Thursday, 5 January 2017

Update 45

Basil wants to invite Ice over, they are already really good friends because of working together.

They have a star sign and job in common ... other than that - I'm not too sure.

He wants to give her a gift ... and silly me forgets that flowers don't count as a gift!!

Ice is actually a mature adult, so she is quite a bit older than he is.

He rolls a wish to kiss her .... so he does!!

Cranberry being nosey.

TWENTY-ONE gets into trouble for skipping school.
He is in the bathroom doing his homework after the school bus has left.

It is all kind of whirl wind .....

Baby Chimes!!

So I had to move her in 
(which is very amusing for me, in TCE she is married to Mulberry,  Prelude and Lilly's younger brother.)

Ice is Family Orientated and Hopeless Romantic with a Surrounded by Family LTW like Red .... so I guessed she might be opting for try for baby when she started the woohoo!!

I need my head kicking, because she is going to be flirty baby mad trouble like Red ... Prelude and all of their boys are not going to be safe when they grow up and I can see Basil having his heart broken!!

Basil has now maxed his guitar skill
He is a quarter of his way to achieving his LTW.

Catnip is stir crazy again so I send her over to the Grocery Store lot.
She plays on the arcade machine until she brought herself home.

She bought home with her a load of teddy bears and toys for the toy box.

Basil has had a promotion ... he surprised me by rolling a wish to join the Symphonic branch of music.
So he is now a Quartet Member

Bang goes the graduaction prediction of him being most likely to become a rock star!!

Prelude has also had a promotion ... he is a Back Up Vocalist.

Catnip wanted to buy an arcade machine.
So we got one ... it will save me sending them down to the grocery store to play with it.

I spot EIGHT over the road ... he is still with us
but I don't know for how much longer.

Catnip now spends a lot of time playing on the arcade machine

I hear shouting
Prelude and Catnip are arguing again.

and off they blow again!

Yes Mr Gnome I would look the other way!!

 Prelude and Catnip are now enemies and he wants to see her ghost!!

TWENTY-FOUR and Cranberry are so a like facially ... I keep confusing them and can only tell them apart by their eye colour.
I am HOPING I might have a set of identical twins here!!

I spent all of one sim night watching Catnip doing something very strange.  She walked to the sea with laundry - then went for a swim with it.

she swam right to the edge of the world ... then she swam back to shore.

Then she flew home with it and put it in the washing machine and fell asleep on the kitchen floor ??!!
I thought she was going to drown at one point ... she was getting really tired.

TWENTY-TWO has his birthday

He gained the Athletic skill

I am amused that the game gave both boys Preludes hair ... which I have just left them with.

TWENTY-THREE has the hates outdoors and artistic traits, so he indoors and painting a lot.

Now Spring has kicked in, Red can garden outside again.

They are cute .... but poor Basil can't move for Ice jumping on him
Basil has had another promotion ... he is an Orchestra Member (level 7)

A clash of two evils!!
TWENTY is definitely not Daddies little princess!!

LOL, she catches them in her bed!!
Yes Red, your son has a romantic life that is over active like yours!!

What she doesn't know, it was Ice and Basil who broke the hot tub that she is having to fix.

Ice is on bed time story duty

Prelude needs to improve his guitar skill by two levels for work, he is slacking a little.

Baby sick.

Painting 62

$2398 she earned for this one.

Homework club.

Notice Cranberry is being nosey again!

TWENTY-THREE is now starting to hog all the easels.

TWENTY-FOUR has his birthday

He gains the Bookworm Trait

Oh the look of evil!

Cranberry has his birthday

He gained the Cat Person trait

Facially they do look a lot alike .... they just keep pulling different expressions.
The difference between good and evil.

I'm having to keep them in different hair so I can tell them apart from a distance, but when they reach adult I'll compare them properly.

I think I need to build Ice and Basil their own bedroom .... they keep waking everyone up and kicking them out of the room.  Everyone is not getting a full nights sleep and are constantly tired now because they don't have the sense to go back to bed straight away.

TWENTY-ONE keeps dancing to the music box, that Red got from the consignment store.
He looks pretty gay doing it!!

Creepy ... TWENTY-TWO is sleeping with his eyes open

Baby bump.
Red is getting her THIRD Grandchild.

(Yes I said third .... TWELVE has had a baby 😜)

Catnip is a maniac with the arcade machine ... I'm constantly having to empty her inventory, she is very quickly filling up the toy box.

although it is turning into a gold mine - teddies, gems and money bags that I'm selling.

TWENTY gets caught by a fairy trap

Whoever set it ... is in big trouble!!

Red wanted to throw an elixir at Prelude.
So she threw a skill booster - he needs all the help he can with his guitar skill - typical, it went onto his charisma skill instead!!

Anouncing the coming baby

Which he didn't even act too thrilled about ... lol

he reminded me of his Dad for a second!!

Red gets a pop up ... ELEVEN has died.
This I didn't expect because NINE and EIGHT are still very much alive.

However, there is another new little Leaf in the Leaf bee house.
Delores .... she is TWELVE and Atlas's child.

Red wants to meet someone new ... so she goes over the road to the Leaf bee house to meet her second Grandchild.

TEN looks far from impressed about her being there!!
Their relationship is way down in the red.

I'm a little ....... AAWWWWW
The pop up came up ... EIGHT and Red get on so well, he wanders if she wants to move in.

I had to decline it 😭 with Ice now living in the house, a baby on the way and three spares - I need to cut down on the extra's not add to them - and I really don't want to watch Grimmy taking EIGHT away.

but they are still the best of friends!

You can tell she is Atlas's child, she looks just like him!!

I wander which of Red's girls are going to jump on Prelude in the future ... lol  
First Jazz and Eleven, now Twelve and Atlas!

She gets to chat with one of her favourite boys, SEVEN.


I am seriously amused at the game keep giving him the girls hair!!

TWENTY-TWO is working out a lot.
He has rolled a LTW ... he wants to be a Master Acrobat.

and TWENTY-FOUR doesn't have time to be evil, because he is too busy reading!!

TWENTY has her birthday and becomes a young adult.

She gains the Eco Friendly trait
LTW = Astronaut

Prelude comically rolled the wish to see her become a criminal mastermind .... sorry Prelude, she wants to fly to space instead!!

 NINETEEN has her birthday

She gained the Natural Cook trait
LTW = Celebrated Five Star Chef

Prelude is also having his birthday - which happens as soon as he comes out of work.

he becomes a mature adult.

Oh dear ... Prelude is having a mid life crisis!!

And that is not all he is having ... we get a pop up =
word is floating about town that Prelude was found cheating.
He has lost his faithful reputation and now has a Cheater one .... and Red has the betrayed moodlet!!

I just can't work out when and where he did it, or even what he has done!!



  1. I bet it was with Lime! Maybe he wasn't really at work or maybe they work together and snuck off to the bathroom, lol.

    Well as you can see I am all caught up...YaY

    1. LMAO @ LIME!!!
      Yeah ... she did cross my mind - but it turned out to be someone a little closer to home - lol