Monday, 16 January 2017

Update 60

It is Snow Day
I'm amused by the holiday bonus's ... Mango got $6,000 while Basil got $13,100 - there is obviously more money in music than medicine!!

Red is invited to Cranberry's food party.

I'm not sure why Red carried around the Cherry Pie for a while, but it did prompt her to wish to learn a new recipe ...... unless she travels to Egypt, France or China, there are no new recipes for her to learn!!

TWENTY is now elderly

These human children seem to be aging far too fast and the fairy ones, not fast enough!!

There was hardly anyone at the party.


She actually spent most of her time there talking to TWO which is pretty shocking - she has completely full red freindship bars with ONE, TWO and THREE.

Red is now continuously painting pictures we've seen lots of times before.

Lol ... I think Lime is definitely stalking Basil

He is getting the same sort of money as Red for his painting now - I doubt it will take him long to reach the top of the painting career.

Ohhhhh Wrinkles!!

The strangest thing I've ever seen



That slap would put most people off ... but not Basil!!


Then more flirting

Then they sleep in separate igloos

TWENTY-THREE's elephant

I am not sure where all these puddles have come from.

TWENTY-THREE doesn't take being scared too well

Punch up!!
Maybe he does have a bit of his Dad in him after all!

I think he might regret starting that fight ... Lime was always going to win!!

It is not just TWENTY-FIVE picking on him, they all seem to have started picking on TWENTY-SIX for his ignorance.

Hello Forrest.

I spot another gnome grave

Forrest finds Red eventually

They have a staring match before they part

Yes THIRTY is a slob

TWENTY-FIVE's inventing skill has flown up to level 6

TWENTY-FIVE has his birthday and becomes a young adult

He gained the Eco Friendly trait
LTW = Monster Maker

Mango also has his birthday ... he becomes a mature adult

and he is also having a midlife crisis.

Lime and TWENTY-EIGHT are heart farting
He doesn't look too happy about it - lol

but I don't think it matters ....
she only seems to have eyes for Basil!

Another useless invention

I forgot TWENTY-FIVE is a bot fan until he turned into his cardboard bot suit!!

Now we have Mango and TWENTY-THREE fighting over the mirrors - wrinkle checking.

TWENTY-FIVE has not rolled any career wishes yet.
I think he just wants to spend his life on the inventing table!!

I'm saying nothing!!

No it's not a cardboard box man, it is your brother!!

$2518 she earned for this one

Another gnome grave?!

Now I'm getting seriously confused .... we have had only six ghost gnomes out ... but there are still two on the garden!!

Basils four instrument maxed certificates.

TWENTY-SEVEN has started to do a lot of painting.

TWENTY-FIVE is a maniac - he is constantly now camped out at the inventing table

I wander what TWENTY-FIVE is doing .... until I hear the bang.

W.. T.. H..!!

He has just blown up the dolls house!!
This boy is a liability!!

I hope he is not going to make a habbit of doing this on free will!!

That's it ... you go and play chess and leave someone else to clean up the mess!!

I'm laughing because I think I know why he just blew up the dolls house .... the inventing table has run out of scrap ... I've had to fill it up to keep him happy!!

EIGHT and Lilly are visiting tonight

I'm amused with EIGHT, he starts cheering when he spots his fellow bot fan!!

I hoped maybe TWENTY-FIVE and EIGHT talking might have EIGHT turning into his bot form, but it didn't.

Yes she is still here ... reading her 100th book!!
An exaggeration, but that is what if feels like!!

EIGHT chills in the hot tub

Quack Quack

Seriously ... I wish they would get on with it!!

Basil's logic is now at level 9 ... he is close to maxing this skill too.

Lol ... not even the woohoo going on in the all in one bathroom is distracting TWENTY-FIVE away from that inventing table!!

It is Saturday ... they are all hanging out in the activity room

TWENTY-EIGHT is spending most of his time now working out.

We have a second baby Mystery gnome.

That's when I spot yet ANOTHER gnome grave

I check all seven gnome graves and they are all ghost gnomes.

How do six ghost gnomes turn into seven graves, especially when there are still two left on the garden ??!!


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