Back to the Ugli Past Intro

Back to the Ugli Past

So I am setting myself a new, and probably impossible challenge.
To help me achieve it, I've brought out one of my old legacy families ... The Ugli's.
from the Ugly Wishes Wishacy.

I will be using my No.1 favourite sim couple
Cello & Mallow
who will hopefully help me tick three things off my sims bucket list,
while creating a completely new challenge and more of my rubbish to read!

I will be ....

Creating 100 children using a time machine.
Completing all 86 Life Time Wishes available in the sims 3.
Doing a genetics experiment.


The 100 Time Machine Children

I am hoping there will be NO, or very few BABIES in this challenge!!
After doing the 102 Rainbow Babies ... I am struggling to even create the 24 babies need for the Baby Boom Challenge!!  I am so sick of crying babies, potty training, bedtime stories and teenage anx, to be even playing anything baby related right now!!
So while all baby related challenges take a break ... I need a different challenge to do.

So, while you might think creating 100 time machine children is going to be easy ...
I am not making it easy!!
Yes they will be stepping out of the time machine as teens, young adults or even elderly.  They will be ready to leave the house straight away, without me having to get through their baby / toddler / child and teenage years.  However, the challenge will be, that every child that does come out of the time machine CAN NOT move out of the house until they have achieved their Life Time Wish!!

Completing All Life Time Wishes

I have always wanted to complete ALL of the Life Time Wishes that come with Sims 3.
I have all the EP's .... so that is 86 Life Time Wishes in total!!
Some of the Life Time Wishes I have played to death, others I have never even attempted.

List of All the Life Time Wishes.

For once I will not be playing completely wishacy ... I will watch their wishes, but I will also do whatever it takes (without cheating) to achieve all their LTW's.   Which includes changing repetitive Life Time Wishes that will already be set in place, with the young adults coming out of the time machine.   I will try and give them a new Life Time Wish that fits their traits, and helps me to cover ones I haven't already done yet.
Having 100 children and 86 Life Time Wishes - some will have to be duplicated.
Any that I fail, I will try with a different child.
Hopefully I will be able to complete them all before I reach child 100.

The Genetic Experiment

I have always wandered just how far back sim genetics can go, and have always wanted to test it out, properly with a mass of children to Parents who have an intact family tree spanning back generations. Well now I am!!

I know I am going to get plenty of Parents / Grand Parents and Great Grand Parents colouring coming out in the children.  But does it go back any futher??

My Ugli family are perfect to use for testing it out, because ....

Installed in the towns cemetery are the graves of 7 past generations of the Ugli family.

Most of the graves are the generation Heir's and their Partners.
Blake and Lacey had two Partners.  Lyric had a Partner and a baby carrier, and the other spare graves are two of Caines children who died in a fire ... I'm not really sure why I kept those.

The bench mark for me is the teal hair and eyes in Generation 4.
That and any other colouring that appears before the 4th Generation, coming in out in the time machine children, will literally have me tickled pink!!!

If I don't see any colouring come out past the 3rd Generation back, in 100 children
then I doubt I ever will!!


Who is in the Graves and their Ugli Genetics.

Yes and up pop Marty and Rocky again 😂


Founding Generation

Marty Keaton and Summer Ugli

Eyes - blue ... Hair - black ... Skin - normal
Eyes - light blue ... Hair - blue ... Skin - blue

Relationship to children = Great x 6 Grandparents (back 8 generations)

Generation 1

Toby Ugli and Jade Green

Eyes - light blue ... Hair - blue ... Skin - normal
Eyes - green ... Hair - green ... Skin - green

Relationship to children = Great x 5 Grandparents (back 7 generations)

Generation 2

Blake Ugli and Lemon Crumble

Eyes - light blue ... Hair - dark green ... Skin - normal
Eyes - yellow ... Hair - yellow/red streaked ... Skin - yellow

Relationship to children = Great x 4 Grandparents (back 6 generations)

Generation 3

Lacey Ugli and Rocky Giggs

Eyes - light blue ... Hair - yellow/green ... Skin - yellow
Eyes - Teal green ... Hair - teal green ... Skin - green

Lacey inherited her hair colour from her mothers father

Relationship to children = Great x 3 Grandparents (back 5 generations)

Generation 4

Caine Ugli and Cherry Peeled

Eyes - teal green ... Hair - teal green ... Skin - yellow
Eyes - pink ... Hair - pink/orange ... Skin - red

I do not have Cherry's grave but her hair and eye colouring travelled through to her daughter Amber, then Jazz

Relationship to children = Great Great Grandparents (back 4 generations)


Generation 5

Amber Ugli and Bradey Squash

Eyes - pink ... Hair - pink/orange ... Skin - yellow
Eyes - light green ... Hair - white/red/green ... Skin - purple

Relationship to children = Great Grandparents (back 3 generations)


Generation 6

Lyric Ugli and Melon Freeze

Eyes - orange ... Hair - orange ...Skin - yellow
Eyes - red ... Hair - green/red ... Skin - green
Lyric inherited his hair and eye colouring from his fathers mother

Relationship to children = Grand Parents (back 2 generations)


Generation 7

Cello Ugli

Eyes - red ... Hair - white/red/green ... Skin - green

Cello inherited his Mothers skin and eyes and his Grandfather Bradey's hair.

and Cello's partner in crime


Eyes - blue ... Hair - blue ... Skin - white


The Parents ......

Cello & Mallow Ugli

If you have read 102 Rainbow Babies, you have already seen two examples of Cello and Mallow's offspring.  Ironically they both came out of a Time Machine.


(originally Lydia)
she was re-coloured so that I could use her in Through Colourblind Eyes.


Anyway less of my waffling .... I had better get on with it.
This is going to be a long one!!!!

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