Sunday, 1 January 2017

Update 39

Mrs Mop, never stops!!

Oh ... Oh .... she might just get a skill point in Athletics!!
No ... she throws one dart then runs off to clean up Basils plate!!

Prelude comes charging in from work to accuse her of cheating!!

Now I am totally confused!!  Forrests ghost was here yesterday, and he was here after that and didn't do anything.  Other than that she had done nothing.  Unless he has been told by another sim?!
(this game makes no sense sometimes)


and he's putty in her hands ... lol

the cheating thing is all forgotten!

and tell him about the pregnancy just for good measure!!

Basil amuses me .... he goes out and stands up all the gnomes that were kicked over on Spooky Day.

While Catnip still does not have a single skill.
Basils are a little amusing too ... he only has the four instrument skills
Piano = 3, Guitar = 6, Base = 4, Drums = 4

He hasn't gone mad!!
He is talking to the mirror to improve his charisma skill, which he needs for his LTW.

Has nobody every told you it's rude to stick your tongue out!!

FIVE is here today

Preludes evil pleasure.

Prelude "So are you another one of her ex's, because if you are you can slink your hook!!"

FIVE "Hell no!!  I'm her son!!  I'm child number 5, and if you have any sense you'll run now, because she will use and abuse you like she has the others!!"

Red randomly wants to chat with SEVEN.
I see him going into the house opposite, so she visits instead of phones.

Red casts INNER BEAUTY on Catnip

DON'T LAUGH ... she is beautiful inside!!


Catnip will now have to stay with her distorted face for 24 hours

Poor thing!!
As long as she doesn't look in the mirror, she will never know!!

Prelude has had a change of boss at work ... his boss is now TEN
NINE (gulp) is now elderly and has retired.
Which means EIGHT is now elderly too.

Mmmm that is not good!!
$2084 she earned for it
She will have to try to paint his portrait again.

Red is now at Alchemy level 7 ... she still has a lot of elixir's to learn
and she's now rolled a create 20 elixir wish ... so it has replaced the create 10 wish.

Winter is here again

I'm surprised she didn't scare TWENTY with her distorted face!!

One minute he is being cute and massaging her aching back ....

The next he is scaring her half to death!!

and she's pregnant!!

Painting 55
$668 she got for this one

I have decided to try the GOING STEADY thing .... so she can break off the relationship completely when the Dads time is up ... to stop all the romantic relationships left hanging (like the one she has with Forrest still)

Playing with his little sister!
Yeah it is wise to make friends with her now, she will be an evil little madam when she grows up!!

Prelude and Basil are having another jamming session ... they are the best of friends.

Am I ever going to see that painting finished?!

No ... Baby is coming

but she still takes time out to laugh at Catnip's face.

TWENTY-ONE is a fairy boy


(I've been messing - I turned fertility treatment off with try for baby - and I also gave Red fertility treatment reward then removed it again to see if it made any difference - and it looks like it might have done, but we will have to see ... this might have just been a fluke!!)

Basil seems to make friends with everyone!!

Catnip "I'm beautiful!"
FIVE  "Yeah .... sure you are!!"

he is not eating dirt, he's throwing up!!

FIVE and Catnip build a snowman together

Catnip has her face back!!

Prelude plans to destroy Catnips snowman ....

by beating it up!!

Do you feel better now??!!

Say Cheese!!

 Prelude has had a promotion - he is now Band Manager

TWENTY-ONE's wings are shockingly RED!!!!


Traits = Disciplined - Friendly
Favourites = Root - Vegetarian Dim Sum - White

I'm not sure where those bright red wings have come from!!

While Prelude is still asleep - Red teaches TWENTY-ONE  to talk

and walk

Prelude gets pounced on by the post woman

Bye Bye IF!!

Aawwww look at EIGHT
He is elderly.

and so is NINE

Prelude needs to deliver some documents to the town hall for work.  When he comes out he starts to play his guitar, amongst the crowd that is already gathering there.

Prelude DON'T even look in Limes direction!!

In TCE Lime is Prelude's wife .... well one of them ( but those two were made for each other!!)

Doesn't EIGHT look dignified!!

There is quite a crowd watching the magician performing.

Basil wants to earn $25 from tips ... so I send him over the road to play his guitar.

Prelude "Don't worry kid, I'll punch anyone who tries to pinch your pennies!!"

Someone's time has just ran out!!

now I guess we will be getting a new ghost visiting!

Only Prelude and Lime get pleasure from watching the magician join the spirit world!!
(Lime is evil too!)

Here comes Grimmy!!

This is always the best part of Grimmy visiting ...
seeing what he gets up to after he has collected his victim.

Heart farts for THREE

Did you know Grimmy is Family Orientated?!

He is showing THREE some kind of video

I knew that would happen!!
Lime and Prelude heart farting!!

Grimmy starts to make a snowman

but he doesn't finish it!!

SEVEN is pranking Basil

Luckily he found it funny and they start to chat.

Hugs from his big brother

Basil is also now a four star celebrity

As soon as Prelude walks through the door ... she leaps into his arms
Anyone would think she missed him ... lol

he's only been out for a few hours!!  But you know Red .... that is wasted time when they could be baby making instead!!


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