Sunday, 8 January 2017

Update 49

TWENTY-TWO is graduating

He is most likely to become a Sports Star ... well they got that wrong!!

Basil plays for tips for a while

before he takes Brook home.

TWENTY-THREE, TWENTY-FOUR and Cranberry go to prom

Prelude is being his normal obnoxious self!!

Brook has her birthday

she gains the Bookworm trait

Brook straight away rolls a wish to learn the writing skill and write a novel. 
So she starts to write a book.

Ice is killing me, she is back to flirting with Basil again, I just don't want him to fall for it, because like Red, she will just keep messing him about!!

Nine is here today

NINE is causing chaos in the kitchen

Poor TWENTY-THREE is getting it again for bad grades!!

It amuses me the way she pays attention to most of her children after they have lived their life and are ghosts!!

I spot TWELVE carrying a baby
I check the family tree .. the little fairy boy is Atlas's again!!
So Red now has a fourth Grandchild ... Harry.

EIGHT is still going I see - he is living way over his time!!

TWENTY-TWO is outside the book store performing for tips

See Basil ... she is playing you for a fool!!

I spot Caramel, she is now elderly like Lime and Lilly, so Ice should not be too far behind them!!

TWENTY-TWO earned over $400 in tips on his first day .. surprisingly

NINETEEN and TWENTY-ONE are just coming in from work.  Both of them gained a promotion.
NINETEEN is a Vegetable Slicer (level 3)
TWENTY-ONE is a Snack Hawker (level 2)

Basil has also had another promotion, he is now an Orchestra Member

and TWENTY, she is a Mess Hall Server (level 2)

Prelude is trying to get into his old bed, but it's not happening he crawls into bed with Ice instead!!

Getting hit by their own fairy pranks

Basil blows back NINETEEN's chattering teeth

and NINETEEN blows back Basils Hot Headed

She is lucky Basil didn't set her on fire!!

TWENTY FOUR was Prom King

Cranberry I don't think had a very good prom - he ended up having a fight

and TWENTY-THREE came out with a romantic interest called Jolene.

Hello Mr gnome

Red randomly casts flight of fidelity on TWENTY-FOUR

Which allows him to fly for a while

$1428 she got for this one

Eight has finally shuffled off and his grave has joined the others.

Hello FIVE

Ice is now flirting with TWENTY-THREE
and I thought Red was bad, but unlike TWENTY-ONE .... TWENTY-THREE is falling for it!!

Prelude has spotted them, but luckily for them he gets distracted ....

by TWENTY-THREE setting a whoopie cushion trap

Time out and grounded ... he is constantly in trouble this boy!!

I think TWENTY-FOUR is enjoying being able to fly

Ice is still pouncing on Prelude every chance she gets, in between stalking the two adult boys and Basil.

Basil and Catnip are back to sleeping in the same bed again

TWENTY-TWO is still playing a lot of chess

TWENTY-ONE has a go at TWENTY-THREE over his school grades.

He sits down to do his homework

Then Red lays into him because the school bus has gone and he's skipping school.
The poor kid can't win!!

We have a summer gnome on the garden.

Skinny dipping while everyone is home!!  She is brave!!

Seriously they are driving me nutz keep yelling at TWENTY-THREE.
The minute he gets in from school, NINETEEN has grounded him for his bad grades.

Although it does spur him on to sit down with his brothers to do his homework!!

$791 she got for this one
(I've given up counting the paintings!!)

Our little swat has got onto the honour roll again

Brook is just being a child and playing on the playground most of the time

TWENTY-THREE gets a school opportunity to help him improve his grades ... he needs to improve his writing skill.  He sits there so long doing it, he managed to get his writing skill up to level 4.

We now have two ghost gnomes .... Catnip pulled one out of the arcade machine

FIVE is here visiting today.

Heart farts for the pap ... she is actually quite pretty for an NCP!!

ONE is now a mature adult
so I presume TWO, THREE and FOUR will be too, or close to being.

He doesn't even have to leave the house to perform for tips ... most days he is entertaining the three paps that are crawling all over the front garden.

TWENTY-THREE is finally out of everyones's bad books.  His grades have raised to a C

$2536 she earned for this one

FOURTEEN phones Red for a chat.

Red now has unlocked her social networking skill.  So she is constantly wanting to write blog posts and text people.

I think TWENTY-THREE might be getting it ... I spot him doing his homework again.

Catnip seems to be making friends with Prelude slowly, they have stopped fighting and dance together quite often.

I get a pop up ... Catnip has done so much social climbing she gets to pick an extra trait .... so she now has Bookworm.

Okay so where did that laptop come from? 
I've never bought anyone a laptop!!

TWENTY-TWO is practicing his juggling skills ... although I'm not sure I like where he is playing with fire, in the bedroom!!

Hello Jazz

It seems like ages since we have seen him!!


  1. Poor Nine, I think, will forever have the girl hair, lol.

    I feel so bad for Twenty-Three! I wouldn't be surprised if he ages up with some kind of negative trait like insane or mean or something like that. Growing up having literally everyone yell at has to be just awful!

    1. Yeah his girls hair is very comical ... but I tell him from a mile away now he is a ghost!!

      I wanted to keep Twenty-three, I felt so sorry for him - and he wouldn't have been any trouble, I expect he will spend his life just painting. But he wasn't a spare so I had to move him out with the others.