Saturday, 28 January 2017

Update 77

There is total chaos happening in the kitchen!!

BOTT is seriously not happy with these ghosts messing up her kitchen!!

I'm howling ....
BOTT put the Mac and Cheese away in the fridge that Apple made so quickly .... he didn't get the chance to grab a bowl and he is now making himself something else to eat!!

Using the baking station at the same time.

why don't they just get something out of the fridge, it is full of ready made meals!!

Who knew ... Prelude can sing!!

Bay is reading a logic book, he needs to max logic and athletics skill to complete his LTW
But I doubt he is getting there - the small bits he does at a time.

I think he is slowly getting the hang of being a Dad

he got THIRTY-EIGHT up and fed her before she even got a chance to start screaming the place down!

but he didn't change her dirty diaper though!!

Like her creator ... BOTT only does half a job
She teaches them to walk and talk but only a bit at a time ... so I am now totally confused on who is doing what.

woohoo BOTT is getting some more help off Dad.

he is so cute!!

One minute she is teaching THIRTY-NINE to talk

the next she is teaching FORTY to walk
but still neither of them can walk or talk.

Red is managing to get THIRTY-EIGHT's potty training done.

Her rolling toddler skill wishes has slowed down - I wander if she thinks BOTT is now going to do all the skill training for her too?!

Bay has got his bot skill up to level 6

Phoenix is very quiet - he plays mostly, and doesn't really roll a lot of wishes at the moment.

Red is teaching THIRTY-NINE to talk
at least I know that will be completely done!

Phoenix wants to learn the writing skill, so he is writing a book.

BOTT is syphoning power from the dish washer because she is too busy with the toddlers to spend a few hours on charge.

Bay has to regularly tune up BOTT to increase her quality, and he is upgrading the trait slots, because she can now have another chip.

He gave her the friendly functions chip - to make her more sociable.

Woohoo level 2 already!!

Baby bump

Bay flitting about on free will is making me tired just watching him.

(But I seriously now want to start at proper wishacy with him -  he is definately not a boring sim just doing the same thing over and over like some do!!)

$658 she got for this one

He's at the bot shop again - no decent trait chips in that bot either, but he managed to get a lot of blank processors which he needs to make trait chips.

Red teaches THIRTY-SEVEN to talk

BOTT also potty trains on free will, which I haven't seen her do up to now.

You've heard of dancing round your handbag ... well Phoenix dances around his juice carton!

Pheonix is now writing his second book.

Bay is swatting up on his Bot skill.
He managed to buy all three Bot skill books on his last visit to the bot shop.

I spot FOURTEEN walking down the road
He is now a mature adult

Red is invited to SEVEN's party.

SEVEN, Delores and Christopher


TEN and Catnip.

Red tries to get to know her Great Grandson Christopher

She wants to give him a gift

Look at his face!!
He shakes the box and scowls at her

Then gives it her back and storms off!!

It looks like vampires don't do teddy bears lmao!!

TWO ... NEVER quits annoying me!!!!
If you remember she used to constantly annoy me critiquing everything and coursing congestion with the bathroom.

It seems she loves to be a pain .... Bay can't even get into the house (for hours) because she is stood by the door watching the base being played!!

SEVEN totally snubs him
(forget they are half brothers ... Bay doesn't have enough celebrity stars yet)

Hardly any of her children are ever happy to see her.

but they are quick to ask for her autograph.

Look at Bay's face!!
He almost looks distressed by Catnip feeling the baby bump ... or has he only just realised she is pregnant again??!!

He has a chat with Catnip - she doesn't have many celebrity stars herself.

Hello Harry

The camera swings me home and I have heart failure wandering what is happening ( I always think the worst - death or social services)

When I see what is actually happening, I'm having hysterics.

BOTT is being abducted!!

Interestingly that is Atlas's ghost over the road going into Jazz's old house.

Well at least I know there is definitely no alien baby coming from this abduction!!

Party over and Bay seems to be having more fun at home!!


Now I see why I keep spotting full cartons of juice sat on the floor everywhere!!

Phoenix is hosting tea parties with his teddy bear!

I've now totally lost the plot with who is walking and talking and who is not.  BOTT is actually hindering not helping - only doing it a bit at a time.

It seems BOTT likes dancing.

The baby is coming

I don't have to worry about them going to the hospital now ... because BOTT is in the house, so the toddlers don't need a baby sitter.

Only one .... Thank the lord!!
Any more and I think I might have been pulling my hair out!!

FORTY-ONE is a fairy boy

Ice sculpting time.
So she summons the first living fairy child on the list = TWO

These two are enemies, so TWO is seriously not impressed about being summoned here by Red!!

She tries to do the ice sculpture.
TWO flatly refused.

Yeah I can see it being hard work trying to sculpt some of her kids .... most of them are in the red frienship wise.

TWO went to play on the arcade machine.
She snubbed Phoenix ... nasty woman!!

I am actually pretty surprised that not one of her fairy children have reached old age yet.  TWO should be the first now that ONE has died accidentally .... I don't know how many days a mature adult fairy has and I guess I won't know that until Basil gets there.

Throwing a Jar of Friendship elixir at her worked a treat!!

She got to do the ice sculptor, but TWO didn't look too impressed about it and they are still far from friends!!  TWO left as soon as the sculpture was done.

The little gnome on the stool is Bay reading a Bot skill book.

TWO's statue ... goes out in the garden with the rest.


Traits = Friendly - Neurotic
Favourite = Pop - Cheviche - Yellow

I cant believe that he got his Great Grandmothers hair too.

It always amuses me when the toddlers natter their heads off to each other on the brick table BEFORE they have learned to talk!!

Two cute little Aqua heads!!

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