Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Update 161

Nigel has come home from school with EIGHTY

I am not sure where FORTY-FIVE has come from - he just appeared

SEVENTY-NINE is having his birthday

He gained the Equestrian trait

Now FIFTY-ONE has appeared lol



Baby bump .... Granites last child is on the way

I'm a little amused when I see Granite reading Fennel a pregnancy book

Sage is on a date with Davina
(the pap that Nelson likes and scared away)

 and just like his Granddad, put him within a mile of a musical instrument and he is onto it

So Davina amuses herself with Jade

I am actually beginning to wander about Sage - he heart farts more men than women

Not that he should be heart farting Thyme - because they are both Leaf's and related, even if it is distantly now

Sage = Forrest >> Basil >> Kale >> Sage
Thyme = Forrest >> Bayleaf >> Aniseed >> Thyme

Their Dad's are cousins - their Granddads are brothers and Forrest is their Great Grandfather.  AND they are both Red's Great Grandchildren.

Davina now joins in .... Sage killed the date by not even talking to her again!

Nelson: "Don't turn round EIGHTY!!"

I don't think FIFTY-ONE wants to go home - he stayed over and has been here all day

EIGHTY-TWO is having his birthday

He gained the Eco Friendly trait

Granite has been a little on the slow side with his promotions - he hasn't even had a vaccination clinic yet.  He is a trauma surgeon

EIGHTY-ONE is making use of her Artistic trait

It's not often I see anyone having a mud bath lately

This kid is driving me mad .... FOURTEEN books he has read so far - (this is book 15)
it is all he ever does
He is taking the bookworm trait to the extreme and he doesn't even have that trait!!!

I've only just reaslised all of Granites children have had the genius trait when they were born except for EIGHTY-ONE.
So the boys are being annoyingly boring always playing chess or reading.

It seems like ages since she has done any ice statues

Its winter and we have snow again

Oh look .... book number 16 is just coming out of the book case!!



I am continuously laughing at Nelson
he STILL has not mastered how to use the hover board

He spends more time falling off and on his but than he does actually riding it!!

Soppy git!!

but I should watch those flowers Red ... knowing Granite there is probably itching powder or something nasty in them!!

Fennel is having his birthday

he has gained the Nurturing trait

Fennel is facially SUPPOSED to be a clone of Sage ... but at the moment I can't see it

EIGHT-FOUR has arrived
ANOTHER boy (gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

I couldn't show you the pics before this because shes been walking around naked for half the day (lol)
Thanks Cororon for the lovely mod you introduced me too - pmsl 😛

OMG!!  I love this glitch
I've only ever had it happen once before but it just looks so funny

Red and BOTT putting a child into a cot at exactly the same time

Daddy to the rescue

Another one who looks like Granite .... but I'm really happy to see the grey hair appearing again

(Cough) we only just get round to teaching EIGHTY-THREE how to talk

and walk

Freddie is working on his Alchemy skill for his LTW

As Granite has 8 children (with the two time travel ones) I can not move him and them all out into one house when it is move out time - so I've decided to keep Freddie around for a while as a spare.