Friday, 27 January 2017

Update 76

I didn't put any Nanite spawners in this world when I built it ..... so I have had to go into debug and put some on the garden, or Bay will never be able to do his job properly.

He has brought a few decent chips from the bott shop, so he starts to make a bott.

THIRTEEN is here watching tv.

And here she is .... This is BOTT.
We will be keeping this one - but only one because bots roll wishes like sims do.

She only has three chips, because at Bay's bot skill level, that is all that he is capable of
Competent cleaner - Solar powered and Music machine.

So she will now be a help doing the housework.

Straight away she jumps on the piano.

She has maxed Piano - Guitar - Bass - Drums and Laser Rhythm skills because of the Music Machine chip (but I will be taking that out when I get a better one)

SIX = "What the hell!!  A simbot .... I feel like I've died and woken up in the future!!"

That's because you have!!

Basil and Red are dancing when BOTT makes her appearance.
They seem amused

She has a spin around the house then goes back to jump on the base.

Hello Jazz

Bay is out collecting nanites, hoping to get the ones he needs to make some decent chips for BOTT

You be careful ... sometimes they bite!!

The baby is coming

Basil doesn't want to miss anything!!

Ha ... she is going to the hospital ... so you will!!

It's okay Bay, you sit back and relax while your pregnant women, who is in labour, drives you both to the hospital!!

OH NO!!!
The dreaded basket

I hope you are proud of yourself!!!

He obviously has not done half a job with the baby making!!!

and you can quit smiling too!!

F O U R babies crying is enough to even have BOTT covering her ears!!

Yes I said four .... they had Quads!!

 2 boys and 2 girls  (2 of each colour and 2 are fairies)

The two brown ones

THIRTY-SEVEN is a fairy boy
THIRTY-EIGHT is a fairy girl

The two red ones

THIRTY-NINE is a human boy
FORTY is a human girl

You can pull faces at all the noise, Bay ... but you made them!!!!

DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are .... AND .... Red opted for try for baby


LMAO @ BOTT she is embarrassed walking in on them!

THANKFULLY ..... No baby chimes!!

Basil is checking out his four new half siblings / nieces and nephews.
Isn't that awkward.

I'm wandering how the hell I am going to cope with four babies if only Basil is going to be paying them any attention ...... help!!

Bay rolls a wish to create a Robo Nanny trait chip for BOTT.
Maybe there is a God after all!!

Luckily he has the nanites that he needs - so he sets about making it.

Just my luck .... it went wrong and he failed to make the chip!!

Poor Basil is now run ragged trying to cope with four babies and a toddler!!
Bay and Red have been nowhere near them .... all they are interested in is making the next one!!

Phoenix is having his birthday

He gained the Bot Fan trait

he! he!  That was the trait I landed on when I did my normal 3 roles ... which was perfect ... Phoenix like Basil will probably be around for a long time.

Poor Basil is coping alone quite well with the child care.

I get Bay trying to make the Nanny chip again.

On his third attempt Bay managed to create the Robo Nanny trait chip .... but BOTT is recharging her batteries, so we have to wait for her to finish before Bay can change her trait chips around.

Phoenix = "Who are you again .... I've forgotten!!"

Well he is absent minded and he rarely sees her!!

and do they care that they have four screaming babies in the house?!


BOTT to the rescue, now she has the robo nanny chip fitted, and Basil finally gets some sleep!!

I think TWENTY THREE is not liking all the babies crying.

See even TWENTY-THREE is chipping in and helping out!!!!
Bless him!!

While Dad is working out behind him and totally ignoring the crying babies!!

Well it is about time!!!!


Traits = Virtuoso - Loves the Cold
Favourites = Kids - Frogs Legs - Blue

His hair comes from his Grandmother - Caramel


Traits = Slob, Perceptive
Favourites = Roots - Cheesestalks - Black


Traits = Brave - Loves the Cold
Favourites = Roots - French Toast - Grey


Traits = Loves the Outdoors - Friendly
Favourites = Soul - Grilled Salmon - Aqua

I squealed when she aged up.

It's a little ironic her favourite colour is Aqua .... because that is where she has inherited her hair and eye colour from.  Forrest's Mother - Aqua.
So FORTY gets her colouring from her Great Grandmother.

How cute does that look!!

Now the part they can't get away with!!

Red is teaching THIRTY-EIGHT to talk

and walk

and Bay rolled the wish to teach THIRTY-SEVEN to walk

While Basil and BOTT are keeping the other two amused, fed and clean.

Squeals .... it has been so long since I have played with bots, I forgot ....

They teach the toddlers their skills on free will

I think THIRTY-SEVEN is going to look like his Dad.


and Jazz

Prelude is also here visiting

and so are Apple and Holly

I really don't get what is going on now .... two ghost gnomes and we are getting four ghosts visit!!??

Phoenix walks in from school .... to a mad house!!
four ghosts and four toddlers, the stereo and tv are blaring = quite a racket!!

he is a good boy ... he is so not the reapers son!! lol

Huh!!  See where those two are headed!

Holly is adding to the noise, by screaming the place down!!

Well if you don't like children .... don't visit!!

BABY CHIMES coming from Basil's bed.

They are not going to give me a break are they!!



  1. Hahahaha, well since Bay doesn't like to do any one thing for too long it is no surprise that he would expedite the baby making. Only two more babies to go. Maybe she will have twins and then he will be done, lol.

    1. Yeah I know - it cracked me up when he managed to produce quads!!