Saturday, 7 January 2017

Update 48

TWENTY-FOUR is watching the cookery channel and reading cooking book 1.
He has rolled a wish to be a Culinary Librarian

Poor TWENTY-THREE has not a single friend!!

Ice doesn't have many friends in the house either
TWENTY is definitely not one of them, like her daughter who she hasn't been near yet!!

Holly is here visiting today

I spot Delores outside the science facility with a few of the Leaf bees.

I seriously can't believe EIGHT is still with us!!

That is interesting!!
I wander if that is a fairy prank, bad food or baby sick?!

  yes it was pretty gross!!

Seeing Holly here Red rolled the wish to go to the graveyard.

It gave me the chance to get NINE's grave out

It's Forrest's grave she is crying at!!

Graves from left to right .. Nine - Eleven - Forrest - Jazz - Five - Holly - Six

After a cry she spots the foot truck

Greasy food does nothing for your mood!!

More fighting - I don't know why I just hear the shouting!

I'm amused when it is Tummy Twister that she casts on Prelude

Belly ache!!

He will be throwing up soon!!
I didn't get to see it because he ran off to work straight after.

One of TWENTY-THREE's paintings.

and another

This arcade machine is a really good money earner ... I'm getting a fortune out of it in money bags and gems!!!  A lot of the money bags coming out are between $3,000 - $8,000

Ice tries to flirt with TWENTY-ONE
Like his brother and Dad haven't been enough for her!

Being Flirty himself I would have thought he would have gone for it .... but he didn't!!
He kicked off at Ice instead.

 I love this boy!!

I would lay bets on they are bitching about Ice!!

Atlas is killing me .... he keeps phoning up NINETEEN and TWENTY asking for a date!!
Is he not happy with Apple and TWELVE already??!!

Here comes Bobo, TWENTY-TWO's IF in human form

I am deleting the human ghosts just like I'm deleting the IF dolls!!

$2130 she earned for this one

TWENTY and Catnip have vial of bliss thrown at them

You burnt that!!

I sent Red to the Grocery store to sell all the fruit and veg that is weighing down her inventory.
She came out $10,642 richer!!

Since when did Lilly become a taxi driver!!??

Red bumps into Delores.
"Hi Nanny!"

She is definitely better at playing Granny than Mommy!!

Red wants to give her a gift.

Luckily she has an inventory full of teddy bears from the arcade machine.

Lilly and Ice are now elderly, Caramel is still a mature adult

This made me laugh
She gets Apples autograph and acts like a crazed fan ... does she forget she is his mother!?

Seriously Ice ... LEAVE TWENTY-ONE ALONE!!!!
She doesn't stop stalking him!!

Shocking - she actually pays attention to her daughter!!

I've made a slight change and added two toilets into the bedroom - the bathroom is constantly conjested and there is always a lot of shouting because they can't get into it when it is being used.

It is Saturday

Melvin, the pap, is here today

TWENTY-TWO is having his birthday

He gains the Natural Born Performer trait

He registers as a professional Acrobat and starts to practice his miming

Prelude is now on a DATE with TEN!!

I spot SEVEN over by the town hall ranting!

FOURTEEN is providing the music for Prelude and TEN to dance to

Then along comes FIFTEEN!!
 She just jumped on him without any warning or reason!

Prelude got his but kicked by a girl!!!

He has to think about that for a moment!!

Then he jumps on her, for another round of punch ups.

This time he does win!!

FIFTEEN starts laying into Prelude again

and off they go again
Like TEN does ... date over!!

I really don't understand what their beef is with each other.


  1. I thought for sure Prelude would have cheated with Lime!

    I can't believe he lost a fight, I don't think I have ever seen that happen. It must have been because it was a sneak attack, lol.

    1. I know it made me laugh, seeing him on his but for a change!!
      I hoped he would attach himself to Lime - but he doesn't - they don't find each other in this file - well so far they haven't.