Thursday, 26 January 2017

Update 74

Now I am on a mission to ice sculpt ALL or as many of her ex men and children as I can!!

It is a shame she didn't have this ability before we started, because half of them will be old aged ghosts!

NINE is chilling

The ice sculpture is looking pretty good.

That's Jazz!!

THIRTY-SIX is now working at the stadium

Red has rolled a wish to create 3 ice masterpiece's ....

so until she achieves that, it gives me free reign to have her ice sculpting sims.  She can also summon fairies ... so I can get all her remaining fairy children here to scupt them 😝

So we are having a go at THIRTY-THREE

I don't like these poses - they distort their looks!!!

THIRTY-FIVES Insane trait has not been very evident until now.  I've only seen her talking to herself a few times, while she has been growing up, but since she has been a young adult - she keeps spinning into different wacky clothes combinations.

THIRTY-TWO and Rocky have both had promotions today.
THIRTY-TWO is now a patrol officer
Rocky is now a sketch artist.

This killed me .... it is break up time.

she tells him she just wants to be friends

It never goes down too well .... especially when they are so close and best friends!!

but before you go Rocky .......

Immortalized in ice

So, we are at the end of Drone six, and it is move out time.

Family fund $1,380.507
Red and Rocky's autonomous woohoo count 64 ... he left with woohoo level 5.

Rocky and 7 of his kids have moved into Prelude's old house.

because TWENTY-ONE and NINETEEN (the only two of Preludes kids still alive) have moved in with Mango's kids.

Mark has moved into Jazz's old house, with Jazz and Atlas's remaining fairy children.

I spot SEVEN walking down the road with a new little vampire addition to the Leaf branch of the family.
Christopher .... who belongs to Delores and Ira  (one of the paps)

So now Red and Forrest have a Great Grandchild .... Atlas and TWELVE have a Grandchild.

Rocky's ice statue

I think I might have to build a basement to keep all these ice statues in 😝

Red is potty training Pheonix

Cranberry comes for his first visit since passing away.

TWENTY-TWO is on the water slide

It's been a while since I checked the post.
Red's maxed sculpting certificate

and the Grim Reaper sent her this Manchester United poster.

Grimmie has good taste!!

She can do it, I think she is just idol and avoids looking after her toddlers when there are others around who can do it for her.

Basil is at work ... so she has no choice but to feed her hungry son!

She must be bored being in the house alone with just a toddler, so she goes out to speak to Melvin who is here visiting.

We get Phoenix walking and potty trained before the next baby Dad arrives.

Red gets to do the mountains of washing, that has piled up since TWENTY-THREE passed away.
Basil is no help, he goes straight to bed when he gets in from work.

He only seems to play games, on the computer and games consoles now.

Dad number SEVEN has just landed on the garden.


Traits = Over Emotional - Genius - Perfectionist - Athletic - Artistic
Favourites = Dark Wave - Potato and Truffle Torte - Spice Brown
LTW = Perfect Body, Perfect Mind

Now you might be thinking ... you have seen that hair and eye colour before  ... because you have!!

Bay is Forrest's son from TCE.

I have a few TCE second generation children to come, Bay being the first one.
Mango and Prelude both have one of their TCE children appearing in this.
So I thought I could have a little genetic fun with this too.

Both of Bay's born in game parents are already in this town, now as ghosts, Forrest and Caramel.
I have reconnected them and added Forrest and Caramel to Bay's Family tree - so their genetics could come out in Bay's children.
(I am hoping to see Forrests ears - but doubt I'll be that lucky!!)

I know it is a little wacky (with Bay's parents already dying of old age) but ....

Forrest's parents - Bay's Grandparents are also now in town (for genetic purposes) and are showing on his family tree.  They are living with their Granddaughter, Catnip.

So not only could we get Forrest and Caramels genetics popping up, we could also have the Grandparents genetics too. 

Aqua and Atlantis Leaf (Forrest's parents)

Obviously Bay is a Half Brother to ... Basil, Catnip, Apple, SEVEN, EIGHT, NINE, TEN, ELEVEN and TWELVE.

I am actually very excited to see what, if anything, comes out in Bay's children ......


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  1. Rocky looked so shocked, lol. They always look shocked when she ends it but I feel like they should see it coming. I mean come on you live in a town that populated with basically nothing but her children and exes, lol.

    Alright on to the next baby daddy who will no doubt bring in some awesome genetics with his family tree being intact.