Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Update 4

Don't panic!!  Jazz is not dying!!

He's just been hit in the gut by a water bomb.

Painting number 4

The girls seem to be making a habit of collective pee time

then they go their own way and play

$38 for that painting

While Red is teaching FOUR how to talk
ONE has her birthday

She gained the bookworm trait

Playing with her fairy skills

Look I can fly!

Why do kids do that?!
There are no monsters under that bed obviously ... unless they are paper thin!

Red makes a start on teaching FOUR to talk


Yes living with Red is enough to send anyone mad!!

She took herself off to bed without bugging for a bed time story!!

Baby chimes ... so FIVE is on the way.

Now the disjointed sleeping chaos begins!!  FOUR sleeps during the day and is awake all night.

He didn't get an IF doll either (happy dance!)
but he's so lonely ..... because he's awake while everyone else is asleep.

ONE is a busy bee ... lol
She has two days before she goes to school because it is the weekend

FOUR finally gets some company!!

Red makes a start on teaching FOUR to walk

Dad gets hit with the chattering teeth trick

surprisingly he found it amusing

This is the first time I've seen any of the toddlers screaming to be let out of their cot.
Because Jazz is outside playing his guitar ... and Red ...

Red is busy face planting the toilet!!
signs that baby five is coming.

FOUR is being potty trained

FOUR is now sleeping the day away.
ONE is trying the chattering teeth on Red

 she shouldn't fall for it being a fairy herself
 but she does!

and unlike Dad, she doesn't find it very amusing!!

Jazz is now a Music Talent Scout - he is half way to being a Rock Star.

ONE is doing something useful ... reading a logic book

It is a good job that FOUR is a heavy sleeper - sleeping through the noisy day time.

Painting 5

$40 she got for this picture

HUH!!!  I knew I wouldn't get away with no bedtime stories forever!!

Poor FOUR is up and alone again while everyone is sleeping.  It is ashame he does not have the lonely trait - he would feel a lot better!!

What exactly do Banana's, Jelly Beans and Cow's have to do with each other??!!

Baby FIVE is on the way.

Jazz helps out with FOUR's potty training.

Jazz wanted to go to the Fall festival.  So while Red stayed home with the toddlers, Jazz and ONE went out.

ONE is just like her Mother - stealing from the arcade machine.
She has got her little brother a teddy bear.

Pumpkin carving.

 Seriously!?  Is he crying because he messed up the pumpkin??!!

 That is supposed to be a cat I think!!!

Red disturbed from her sleep by the baby bump appearing, she didn't go back to bed, she decided to do something with the neglected garden in the middle of the night.

LOL!!  FOUR comes out looking for company I think!

We nearly forgot to potty train FOUR!!

ONE is off to her first day at school

Painting 6
$158 she got for that one

Doing her homework like a good litte bee.

It is birthday time for TWO and THREE

However, only THREE aged up!!

THREE gained the Family Orientated trait

TWO gained the Vegitarian trait.

I ended up having to take TWO into CAS to age her up.  Even after resetting her half a dozen times, she wouldn't grow up.  She kept having the birthday square in her queue flash up, but then it went again.