Thursday, 19 January 2017

Update 66

I am amused when I spot Mango driving a Limo in what looks like his swimwear.

Another attempt at painting a portrait of Rocky

Rocky and Basil do a lot of jamming together

Even though I knew it would happen, I'm gutted.
The ice toddler has melted.

TWENTY-THREE plays with the toddlers a lot

Caramel is here, playing with the music box.

Lilly and FIVE are in the sand pit.

Red teaches THIRTY-THREE to talk ... they are both up during the night.

Basil is evicted out of his bed because Lilly is sleeping on it.

While everyone is sleeping, THIRTY-THREE is up alone and only has the ghosts for company

Not that they are taking much notice of him, too busy pulling faces at each other.

As Rocky has a day off ... Red and Rocky go to the festival ground.

Rocky has to watch the hot dog eating contest because the table is full.


ONE wins.

That will teach you to eat too many hot dogs, too quickly!!

Rocky is trying to learn to skate

TWO, EIGHTEEN, TWELVE AND SEVENTEEN, being fairies are flying past him, while he is wobbling all over the place, it is quite comical to watch.

I am really not sure why Rocky is being sick!?
Skating sickness??

You can't take her anywhere!!!

She just has to woohoo in that Llama box again (like she did with Forrest)

and here comes the public disgrace for public woohoo ... she is a pap!!

Baby bump.

Having a dance with FOURTEEN

Rocky is already a four star celebrity

I'm surprised that SEVENTEEN and Rocky are virtually best friends.
She is his boss, so I guess it has happened through work.

Rocky and SEVENTEEN are planning to watch the stars together

(and it was Rocky who did the asking, if it is his hand on top of hers!)

Red is upset ...

We get a pop up = You've got some issues and I'm not sticking around to deal with them

Red just takes herself off home and leaves them to it.

Pouty face

I'm surprised, when Rocky gets back .... there is no kicking off!!
Red doesn't have the betrayed moodlet and they go off to woohoo like nothing happened at the festival ground!!

THIRTY-THREE is not so lonely tonight ... TWENTY-THREE is keeping him company through the night.

Pepper seems to enjoy sleeping there.

I'm laughing watching Pepper hissing at the television!!

Finally Pepper eats some cat food.

Yes Rocky ... it's a ghost cat.

For a change it is Red getting the girls up and giving them a bottle!

She does still paint .... occassionally

Teaching THIRTY-THREE to walk

Peace!!  (for me)
The stereo, which is constantly blaring, is broken

We nearly forgot to finish TWENTY-TWO's potty training

I have noticed that fairy toddlers learn their walking, talking and potty training a lot quicker than non fairy toddlers.

 Awww she wants to fix it already!!

Mark is a very busy boy ... he finishes school then just has enough time to do his homework before he is off to his grocery store job.

Rocky has had a promotion and is now a Traffic Cop

He needs to improve his logic again for work

TWENTY-THREE maxed his writing skill, writing book number 7

He only has his sculpting skill to max now, then that is the three maxed skills that he needs to be a Renaissance Sim.

THIRTY-TWO has her birthday

She gained the Vegetarian trait

THIRTY-ONE has her birthday

She gained the Cat Person trait.

Mark didn't come straight home after work.
I found him outside Mango's house ...... THROWING EGGS!!

TWENTY-FIVE comes out and has a go at him.

Then the police turn up!

It's a good job it's Basil who deals with him!!!  I doubt Rocky would have been too impressed being a police man himself.

Mark is now grounded.

Heart farts for Jazz and Anissa

Don't even think about it Jazz .... we already have too many extra's in the house as it is!!

Water fight before work and school

Jazz didn't visit alone, Apple is here too, but he just quietly played in the sand pit.

I spot TWENTY-TWO walking down the road.
He is now elderly

It comes to something when you have to sneak out of the house to catch the school bus.

It has started to feel like forever since Jazz first walked through the door as a young adult!!

TWENTY-THREE has now maxed his Sculpting.

Woohoo .... so he has now achieved his Life Time Wish of being a Renaissance Sim!!

Mark gets into trouble for sneaking out of the house, as soon as he comes in.

For Berry's sake ... HE WENT TO SCHOOL and he will have to sneak out again in a bit to go to work ... which no doubt is going to get him another telling off!!

The photo from the festival ground.

The baby is coming


he is a fairy boy

who's wings look like they are going to be shocking green, like ONE's were

and he is not arriving alone ....

THIRTY-FIVE is a human girl

Another set of twins

Dad is playing with his first fairy boy

and here it is .....

Mark gets a telling off for sneaking out of the house TO GO TO WORK!!

Lol!!  Sim's crack me up sometimes!!

How to teach your kids sex ed!!

See how slack I am at checking the mailbox ...
TWENTY-THREE's  maxed writing skill certificate joins his painting one.

You be careful Red ... you might lose your nose!!


Traits = Hates the Outdoors - Neurotic
Favourites = Rock - Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich - Hot Pink


Traits = Insane - Excitable
Favourites = R&B - Falafel - Violet


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