Friday, 6 January 2017

Update 46

Prelude tries to get into bed with Red ... but can't!!
Red now has the betrayed moodlet and their friendship has dropped drastically!!

So he gets to sleep in a single bed.

hugs for TWENTY-ONE

TWENTY-THREE obviously wants all of the easels to himself, lol

While the family are going to the town hall for graduation ....
I see the first evidence of Rian actually being a werewolf

he is snarling like a dog while he is trying to catch the fairy that is playfully pestering him

NINETEEN and TWENTY are graduating.

Both girls rolled career wishes this morning, so they both already have a job.
TWENTY has a job in the military and NINETEEN has a job at the bistro.

THIRTEEN is now a mature adult

FOURTEEN is pranking TWO

Jazz's kids did always constantly fairy prank and it seems they haven't changed!!

TWENTY is most likely to Hack the Military

NINETEEN is most likely to save the world

Red and Prelude have totally avoided each other so far today .... but it wasn't going to last forever.

Prelude tries to hug Red and it all kicks off

She accuses him of cheating and they start fighting.

Yes Lilly ... your brother never changes!!  He is the one who needs a slap, not her!!

Red surprises me, she breaks up with him ... so they are no longer girlfriend and boyfriend.
Now they are both as miserable as hell, she feels betrayed and he is broken hearted!!

Red had me howling at this point, she rolled three wishes ...
To visit the graveyard.
To see a ghost.
To watch the stars with Atlas!!

what makes me think she just wants to jump on one of her ex's right now!!

I leave Red in the cemetery because Prelude gets a phone call ... Twelve asking him on a date.

He's too busy sniveling at Red breaking up with him.

EIGHTEEN doesn't seem to be too happy with Prelude he keeps heckling him.

The date didn't last long ... TWELVE did a runner!

Red just stood in the cemetery reading recipe books ... lol

Camera swings home because the baby is coming

I don't understand Basil - he didn't even freak out, he just walked off.

Baby girl.

While Red was in the cemetery I got out ELEVEN'S grave

FIVE came out for a natter and a hug.

Not what she probably wanted - I think she might have been happier if Jazz or Forrest had come out!!


When Red gets back, she shocks me again .... she doesn't even let the betrayed moodlet run out, she hunts down Prelude to break off their romantic interest, she wants to just be friends!!

He tries to cry on her shoulder ... lol

All this and I really don't know what he has actually done, or who with.  IF he has even done anything at all! He has no romantic interests showing on his friends list ... so I'm baffled!!

We get a pop up = NINE has passed on.

I checked the family tree and EIGHT is still very much here.  EIGHT, NINE and ELEVEN have gone in reverse order to how they should have gone.

Brook has Forrest's eye and hair colour and ears.

I think she is going to look very much like Ice facially.

Slapping Prelude is never a good idea Red!!

I am amused that NINETEEN and Catnip are having a conversation about cooking and not paying any attention to the scrap going on next to them.

Told you!!

and off it blows again ... slaps then punch up!

Basil teaches Brook to talk

Painting 63
The fighting now over finally, Red retreats to her easel.

Basil starts her potty training

Granma is paying Brook a lot more attention than she ever gave any of her kids!

TWENTY-THREE has his birthday

He gained the Photographic eye trait

Prelude is entertaining everyone with his guitar playing.

Basil and TWENTY-TWO have become chess buddies, they are always playing together.

This is now Red's fun ... she doesn't have woohoo to fill up her fun level anymore, so she is now playing on the arcade machine as much as Catnip.

Prelude is constantly snivelling!!

Interestingly, Ice is doing a Red ... she has not been anywhere near Brook since she arrived, Basil is having to do it all.

Well this is just peachy!!
Ice is flirting with Prelude and he's going with it!!

In flies Basil!!

I wander if this has happened before and this is where he has been cheating and I just never saw it?!


I'm glad you think this is funny Prelude!!

He accuses her of cheating ... not like she can deny it!!

Basil is not messing about ..... he breaks up with her straight away!!

The romantic connections in this house have taken a sudden switch

Oh we are in for a great time ....

Red and Prelude fighting and now Basil and Ice will be fighting!!
I just knew Ice was going to cause trouble!!



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