Monday, 9 January 2017

Update 51

Brook has overdone it playing outside ... she is now very sunburnt.

She has her birthday and becomes a teenager

She gains the Green Thumb trait

TWENTY-FOUR has his birthday and becomes a young adult

He gained the Family Orientated trait
LTW = Culinary Librarian

Cranberry has is birthday

He gains the Party Animal trait
LTW = Star News Anchor

They are not as close to being identical as I thought they would be.
TWENTY-FOUR's face is a little longer and their mouths are different.

I was going to keep Cranberry for a while, seeing as he is an extra ....
but decided not to split the twins up, because they are really close.

Well Prelude, that is it .... your time is up!!
It is move out time.

There is a new house in the street ... right opposite Atlas's house ... where Prelude and all seven of his children are now living.

The family fund after they left is at $538.357
and Red and Prelude's autonomous woohoo count was a surprising 42!!

I decided to lighten the house of extra's so I moved Ice and Catnip into the Charm bee house with ONE, TWO, THREE and FOUR, seeing as there are only now four of them living there.

Red's house is now down to three ... Red, Basil and Brook, and there was not a lot of cleaning up to do because Catnip has kept the house virtually immaculate.  I am definitely going to miss having a cleaning lady in the house!!

Basil is outside working on his piano skill and entertaining the gnomes.

TWENTY-THREE did manage to finish Brooks portrait before  he left ... but it was not too good.

$1603 she earned for this one.
Her paintings are now become boringly repetitive!!

We have two ghosts turning up today ... Forrest and FIVE.

(that is when my stupid head realised ... we could be getting up to four ghosts visiting at a time having four ghost gnomes out.)

Forrest is chilling in the hot tub

While FIVE is bouncing on the trampoline

And she has spotted him!!
Forrest and Basil are playing chess together.

Red surprises me by leaving Forrest alone and she goes out into the hot tub.

but he doesn't leave her alone for very long

In a way I don't want them becoming good friends again ... with their romantic connection still intact ... Forrest is only going to cause lots of trouble with the baby Dads!

Just cuddles.

and a scare.

Forrest goes off to eat.

Then gets to know his Granddaughter, a little.
She actually asked him for his autograph, but he refused
(he doesn't like children so he's a bit narky with her.)

Now with Forrest safely out of the way, for now, we can more onto the next baby Dad.

and Dad number 5 has just walked in .....

Hello Mango!!


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