Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Update 62

Brook has finally started rolling wishes!!
She decided she wants a career in eduction, so she now has a job at the school.

We get a pop up .... Rian is getting old, now maybe a good time to visit him (gulp)

Now look at TWENTY-FIVES bot suit ... it has changed again, the hearts have gone and it now looks like someone has attacked him with a felt tip pen!!

I'm not sure who painted this, but its a new one.

I spot TWENTY-FOUR walking down the road ... he is now a mature adult.

TWENTY-SEVEN is getting very stressed out by his job.
He wanted to buy a horseshoe thingy

It is not often that TWENTY-FIVE ventures far from his inventing table.
He has been wearing that bot suit for so long, I am beginning to forget what he looks like!!

THIRTY is about to make himself sick!!
Eating gone off food left on the counter.

Stupid boy!!

Lol ... I think Mr Laundry gnome is cheering TWENTY-SEVEN on!!

Since the reset Brook has suddenly become more active.

TWENTY-FIVES inventing skill is now at level 9

Oh ..... HELL!!!
TWENTY-FIVE has made a Time Machine

TWENTY-FIVE gets a Medal of Genius from the town hall for inventing the time machine.

OMG .... Red is going to love this thing when she finds it!!
Be prepared for grown up children walking out of this thing .... lol

TWENTY-FIVE wanted to travel to the past.

So off he goes .........

and he's back with a few gem stones and an old book.

TWENTY-SIX and Brook now share a car to take them to their shared work place - the school.

TWENTY-NINE is trying to multi-task .... unsuccessfully!!

Mango gets to hold a Free Clinic ... in the cemetery.

He only got two patients ... Cranberry


He spent the rest of the time stood reading a book.

Rian has passed away ....
So I got his grave out and it now sits in front of, his Mother's,  ELEVEN's grave.

I also decided to bring back with Mango, Pepper the cat's grave .... so it is now sat out in the garden.

Mango was called back to work on an emergency ... but he slept on the bench outside the hospital instead ... lol

EIGHTEEN turned up on the doorstep, ringing the bell.

Yes the gnome collection is getting a little ridiculous!!

I love it when the kids come to randomly visit.

Red wanted to paint EIGHTEEN's portrait.

Basil and EIGHTEEN have always been good friends

TWENTY-NINE has his birthday and becomes a young adult

He gains the Athletic trait
LTW = Superstar Athlete

 TWENTY-EIGHT has his birthday

He gained the Artistic trait
LTW = Superstar Athlete

O - M - G !!!!!!!

Where the hell did Mr Muscle man come from???!!!
His wings are not big enough now to lift him off the ground pmsl!!

Yes TWENTY-SEVEN it is a little shocking!!

This is what happens to you when you spend the whole of your teenage years working out!!

Even his twin brother is thinking ... WTH!!!???

EIGHTEEN is staying the night .... and making himself at home.

and getting to know some of his newest half bothers.

That portrait is half decent!!
off it goes into the chest with the others.

hugs from Mom .. lol

TWENTY-THREE randomly starts playing the piano ... but I don't think he enjoyed it much, he didn't do it for long..


Painting the portrait has kicked off Red's painting obssession again

Mango is now chilling ... his mid life crisis is over.

I have to laugh at this ......
Dad is chilling after a busy night at work, Mom is cooking breakfast ... while all the kiddies are sleeping.

$1324 she earned for this one

Who dressed you!!??

TWENTY-EIGHT and TWENTY-NINE are graduating

Everytime I see TWELVE she seems to be ranting

Get Catnip ... she is a resident at the hospital!

TWENTY-EIGHT was most popular

TWENTY-NINE most likely to be a Sports star

You can tell Catnip has spent time living with the Charm bees .... all she kept doing was fairy pranking everyone.  ONE, TWO and THREE are really bad for it constantly!!


Seriously TWENTY-SEVEN ... you don't want to let any of your work mates seeing you playing with kids toys ... they might arrest you for being childish!!

Mango is so shocked watching THIRTY licking plates clean he puts his food down.

Brook swoops in and pinches his mac & cheese!!

Back to the fridge Mango!!

Pepper is out.

He goes into the bedroom and curls up on one of the cupboards, where he spent the whole night.

There is cat food in the living room ... go eat it!!

$1757 she earned for this one

Mango and Brook are starting to bug me .... they are spending a hell of a lot of time together.

Fairy painting club.

Brook is having  her birthday and becomes a mature adult.

She is now having a mid life crisis.

She rolls her first mid life crisis wish ..... she wants to move house!!
(that can be arranged soon!)

Look who is back ... TWENTY-FIVE!!
He has finally ditched his bot suit!!

TWENTY-SIX might be about to get himself a skill point!!!
He randomly starts painting when he is not Artistic ... that picture is shockingly wacky!!!

I spot a new gnome ... a graduation gnome.
I wander why it has taken this long to get one .... we have had nearly 30 graduations so far!!!

I've also spotted an extra ghost gnome has appeared!!
Not that they are working ..... we have not had any visiting ghosts since the town reset.

Red suddenly wanting to learn martial arts amused me ... so I sent her to the consignment store to see if they were selling a martial arts dummy.  But there wasn't one.

She did managed to see her Grandson, Harry, who is working as the consignment store merchant.

It is prom night.

THIRTY gets to go to prom on his own.


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  1. Oh you did put ghost kitties grave in the garden, yay.

    Holy cow!!! 28 is buff, lol, and handsome.