Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Update 54

Red opts to go to the hospital to have the baby.

Babies .... we have twin fairy boys.

TWENTY-SIX (orange)

Hello Atlas

We only have three ghosts visiting tonight, Atlas, Holly and SIX ....

... or so I thought, until the fourth ghost floats through the wall ....

What the ....?!

Pepper the cat ....
I think, this cat was a pet in the Charm bee house when Jazz was alive.

Atlas feeds the cat treats.

then feeds himself.


Traits = Insane - Couch Potato
Favourites = Song Writer - Vegetarian Chilli - Lime

Eeewww!!  TWENTY-SEVEN has horrible big odd coloured wings

A trip into CAS fixed his wing size

Traits = Good - Artistic
Favourites  = Pop - Firecracker Tofu - Spice Brown

TWENTY-FIVE is showing TWENTY-SIX how to pull off a dolls head!

Brook has her birthday and becomes a young adult

She gained the Natural Cook trait

She looks a lot like Ice

Mango teaches TWENTY-SIX to talk

I find it strange how TWENTY-SEVEN has exactly the same colour wings as Basil (which I gave him).  I wander if the game has picked that up from the family tree.

Red teaches TWENTY-SEVEN to talk

Brook hasn't rolled any career related wishes yet, but she does want to improve her writing skill so she starts to write a science fiction novel.

Basil is getting closer to achieving his LTW of being a One Sim band.
Guitar maxed .... Piano level 9 ... Bass level 9 ... Drums level 8

Red teaches TWENTY-SEVEN to walk

Brook graduates

Delores is also graduating.

I spot that Delores is a vampire and TEN is now a mature adult.

Ice walks out of the town hall, she doesn't hang around for her daughters graduation.

Oh great Lilly!!
The last thing I wanted to see is you passing away!!

Brook was the Class Valedictarian and most likely to write a best selling novel.

Rian is still walking around in werewolf form.

Heckling his Grandmother ... I can't say I blame him!!

TWENTY is a mature adult ..... already?!

Harry is now a teenager.

Hello Cranberry

I'm amused when Rian picks up TWENTY-SEVEN and plays with him.

just don't bite him!!

As soon as Red get's back from the town hall ... Forrest attacks her as soon as she sets foot on the front garden.

He has finally noticed ...... he accuses her of cheating.

He breaks off their romantic connection

In a way it's a good thing, because now there should not be any trouble between Red and Mango ... as long as she behaves!!

Out comes that look and the lip!!

Well you have passed away Forrest ... what do you expect her to do?!

We have Holly, NINE, Forrest and Melvin here visiting at the moment.

Mango makes a start on potty training the twins

Red teaches TWENTY-SIX  to walk.


Red and Mango are taking a trip to the festival ground.

SIXTEEN is now elderly

Pie eating contest with FOURTEEN

Mango wins

Mango starts dancing with Caramel

Red doesn't let them dance for long, she buts in.

The could be skating and doing other things .... but they decide to have a water fight instead.

Delores is standing and smoking .... vampires are not supposed to be stood out in the sunlight!!
If she is not careful she will end up disintegrating!!

Oh gross!!  Stale pie!!

how can they take each other seriously with all that muck on their faces?!

Basil has had his final promotion!!
He is now a Hit Movie Composer.

As a reward, from work he receives a stereo.
(pout!!  I thought he would have had an Iconic Jam guitar, but I guess that must just be rock stars!!)

We have Atlas, Lime, Lilly and EIGHT turning up tonight.
I knew Lilly had passed away, but I was very surprised to see Lime's ghost!!

Skinny dipping Atlas is sat in the hot tub.

Heart farts for Lime .... well I never expected that!!

EIGHT is very sociable and has a chat with Lilly.

although, I think he might regret trying to be friendly with Lime.

Red has got her chain saw out again

Atlas is amusing me flirting with both female ghosts.

Lime doesn't take it too well and kicks off at him

Lilly on the other hand, doesn't mind!!

Red has completed her ice sculture.

The family portrait from the festival ground

I can't remember what level the sculpting skill has to be at before these ice things do not melt! 
So as a test, I have put Mr Octopus outside ....

to see if and how long it takes him to melt


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