Friday, 22 September 2017

Update 215

Bobo the IF, is now out

I am a little surprised that we have not seen Marcella out since the day she went to the hospital with NINETY-NINE to make Lyric.


Poor TWENTY-SIX is now immortalised in his pigtails!!

I spot Josephine over the road ... she is now one of the food merchants at the festival ground.
I wouldn't think that is a good job for a vampire!!

ONE-O-TWO has now decided he wants to learn the fishing skill.

I am cracking up at these two ....  NINETY-NINE went to EIGHTY-FIVE's party
Somehow, Lyric ended up going there with his Dad.

EIGHTY-FIVE is the last of Alpines five human children living


I am amused when Lyric goes downstairs to speak to Marty

Mr 5 star celebrity snubs his own grandson

Marty looks a little shell shocked ... I think he has just realised who the boy actually is!!

These two are so cute together!!

So much for nobody being able to see Bobo!!!
Half of the house has now rolled a wish wanting to give her a friendly introduction!!

Red hacked the black jack table .... she ended up winning cheating $19,000 ...
and she wants a career in law enforcement LOL!!

I love the way Basil waves at everyone

OMG!!!!  Her reaction to Atlas asking her to watch the stars had me laughing.
Yesterday she rolled exactly that wish, today she obviously doesn't want to!!


She had no trouble getting him to have his ice statue done.


Its a good job he was still there and not too angry with her .... so she got a second attempt at it

Which was much better!!!!

Red finally gets round to getting the job in Law Enforcement that she wants.

I left it another day to see if she rolled anything else, because I know she is going to struggle to question anyone when she needs to because she is friends with hardly anyone.

NINETY-NINE has had another promotion, he is now a Flight Officer

He is now four levels behind with his Athletics skill, so he needs to really work on it.

Red gets her logic to level 6 ... she is well ahead for work, but she wanted to improve it

Bobo has already started to become irritating.
Casper is struggling to get his homework done, because every time he sits down and tries, Bobo comes along and distrubes him from doing it.

Lyric got his homework done without being disturbed and now he wants to learn the fishing skill.

I have given the boys another tent .... it is the only way they can sleep through the constant nightly ghosts visiting.

Sage is out.

Red managed to get his ice statue done

and collect his DNA

NINETY-NINE also now needs to learn the handiness skill for work.

Red's first day at work .... Leeann is her partner, so she is going to have to make friends with her daughter!!

Everyone seems to be reading skill books at the moment.
ONE-O-TWO has pulled a Social Networking skill book out of his inventory ... he gets to level 7

I spot Marty walking down the road in his purple suit .... which tells me that since he left the house, he has become a Super Star Athlete ... but no doubt when he passes away, the game will rob him off the tall grave like it has some of the other Dad's!!!

See what I mean about reading skill books .... it is catching!!


We get a pop up NINETY-THREE has passed away ...
Red will soon not have any of her human children left living ... only the fairy ones.

Second day at work and Red got a promotion to Desk Jockey

She tried to talk to EIGHTY-TWO but he wasn't interested.

Nelson didn't want a hug from her either!!
They are probably very hacked off with her, because she is still romantically attached to their Dad, Granite.

I am really happy to see BOTT and BERT out of the house.  I did wander if they would constantly stay inside or venture out like normal sims.

It looks like she has a new toy to play with

and things never change!!!!
BOTT and Red are having a punch up

I love the way the boys all hover around BOTT after the fight and totally ignore Red!!

and she wanders why nobody likes her!!

ONE-O-TWO wants to visit the dive bar .... he has also rolled a wish to woohoo in the fairy house ... so maybe he is on the hunt for a girlfriend!!

The first thing that happens when he walks into the dance room ... he has to watch one of the mixologists being collected by Grim

Josephine is no good to him, them being distantly related ...

however, Josephine is the only one in the place now, so she becomes his drinking buddy for the night and they make friends.

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