Friday, 20 January 2017

Update 67

Another set of twins need to be taught their skills

which Rocky is helping with

It is Sunday so the living room is busy.

While Rocky is still teaching THIRTY-FIVE to talk ... TWENTY-FOUR is talking and already onto being taught how to walk.   Fairy toddlers are much faster learning.

Lilly and Melvin are visiting today

Lilly is a party animal, so she will get anyone dancing.

I don't get why they rarely use their own bed ... most of the time it is Basil and TWENTY-THREE's beds that they are using, and they really don't care if anyone is watching or in the room!!

TWENTY-TWO = "I didn't see a thing honest!!"  (snigger)

Mmmm this piece of Tiberium doesn't seem to want to grow into a spire!!

Sudden collective water slide wishes got me getting some.
I added the sauna thing too.

Rocky is the first to test them out.

Red is teaching THIRTY-FOUR to walk

Melvin (the pap) is never any trouble when he is here - he mostly plays on his lap top.

At the moment I'm expecting Rocky to beat Jazz's woohoo record

He always opts for the expensive stuff!!

BABY CHIMES coming from the bedroom

Finally a new painting!!

Basil seems a little low at the moment .... he is wandering around doing not a lot of anything .... especially rolling wishes!!!

So I got him something new to play with, another musical instrument ... The Laser Rhythm thingy.
It took him seconds to get it out of his inventory!!

$814 she earned for this one

Baby sick.

THIRTY-FIVE is walking, talking and potty trained
THIRTY-FOUR still has a way to go

More logic swatting for work

Basil looks a bit happier.
He's managed to get the Laser Rythem skill up to level 4 already

I keep thinking I need to change her hair ... she even sleeps in that medieval hat.
One of these days I might get round to it.

Good girls doing their homework as soon as they get in from school.

TWENTY-THREE let Mark off from his grounding ... so he now goes to school and work in peace!!

Don't worry, he doesn't bite .... well at least I don't think he does!!

And here comes the cat person!!

I'm surprised how quickly THIRTY-ONE made friends with the cat

Me and my BFF

Amongst all this ... THIRTY-ONE rolled a LTW.
She wants to be an Animal Rescuer.

Pepper is worn out ... I bet he never got that much attention when he was alive!!

(I presume Pepper is male ... really I don't have a clue if the cat is male or female)

THIRTY-ONE is starting to crack me up ... she is cute!!

She see's her parents are busy mauling each other, so she asks Lilly who she doesn't even know to read her a bedtime story.

Little Miss Celebrity!!

That's another book we are going to lose ... because I doubt Lilly will put it back in the bookcase!!
It's the ghosts who are stealing all the books ... lol

We have a baby bump

I'm surprised THIRTY-ONE is still asleep with Lilly sleeping right next to her.
She doesn't seem the slightest bit bothered by ghosts.

TWENTY-THREE is busy playing child minder and cleaner

he amuses me, the minute those potty's are filled, he is emptying them ....
I should put the bin by the door for him really, he takes way too many trips outside for his liking!!

How long has it actually taken her to finish the portrait of Rocky!?
It is not too bad either!!

Red is stir crazy and I know there is a grave to get out so she takes a trip to the cemetery.

TWENTY's grave now sits next to Preludes.

This was a shocker .... but I am surprised it has taken this long to have a premature / accidental death of one of the children.

ONE ..... I think has died for ranting

4 Dads
12 Children
1 Grandchild

Cute little doggie

Who belongs to TWENTY-FOUR

Rocky has had a promotion .... he is now a Patrol Officer

and this is how he wants to celebrate his promotion.

I lose THIRTY-ONE and find her over the road .... playing with a dog.

Cashew Little Dog ..... that is its full name!!

The next time I check on her .... she is inside the house with SEVENTEEN and EIGHTEEN

I think she might be a little character in the future!!

She cracked me up asking FOUR for a bedtime story

I didn't get to see what happened because the camera swung me home .....

TWENTY-THREE is having his birthday

He is now elderly


I didn't think when I gave them this sauna thing!!
Mud baths add a day onto their life!!  (hides under a chair!!)
I don't mind the adults using it .... but it's the kids if they start getting extra days, I'll be here forever!!

Basil is on his wanting to go to the cemetery and see a ghost hype again!!
I swear he is pining for Lime ... lol

ONE and Rian are visiting tonight .... so Basil gets to see a ghost at least.

Rian starts howling which makes Basil jump up

Basil is flaked out on the floor .... he has fainted after watching Rian transform into a werewolf.
You fairy!!

Now I see her ghost .... ONE did die because she was ranting about death!!

She can do that all she likes ... but it's not going to give her any extra life .. lol

Anissa getting to know her half sister

I spy another ghost gnome coming out of the arcade machine

She now has three ghost gnomes in her inventory

I don't know why ONE is crying ... her premature death maybe?

She obviously must have been ranting about Death and Grimmy collected her early to teach her a lesson!!

THIRTY-ONE is cooking her own food

burnt blueberry muffins

Anissa = " Don't go in there TWENTY-THREE!!"

OOPS ... Too late!!


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  1. Ghost kitty finally has someone giving her/him some love! I also noticed last post that kitty finally found the food.