Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Update 150

Red is now best friends with SEVENTY-THREE

This always tickles me a little - because Red generally only does best friends when she is woohooing with them!!

Happy families ... I think this has been the best batch of kids so far.

Sage - somehow - went AWOL and I found him at the festival ground happily searching for Easter Eggs.

How Cute!!
River and Winter (Ocean's parents)

Sage's happiness didn't last for long - he's out after curfew and gets taken home in a police car.

I am amused that BOTT is the one that dishes out the scolding and grounds him.

Sage being at the festival ground reminds me that Parsley and Red have not done their portrait photograph for the wall yet.  Parsley has a day off work - so they take a trip to the festival ground.

Parsley seriously must be having a midlife crisis ...
he has gone to the MALE kissing booth for a kiss!!



I am amused at Extra and FIFTY queing up a the kissing booth.

FIFTY has a chat with Red

Another one who is having none of her trying to hug him!!

Red and Parsley spent the rest of their time at the festival ground dancing together.

At home the ghosts are visiting



(Parsley's Dad)


The irresistable trait must work on the ghosts too ... as Prelude went out of his way to socialise with his Grandson - SEVENTY-THREE

Yes Parsley, it's your old man!!

It amused me when Prelude waves at Parsley

Prelude has been very nice this visit - no evilness or scaring.

SEVENTY-SIX is having his birthday

He gained the Vegetarian trait

SEVENTY-SEVEN is also having his birthday

he gained the Handy trait

I love the way the ghosts always help them celebrate their birthday

Parsley has just achieved his LTW of being surrounded by family
now that his 5th child has become a teenager.

Sage is also having his birthday and becoming a young adult

he gained the Bot Fan trait (game given)

Spooky ... he is almost like a mini Basil

but in genie form

It is midnight and SEVENTY-FOUR is STILL in the school playground.

It is inevitable that he was getting a ride home in a police car.

Marcella is out

The ghosts have really been having a field day with the food machine tonight - all the kitchen sides are filled and so is the table.

Sages now has a job in the Journalist Career

I am being stunned and surprised by Parsley's children ....
not only are they all coming out looking very unique,
SEVENTY-SIX again, is very much like another one of Limes TCE boys ... Forest Freeze.

Sage is out doing a celebrity opportunity at the hospital

THIRTY-EIGHT is now elderly


Cuddles is starting to annoy because he wants to come out

so he is let out .... now lets hope Jade wishes to turn him real.

SEVEN is visiting

Another ghost we have not seen for a very long time!!