Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Update 71

That is amusing ...
not that three gnomes have passed away, but where they have done it

I dread to think how many gnome graves I'm going to have by the time I finish this!!

THIRTY-ONE and THIRTY-TWO have become very annoying since they became adults.  They are constantly giving everyone trivia challenges and doing the ink blot cards.

and THIRTY-SIX NEVER stops working out!!

Rocky looks a little nervous ... lol

well he has to pass his time somehow, when he can not get Red's attention!!

I am amused when Basil drives himself to Brooks party in Rocky's police car.

Brook and Catnip who both take themselves off to bed when the FIVE guests have arrived

Cranberry - TWELVE, THIRTY, Basil and the vampire pap woman.

Such excitement .... lets all go to a party and watch a cookery programme together!!

THIRTY is now a mature adult .... I THINK

Winter is here ... it's snowing.

THIRTY-FIVE sneaks a day (so she thinks)

It's a shame we have to sell the usable ice chess table ... but it will melt otherwise!

This is her 12th ice sculpture .... just another 13 to go
It feels like it is going to take forever to get to 25 sculptures!!


The second the ice sculpture is sold ... TWENTY-FOUR jumps onto it
It is amusing to watch how quickly Red, TWENTY-THREE and THIRTY-FOUR are jumping onto this.

Any closer to the door and nobody will be able to get in!!

Dancing and working out ... that is all THIRTY-SIX is doing, so that is why you are not seeing much of him.

I've given most of them - immune to the cold reward - to stop them from freezing

This is why you are not seeing much of Rocky and Red too ......

They are attached at the hip and constantly at it!!

THIRTY-FOUR is Artistic, neurotic and hates the outdoors .... what's the betting he will want to be a self employed painter or sculpter!!

I'm just checking on TWENTY-THREE who's life bar is full .....

When it happens

I have been dreading this!!!
TWENTY-THREE's time has just ran out.

FINALLY she cries over one of her children

Bless him he didn't want to go!

Grimmie plays in the sand pit before he vanishes

Awwww .... he is going to hate being outside!!

The last painting that TWENTY-THREE did but never got round to selling

I wander if THIRTY-THREE built the reaper snowman because of grimmys visit

THIRTY-SIX is having his birthday

He gained the Gatherer trait

He rolls a LTW .... one I predicted
he wants to be a Superstar Athlete

THIRTY-TWO is busy swatting up on logic for work

Hello Jazz

I love the way Pepper constantly hisses at the television

Basil finally becomes brave enough to feed the ghost cat treats

He is doing it again!!
This really makes me laugh - I don't see any of the other ghosts staring at pictures, only Jazz.

He has found Anissa again

lots more flirting

Rocky is questioning Ira one of the paps outside

and keeping himself busy because Red is away with the ice sculpting

THIRTY-ONE still hasn't rolled any job wishes, she is obviously happy to just bum around the house.

$2072 she got for this masterpiece.

I love THIRTY-FOUR ....  I want to keep him

He is constantly busy and always doing something different

he is never still for a minute!!

Everyone is still crying over THIRTY-THREE

Nice wedding cake ....

that magically turns into a plate of cookies when it is placed on the counter!!
Store content = always a pathetic glitch!!

I don't think Red approves of THIRTY-ONE's singing.

He is writing up the report on Ira ...
I really don't understand why the only place the questioning option seems to be coming up now is on the front garden with the paps.  I've given up taking him out to question people because we are just having wasted journeys.

It is that time again surprisingly she only has 19 days left
...... young age potion - making her younger than most of her kids.

THIRTY-THREE is having his birthday and become a young adult

He gained the Family Orientated trait
LTW = One Sim Band

He doesn't roll any career wishes - he just jumps straight onto the piano

Mark is heart farting Ira

Then he gets abducted by the aliens

I hope he has an alien baby ... it will give me an excuse to keep him in the house after the rest of Rocky's children have left!!


doing something that he wouldn't be doing in life!!
I bet we never see him paint, sculpt or tidy up every again!!

The igloo is rocking outside

Rocky falls asleep in the igloo, so what does Red do ...

gets straight out and amorously hugs Ira!!  I don't even know where that has come from, I can't say I've seen her even talk to him!

THIRTY-THREE is graduating

TEN looks like she is a mature adult fairy now

I am a little miffed!!
The alien abduction moodlet has ran out .... no pregnancy


Basil is playing for tips

He earned $688

There he goes again ... it is ONLY men that Mark heart farts

I am wandering if that is maternity wear she is in?

THIRTY-THREE waited until he got home to toss his diploma

He was deemed Most likely to have a large family

Two of THIRTY-FOUR's paintings

This amuses me .... Basil starts ranting at the television ....
about Derivative Cinema

Bless ... the gnome is warming his old bones in the sauna

and guess who has just tried to sneak an extra day of teenage life!!

but I've clocked it!!


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  1. Aw RIP 23. You were one of my favorites! His last painting is so sad looking with the frowning ladybug. Almost like he knew it would be the last thing he ever painted.