Saturday, 14 January 2017

Update 58

Now that TWENTY-THREE has maxed his painting, he makes a start on his writing skill.

Mango is reading todays medical journal for work

THIRTY is the only toddler left now

We have the texting game going on between Red and Mango.  Why would you want to text someone who is in another room of the same house .... that is just being lazy!!

Every time I check on TWENTY-FIVE at the moment I find him here.
He's just made a toy cow for THIRTY to play with.

These fairies are killing me ... they cheat the system so it costs nothing and they pull out $8,000 money bags .... who needs to work!!

THIRTY is now fully potty trained.

Basil has now maxed his Bass.
He only has the drums left now to achieve his lifetime wish.

We have Jazz, Holly and Lime visiting today

I'm glad that Jazz seems to have got over his flirting with Red, they just chat now instead.

TWENTY-FIVE experiences the wrath of Holly.
He only asked her for her autograph and he got his head bitten off!!

Basil doesn't leave Lime alone, whenever she is in the house

You be careful Basil, it looks like Jazz is getting jealous!!

It tickles me that Basil's two best friends are ghosts!!

LMAO @ Jazz!!
He tries a heat of the moment kiss on Lime.

Wrong life Jazz ... she might have given into you eventually in TCE ... but not in this life!!

Major kick off!!
I don't know who is worse .... Lime or Holly!!

After a yelling at, he is stupid enough to try flirting with her.

It's not happening Jazz .... walk away!!  
I think she has her eye on Basil!!

OH!!  Brook heart farting the new male pap.

Basil has just maxed his drums.
so he has achieved his LTW of being a One Sim Band.

TWENTY-FIVE is helping to look after his little brother.

After selling this picture, he is now at Painting career level 7

Red decided she wants to give SEVENTEEN a friendly hello .... strangely.
I spot her outside her house - so red goes over to talk to her.

TWENTY-SEVEN is having his birthday

I don't understand why the game does them back to front sometimes - it should have been TWENTY-SIX first

He gained the Childish trait

Game given, probably because he only got 1 day of schooling because of snow days
he takes after Mango ... he looks just like one of Mango's TCE son's Tapestry!!

TWENTY-SIX has his birthday

he gained the Irresistible trait

I am surprised to see TWENTY-THREE  outside star gazing.
He only usually ventures outside to go to the rubbish bin!

Red is having a brain fart ... painting outside in the freezing cold when there are empty easels inside!!

ELEVEN and FIVE are here at the moment

I spot Pepper the cat is visiting again ... which reminds me ....

Okay Jenn .... I've put out the food and toys for the ghost cat 😝

Basil amuses me by being the one to fill up the bowl with food

So what does the cat do ....

He curls up on the cupboard and spends his entire visit sleeping

I think everyone in the house came to take a look at the ghost cat.

I've got half a mind to collect Peppers grave from the cemetery and put it in the garden.
They can have a cat ... which I won't have to worry about ... lmao!!

The living room is now a constant fairy disco.

I've never noticed before just how much fairies dance when there is music playing ... I've always given them a fairy house before.

Brook is starting to annoy me ... she may as well not be here, she does NOTHING but read.  She isn't even rolling any wishes other than to finish reading 5 - 10 - 15 books.  She is also still unemployed.

TWENTY-FIVE on the other hand is constantly busy

Oops he has set himself on fire .... this is what I've been worrying about!!

I think for a moment, he isn't clever enough to jump into the nearby shower to put himself out.

SEE!!!  She has to go and annoy me again .... just as TWENTY-FIVE tries to run into the shower, she buts in in front of him!!  TWENTY-SIX is in the other shower

So he has to stand patiently burning while she takes a pee!!

He put himself out with minutes to spare!!

It's just a good job he didn't just burn to death or you would have been following him Brook!!!

Then what does TWENTY-FIVE do .... he goes straight back to the inventing table!!

Hello Mr Alligator !

Brook gets a date phone call ... I just accept it, even though I don't recognise the name of the sim ... Haeju.

I am amused when I see her date is female.

Heart farts which is a good start, then they just start arguing over conflicting traits.

SEVENTEEN is walking her dog

Ladybug the Dog ... who names these animals ... lol

Basil has had his 1 year Anniversary working at the theatre ... his co workers threw him a party and he got $1,000 bonus on top of the $2,226 he now earns a day.

FINALLY she gets round to finishing this painting which has been here since Preludes time I think.

I check on Brook ... her date has gone and she is just ice skating on the science lab pond.

He never leaves this damn inventing table alone!!

It is a good job THIRTY is a heavy sleeper or he would never sleep with Basil bashing his drums close by!!

TWENTY-FIVE has made a floor Hygienator

Puff ... TWENTY-EIGHT is covered in a cloud of Happy Day Pot-pourri
It scares him to death as well as made him feel sick!!

We are getting another igloo built.
I'm surprised that Red and Mango have not found them yet, although there woohooing is not that active.

FIFTEEN and Atlas are here

The ghosts love playing with music box.

I'm surprised when I see Red slow dancing with Atlas.

I think TWENTY-SIX is having an insane moment - there are plenty of seats at the counter but he choses to eat on the couch.

No, that is not where your plate goes ... the dishwasher or the sink, not the coffee table!!

It didn't stay there long, TWENTY-THREE cleared it away.

The car is outside to take the teenagers to prom.

THIRTY has his birthday

He gains the bookworm trait

Red is invited to FOUR's party

It is nice to see ONE, TWO and THREE again ... it seems like forever since I've seen them.

We get a pop up during the part ....
Ice is getting old and won't live forever, maybe now is a good time to pay her a visit.

Hello Ice ... lol

TWENTY-FIVE came out of prom with a romantic interest
Sam .... a boy (cough)

TWENTY-SIX also came out of prom with a romantic interest
Terry .... who is male (cough)

see my game is doing it again ... those two boys have been turned gay by prom!!

TWENTY-SEVEN came out of prom as Prom King

The summer gnome is inside enjoying the music

We get the pop up that Ice has passed away, the next morning.

TWENTY-THREE is looking pleased with himself because he's just finished his book and raised his writing skill to level 7

Lime, SIX and Atlas are here tonight.

Lol!!  TWENTY-FIVE made a harvester on the inventing table.
It didn't do him a lot of good playing with it inside the house, all he collected were a few stinking plates of gone off food!!

I nearly fell off my chair ... Brook isn't reading for a change!!

All the rest of the ghosts have been gone for quite a few hours, but Lime is still hanging about.
They always appear and vanish all at the same time .... but she is still here, causing trouble!!

I'm amused when she curls up on Basils bed with him.

I seriously hope she is not stuck here!!


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  1. Oh yay, kitty has toys and food! I am sure it will get used eventually....hopefully. Well just put it's grave in the garden like you said, lol.