Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Update 70

Rocky's new uniform for work ... he looks more like a doctor than a police officer!!

Now that is Sunset Valley isn't it!

THIRTY-THREE has become a music maniac like Basil.  He never leaves the musical instruments alone.

Since his birthday THIRTY-SIX doesn't stop working out.

It is Spooky Day ... all the poor gnomes are being kicked to death!

Basil has now maxed his logic skill.

Mark is getting the Ice stalking today ... but I swear this boy is gay ... he only heart farts men.

Jazz is also doing a bit of stalking ... I think he has taken a shine to Anissa.

They are constantly flirting with each other

and there is a lot of giggling going on too.

Now I know I am not imagining it .... he does keep looking at that picture of himself and Red!!

Ice is not getting very far with Mark ... he keeps walking away

she wants to be an International Super Spy

THIRTY-FIVE is the only one who wanted to go trick or treating.


Long chats with SEVENTEEN.  AGAIN!!!

Basil has got us another ghost gnome ...
Red and Basil's inventories are now starting to become over run with them.

He decided to take a trip in the time machine .... but he never got anywhere

That time machine is smoking!!!
Yes Basil, you broke it!!

THIRTY-FIVE is having her birthday

She gained the Star Quality trait

THIRTY-FOUR is having his birthday

He gained the Artistic trait

Basil is having a rant about politics.
I really wish he would leave that megaphone alone .... I'm scared he will rant about death and suffer the same fate as ONE.

THIRTY-THREE has manage to build his instrument skills up pretty quickly
Guitar - 5 ... Piano - 3 ... Bass - 3 ... Drums - 5

Red fixes the time machine then decides to take a trip into the past

She backs out waving .... I HOPE nobody is following her out of there in a few hours!!
(Thankfully nobody did!!)

Well at least she is carving pumpkins at the right time of year for a change!!

Both of our little fairies are now constantly dancing.

Red is relegated to the science machine because TWENTY-THREE keeps beating her to the sculpting table.

he seems to love the topiary ... it is all he is doing now

The mail has me laughing ...
for Rocky love letters and gifts from SEVENTEEN, TEN and THREE
for Red love letters and gifts from Mango and the Grim Reaper
for Basil, love letters and gifts from a few of the pap women in town
and Mark has one from his best friend Harvey and one of the male paps.

Cute little panda.

Anyone would think they have never seen a ghost before!

Basil now has a maxed logic certificate to go with his others.

Strangely gets a phone call off TWENTY-FOUR then straight after a phone call off Cranberry

I wander if they realise all three of them are quickly running out of time!!

Well I am flabbergasted!!!
It has seriously taken Rocky this long to find the inventing table - and he hasn't and isn't rolling any wishes regarding his LTW either!!

Hello Lilly

THIRTY-FOUR has now joined in with the fight for easels and sculpting table game that is already going on between Red and TWENTY-THREE

THIRTY-TWO is having her birthday and becomes a young adult

She gained the Daredevil trait
LTW = International Super Spy

yeah, just as I thought ... she is a Red clone.

THIRTY-ONE's birthday was held up by her karaoke singing

She gains the Handy trait
LTW = Animal Rescuer

She is a Rocky clone

I am watching this saucepan, which has just been left, and waiting for the kitchen to set on fire.
Thankfully THIRTY-FOUR comes along and finishes cooking it.

Anissa is busy most of the time working and writing articles

The Graduation gnome has passed away already!

The pond is frozen enough for them to start skating on it

TWENTY-THREE is doing a topiary penguin this time

THIRTY-ONE and THIRTY-TWO are graduating



THIRTY-ONE most likely to be Mediocre

THIRTY-TWO is most likely to save the world

Anissa didn't bother to go into the graduation ceremony - she slept on the bench instead.

Basil is invited to TWENTY-SEVEN's party
I am laughing at the state of the house ... you would have thought he would have tidied up first!!!


FOURTEEN and Cranberry were downstairs with a random Pap and that was all that was at the party.


Basil got a little nervous, that woman is a vampire.
Then the idiot goes and rolls a wish - he wants to acquire a bottle of vampire bite.
Lol!!  He is not getting one ... because he is already a fairy!!


Hello Mango


 Rocky is having his birthday and becoming a mature adult.

He is not having a mid life crisis ... so it is all good!

Well how else did you expect him to celebrate his birthday - lol!

THIRTY-TWO now has a job at the police station like her Dad
THIRTY-ONE has rolled no work or career related wishes

Seriously why do fairies bother to skate ... when they are just flying in circles?!

SEVENTEEN never stops phoning Rocky for a date ... she is persistent, I'll give her that!!

Pepper is making himself comfortable.

THIRTY-FOUR has made us a clay chair.

Basil has got his Laser Rhythm skill to level 5.

He is amusing himself while he waits for Brooks party to start, which he has been invited to



  1. Oh man the kids are growing up fast! I'm not ready, lol

    1. I know ... Rockys time seems to have flown by!!