Sunday, 29 January 2017

Update 80

Two ghosts come to visit that we haven't seen for a while.


and FIVE

Bay has started only his third painting

It took him ages to complete this one.

BOTT is in bad need of a tune up.


EIGHT is a bot fan .... it looks like he couldn't resist having a play with BOTT.

It looks like BOTT has got herself a new friend.

I keep getting money chings flashing up on the screen.

Basil has come out of work and is playing his base for tips outside the theatre.

Rocky is now elderly

and THIRTY-ONE is a mature adult

That's a funny place for Pepper to sleep.

This boy always has a smile on his face.

I get a pop up saying Basil has earned $1,100 in tips!!

When I check on him .... he is doing a floor mural outside the theatre.

I'd run Basil .... you can get arrested for doing street art in town.

Caramel is here

I am not sure why she is crying, she is not over emotional!

Bay is at the Bot shop.
THIRTY-FOUR is the consignment merchant.

I need a martial arts training dummy - and I keep checking at the consignment store, without travelling to China, it is taking me forever to get one!

While he is here he makes and sells another bot.

$2896 he sold this one for.

How can I let a bot's miserable goodbye wave get to me ... I hate selling bots it gets to me!

I hadn't noticed that THIRTY-EIGHT, THIRTY-NINE and FORTY hadn't come home after school, because I'm out of the house with Bay.
I found them outside the business centre - I don't have a clue how they got there.

THIRTY-NINE went home before the sleeping girls.
At 10pm when their curfew starts they spring up and ride their bikes home.

If she did this everyday, I would never need to give her young age potion again.  But this is the first time I can remember seeing her having a mud bath.

W.T.H BAY!!!???

He only asked you for a bedtime story!!

Then he did it a second time to THIRTY-NINE.

He doesn't have disliking children trait, and his needs are okay - so I don't know where those outbursts came from.

Red runs off because it is her turn to be abducted.

You know I'm going to get Red an alien baby when I get the opportunity ...
I've been watching the aliens who ring the doorbell at night - but they have all been female for ages.

Yeah you work that temper of yours off ... you bad tempered git!!

What is that - does anyone know??!!
It is like a metal ball hovering above the grass.
I can't interact with it.

Bot seems to be dancing a hell of a lot.

Bay and Red take a trip to the festival ground so I can get the photo for the wall.

Rocky, skating like a pro.

Aqua - Bay's Grandmother
(Forrest got his colour from his Dad and his looks from his Mother)

I think the Summer festival is boring - all you can really do is skate or stuff yourself with hotdogs and make yourself sick!!

Bay is falling all over the place - which Rocky is showing off, skating backwards.

Twirling with THIRTY-ONE

Heart farts

that is going to hurt!!


I wander if Rocky is warning Bay about his future fate with Red ... lol

yeah ... they fell over.

TWENTY-NINE is now elderly


Another twirl with Rocky, while Red and Rocky totally blanked each other.
I'm pretty surprised Rocky and Bay made good friends so quickly ... so much so, this made Bay a 5 star celebrity!!!!

 Phoenix went home with Christopher after school.

Not that Christopher hung around for long - he ran off to his part time job, so Phoenix hung around the house with SEVEN and Delores, who were the only two home.

After he finished his homework he went downstairs to play on the piano

If you need a shower ... why not just go home!!

Bay now has half done paintings everywhere clogging up the easels.

I am beginning to worry about Basil .... he always makes a beeline for the two nastiest ghosts.
Holly and Lime ... maybe he likes mean women!!

It's so cute when the ghost cats and dogs sleep on the bed with them.

TWENTY-EIGHT rings the doorbell and comes for a visit.

I always wonder if they want to come home when they just visit out of the blue.

While TWENTY-EIGHT is here, I grab the chance to ice scupt him.

He liked it ... which made them better friends

It's raining!!

TWENTY-FIVE just suddenly appears in the living room.
I didn't hear the doorbell and I don't know who invited him in.

Playing happy families ... lol

I think TWENTY-EIGHT must be starving - that is the second meal he has had in a short time.

The quads are having their birthdays.


He gained the Athletic trait


She gained the Bookworm trait


Yes we have more tibernium growing

She gained the Photographic Eye trait


He gained the Animal Lover trait

While he is stood in the kitchen - we get the pop up
TWENTY-FIVE is getting old and now is a good time to visit him.

THIRTY-SEVEN jumped straight onto the musical instruments.

I'm nervously watching TWENTY-FIVE now
He went for a sleep, which I didn't expect ... both TWENTY-EIGHT and TWENTY-FIVE slept over.

I am amused when he got up and turned into his bot form.

I decided to ice sculpt him while he was still alive ... not expecting him to stand there still wearing his bot suit.

Bay is doing a lot of working out at the moment.

I just KNEW this was going to happen while he was here!!

TWENTY-FIVE's time has just ran out

It makes me wander if he came home on purpose, knowing his time was running out.

I hate the way Grim never pays any attention to his children!!
Not that Phoenix is bothered!!

Unlike TWENTY-THREE .... TWENTY-FIVE was happy to go.

Red finished his statue.

It is pretty nice that he is immortalised in his cardboard bot suit - because that is what I will remember about him the most.


  1. Awe the bot statue is cool!

    Bay is a terrible daddy, lol....who knew.

    1. He might be a terrible Dad .... but wait till you see 42 all grown up .... im in love!! Bay sure makes some cute kids!!