ghost - but she wouldn't have been a ghost in the past, so I think it should be possible for them to at least have a time travel child in the past!!

Basil has the eternally faithful rep - which I find amusing.


I just realised ... Lime is a cougar .... she is elderly and Basil is a young adult ... lmao!!

I sent stir crazy Phoenix to the festival ground.

He had coffee

went into the haunted house

Then went home ..... I guess he wasn't enjoying himself very much!!