Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Update 63

TWENTY-FIVE has sneakily managed to get his logic up to level 9 without me even noticing!!


Double Trouble!
They both want to be Super Star Athletes, so they both have a job at the stadium.

THIRTY was prom king

I always think childish adults are funny playing with toddler toys.

The inside of an insane mind.

I think the picture on the left is TWENTY-SIX's too

TWENTY-FIVE has just blown himself up

Since he became an adult, like his twin brother, he doesn't stop working out.

I seriously jumped when FIVE and Jazz floated through the wall.
Its been a while since the ghost gnomes broke .... this game is strange .... suddenly they start working again!!

Holly is outside on the trampoline

I am going to avoid the irresistible trait if I can in future ....
TWENTY-SIX is constantly hovered around, they are queuing up to insult and talk to him .... it is no wander his mood is constantly yellow and orange - his head is pecked constantly so he does not get to eat, sleep or use the bathroom when he needs to!!

Mango has just received his last promotion, so he is now a World Renown Surgeon.
He achieves his LTW just in time.

Jazz is back!!
and causing mayhem as usual!!

I'm glad he found the shower quickly!!

I think that might be a new one.

THIRTY has his birthday and becomes a young adult

He gains the Natural Cook trait

I always hate it when the last one ages up, knowing that he will be moving out straight away and I don't get to see how he turns out properly.

$1480 she earned for that one.

I'm sorry Mango, but now all six of your boys are young adults, Red is just about to spoil your day!!

She needs to break their romantic connection .... so she tells him she just wants to be friends

He doesn't take it too well

He tries to hug her amorously

Calm down!!

TWENTY-SIX amusingly (who is not musical) has been sent an Iconic Jam guitar by the manufacturers.

I gave it to Basil ... he will make good use of it!!

I've never seen this picture before ... and I love it
(I love mosaic stuff)


So it is move out time ... and I decided to do some juggling because the Maps and Charm bee houses are half empty.

I have moved Atlas's three remaining children (FOURTEEN, SEVENTEEN and EIGHTEEN) in with Jazz's remaining four children (ONE, TWO, THREE and FOUR)

Mango and his six boys are now living in Atlas's old house.

Brook (who wanted to move house) is now living in Holly's old house with her Aunt Catnip.

Lol ... its been a while since she attacked the pumpkins.

The family fund after the move out is $926,206
 (It is climbing so fast mainly because of all the celebrity gifts that I am having to keep selling)

Red and Mango's autonomous woohoo count = 32

I wander if that is how she is feeling now Mango and the boys have moved out.

The house is now down to the three of them ... Red, Basil and TWENTY-THREE.

So it is tidy up time ... a tonne of laundry needs doing as usual.

Is the freezer bunny supposed to be in the washing??

Red decides she wants to upgrade something ... so the microwave is being upgraded to cook faster.

Jazz and two of his boys turn up tonight .... FIVE and SIX

Jazz, bless him, helps tidy up the kitchen after his two boys trashed it!!

I built a new performance / hangout park in town, which Red went to test out.

She ended up sitting and having a picnic and chat with three of the boys who have just left home.


The picnic ants, always amuse me.

Time for Dad number six.

and here is Rocky!!

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