Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Update 44

I left Catnip next door with Atlas ... she made her own way home and she is not romantically attached to Atlas, so she obviously didn't fulfil her own wish!!

Red is upgrading the cooker to - improved meal quality.

The baby is coming

TWENTY-FOUR is a human boy

So that is Preludes six children

Hang on ... there is another one!!
Why did I know she would do this now, when she only needed one child!!!

We have another extra ... a little human boy


Not sure where the blue eyes have come from (probably default ggrrrr)

Traits = Evil - Loves the Heat
Favourites = French - Vegetarian Dim Sum - Lime


he has a name because he is an extra and not included in the baby count.

Traits = Loves the Cold - Friendly
Favourites = Egyptian - Aloo Masala Curry - White

Red teaches TWENTY-FOUR to talk

TWENTY-TWO has been caught by a fairy trap

Red teaches TWENTY-FOUR to walk

While Prelude makes a start on teaching Cranberry to talk, until he is interrupted.

I am laughing because both TEN and ONE phone Prelude, one after the other, for a date!!
He refuses both.

Painting 60

She got $924 for that one

She gets round to completing the cooker upgrade

Nosey gnome!!

Catnip is in their room again ... and so is TWENTY-ONE

TWENTY-ONE is painting, even though he doesn't have the artistic trait

Red does some of TWENTY-FOUR's potty training

Then finishes learning Cranberry to talk

TWENTY-TWO is playing chess again.
I am a little amused by him, he has an IF, but he rarely plays with it - he seems to be chess mad.

TWENTY is having an evil moment

she scares NINETEEN then rolls a wish to be her best friend!! Lol

ELEVEN is now having a party that Red is invited to

Most of the Leaf Bee's were there too

Atlas was there, but none of his kids were

Oops!  Someone's time has just ran out.

I am not even sure who he is.

Only Lime is happy watching Grimmy take his victim.

Syncronised autograph signing ... lol

Red chatted with Atlas but not for long

NINETEEN is spending most of her time in the hot tub

TWENTY-ONE is casting chattering teeth on EVERYONE

Catnip is hardly touching the indoor garden, Red is doing it mostly

Basil invites Rian over
they work together and are becoming good friends

I still have not seen any evidence of Rian being a werewolf

TWENTY stole TWENTY-FOUR's candy

Red teaching Cranberry to walk

Prelude finishes TWENTY-FOUR's potty training

Rian is playing with his .... Uncle

The car is outside to take the teens to prom.
But neither NINETEEN or TWENTY bother to go
Neither of them have rolled a wish to go either, so I just left them

TWO is now having a party

Atlas and TWELVE!!

Rian amuses me, he was at Red's house when she left, he must have virtually followed her here.

I'm swung away from the party because  TWENTY-ONE is having his birthday

He gains the Flirty trait (game given)

TWENTY-ONE is another one yet to go to school.

When I go back to the party - Red is virtually the only one still there and she is walking around with a kitten ... lol

Basil rolls a random wish to go to the cemetery

but it was a very uneventful trip ... he only played his guitar

The snow has vanished overnight, so FINALLY all of the kids get to go to their very first day at school!!

I decided to build a consignment / elixir store .... a lot of the items she needs are not spawned in this world, so I just have to chance that she can get the elixir and ingredients she needs at the store.

SIXTEEN is the elixir store merchant. 

This is why she is finishing most of her paintings very slowly ...

Prelude doesn't leave her alone!

While NINETEEN and TWENTY go out to play on the trampoline
TWENTY-ONE is quite a busy boy

Finishing a painting that he started when he was a child.

Red finishes Cranberry's potty training

TWENTY-THREE has his birthday

he gained the Neat trait

$699 she earned for this one

Basil has had another promotion .... he is a Music Talent Scout
he has also maxed his guitar skill!!

You be careful Catnip ... you might just get yourself a cooking skill to go with your level 1 gardening!!

Now if there was a cleaning skill, she would have maxed it ten times over by now!!

Basil rolled two strange wishes .... he wants to aquire a Lycan elixir and also a Fae elixir.  So maybe he wants to become either a werewolf or fairy.

I sent him to the elixir store.  There is a change in merchant.

Heart farts
She didn't have either of the elixir he wanted, so he chatted with her instead.

and here comes Bobo ... TWENTY-THREE'S IF

No doubt he is going to torment me now until TWENTY-THREE moves out!!


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