Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Update 61

There has not really been a lot of woohooing going on with Red and Mango.

although it has been happening a lot more now Mango is having his midlife crisis.

TWENTY-SEVEN has painted a picture I haven't seen before

I am actually starting to feel sorry for these two - they obviously can't leave each other alone, but it's not like they can ever have a proper relationship.
Although I have to say this has to be the most unlikeliest couple, I would never have put these two together!!

Basil is invited to another Party that Rian is having

I am surprised to see Cranberry is a mature adult already.

Delores and Harry ...

 The camera swings me home ....

THIRTY has his birthday

He gains the Animal Lover trait

 OMG!!!  we have a mini Tapestry!!  Tapestry is one of Mango's TCE children - the  second Gen heir and they are frighteningly alike!!

When I get back to the party ... I'm amused that Basil is entertaining everyone with his guitar playing.

What is Lime doing ... patiently waiting for Basil to come back, lol

Forrest is here and has woken everyone up

When Red wakes up she hunts Forrest down for a chat.

They start flirting with each other ... before he vanishes
More fool you Forrest!!

Red amuses me, she goes straight inside to hug Mango amorously ... guilty conscience!!

Yes Lime, I would take photo evidence too!!

Now Spring is here, she can start gardening again.

TWENTY-FIVE has made a Miner ... so he plays with it.


Lime is having a fit at TWENTY-FIVE because of the noise that he is making, it keeps waking her up!!

TWENTY-SIX has his birthday and becomes a young adult

He gains the Dislikes Children trait
LTW = Jack of All trades.

Amusingly, he is like Catnip ... he does not have a single skill level showing yet.

TWENTY-SEVEN has his birthday and becomes a young adult

He gains the Computer Whizz trait
LTW = Forensic Specialist - DNA Profiler

TWENTY-FIVE has finally finished mining.
He spent all day digging for a few pieces of scrap and a few gem stones, that were not worth much!!

Red has confiscated the miner and fills in the hole.

TWENTY-FIVE and Lime are having a right natter

Basil is back from work and hunting down his obssession ... Lime

You be careful Basil ... you almost look Jealous!!

Seriously WHO has taught Basil the School Cheer!!???

The school cheer has to be one of my pet hates about this game - because once they start, they never stop doing it and it drives me CUCKOO!!!!


I decided to reset the town, a few times, because there are stupid things going on.
The three teens can't go to school because the day is showing as a cancelled snow day, even though there is no snow ... the school bus hasn't been turning up ... Lime is stuck here ... Brook is rolling no wishes at all ... the ghosts graves keep turning up for gnomes we haven't had .... TWENTY-FIVE hasn't had a graduation either.

Once Lime had gone - I deleted the two remaining ghost gnomes and replaced them with two new ones.


TWENTY-FIVE seems to be glued to his bot suit.

Red paints something I can't remember seeing her paint before.

I am not sure how ... but THIRTY is reading one of Mango's medical journals?!

Am I imagining things ....
TWENTY-FIVE's cardboard bot suit was plain ... it is now covered in hearts?!

TWENTY-SIX is hit by the scary screen.
This batch of kids have hardly played any pranks at all


I am LMAO @ TWENTY-FIVE .... he graduates in his bot suit!!

He was deemed most likely to take over the world.


an old age TWENTY

TWENTY-SIX was deemed most likely never to leave home.

TWENTY-SEVEN deemed most likely to Hack the Military

It has been a while since we've seen Catnip.

We have an adult Mystery gnome appear in the house.
Which reminds me that we have had no visiting ghosts since the town reset.

This is one of TWENTY-THREE's painting that I haven't seen Red paint.

Have you even noticed .... your cardboard suit is ON FIRE!!!!

Yes he has noticed!!

He does put himself out!!

Which makes me wander a little ... being Eco friendly ... should he even be using that all in one bathroom??  He doesn't use the dishwasher, he washes his plates and he takes baths not showers.
Obviously his principals go out the window when his but is on fire!!

Red wants to paint Mango's portrait ... AGAIN!!

TWENTY-THREE's midlife crisis is over, so now he is nice and chilled!!

While I'm watching TWENTY-EIGHT cooking I notice he is feeling sick

because he has in his inventory a Tiberian ball that he has won out of the arcade machine.

It is worth $6,000 as it is ...... but I have left it outside so that it will grow into a spire.

TWENTY-THREE's painting career is now at level 8

TWENTY-FIVE has finally decided he wants an Inventing career, so he registers himself as a self employed inventor.

A trip to the graveyard got Red taking out five graves.

Prelude and SIXTEEN have now both passed away

Ice and Caramel's grave join Lilly and Limes.

Pepper the cat's grave is also out.

That portrait is a bit better than the other two, but not a lot!!

It must be a novilty for them to go to school ... it hasn't happened much so far in their life because of the snow.

I'm not sure what the sudden fad is with the swings, they are queuing up to play on them!!

These two are both working.  TWENTY-SIX chose a career in education and TWENTY-SEVEN chose a career in Law Enforcement.

The $6,000 ball grew into a $37,000 spire  😝
nice profit!!

I have a very neat money making trick with Tiberian rocks .... cut them on the cutting machine into gem dust ... you usually get 3 - 5 peices of dust.  Put the dust pieces down outside and they all grow into spires worth between $30,000 - $60,000 each

TWENTY-SEVEN seems very interested in one of the paps outside

He invited her in, but she made a beeline for the music room and started jamming with Basil

TWENTY-THREE is writing his third book.

TWENTY-EIGHT does nothing but work out!!

Book club!!

I'm always laughing at all the different clothes that TWENTY-SIX is wearing, especially to bed.

TWENTY-FIVE has now set the inventing table on fire!!

Now we are in trouble!!!
I didn't realise that the table itself could actually set on fire ..... and I don't think we have anyone brave or dare devil enough in this house to attempt to put the fire out!!

I have got visions here of losing a few of the kids .... until we get a hero!!


I am surprised when he steps up and attempts to put the fire out!!

Move Basil you idiot!!

I hope he is not bragging about starting the fire!!

Then the idiot goes straight back to it .... he is killing me!!

The fire had half the house wishing for a smoke alarm
so we now have one!!

Basil gets a date phone call .... Haeju, the woman that Brook had a date with a while back.

They share a trait in common.

Eating dirty - I would say that is a turn off, wouldn't you!!

I think Basil is more interested in the two pretty pap ladies who are stalking him.

He tries to talk to one of them, but she was too busy writing then she left.

Romantic photo???
I think Haeju is all about her selfie!!

Date over!!


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