Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Update 43

$2951 she earned for this one

Being four star celebrities, they are now riding around town in a limo.

Red and Prelude have gone on a date to the winter festival ... and I get the greeting card picture for the wall.

Atlas is there with a few of his boys and Apple

Seriously .... not here!!

Yes ... here!!
They obviously spot the igloo before I do!!

They are killing me!!

They are now walking around the festival ground in their underwear!!

Forget the entertainment they could have ice skating etc .... they only plan to create their own entertainment!!

This time in the hot tub ... but the planned woohoo didn't happen

because Prelude is now frozen solid!!

And over he goes!!!
Now if he is left like that he is going to die!!

So I cheat (cringe) he has one more baby to create so I can't let him die now!!!

Red thaws him out
with the hair dryer she just happened to be hiding in her bikini ... lol

That will teach you to run around in the snow virtually naked!!

He takes himself back home.

but he is still looking very grey and his teeth are chattering!!

The greeting card picture for the wall.

Playing with her mini-me

Red makes a start on TWENTY-THREE's potty training

Painting 59

Heart farts for the pap woman hanging around outside

$1418 she earned for this one

Basil has had a promotion, he is now a Stage Hand and he has reached level 9 with his guitar skill.

Basil is on the way to buy some music, when he stops to talk to Lindsey

They have a trait in common

Goofy grins ...

Basil wants to become good friends with Linsey, so the music can wait ... he invites her round.

Hello NINE

Red and Prelude have been outside in the igloo again, and Prelude is looking a little grey and frozen again.

More heart farts

Sick because of unknown causes = baby sick!!
I'm not sure when that happened - I haven't heard baby chimes.

Now I'm a little disappointed .... Linsey is 46 days older than Basil, which means that she is too close to becoming elderly!!

Baby bump

Red and Basil are invited to SEVEN's party.

ELEVEN is also now elderly

Lime is the only one at the party that is not related to Red.

It is a food party that they are having.

TEN doesn't look happy!!

her two favourite boys I think ... she is surprisingly best friends with these two now.

FOURTEEN must be thinking ... she doesn't hug me like that!!

I spot that THIRTEEN is now a mature adult

and of course, NINE is elderly like EIGHT and ELEVEN


Red = "Knock next time!!

TWENTY-TWO has his birthday

He gains the Friendly trait

TWENTY has her birthday

She gained the Computer Wizz trait (game given)

Because of the snow, NINETEEN and TWENTY have not yet attended a day of school yet!!
So they went their whole childhood without any schooling!!

NINETEEN has her birthday

She gained the Unflirty trait (game given)

Watching the  stars  snow  again

Catnip and Prelude are fighting again

Lol ... the shock on Red's face!

Then she finds it funny!

Did you forget already that he has just beat up your daughter, Red?!

I am beginning to think Catnip has a problem ... keep walking into their room when they are busy!!

She is on a mad laundry drive again ... this is her third load of washing!

Lindsey stayed over, but they slept in separate beds.
I was actually surprised that she was still here after Basil and Red got back from the party.

They are good friends but Basil is not rolling any romantic related wishes.

TWENTY is not as bad as I thought she might be ... I don't see her being evil too much

TWENTY-TWO already has more skills than Catnip ... lol

Catnip is stir crazy ... so I sent her next door ... she wants to hang out with Atlas AGAIN!!

Oh ... Apple is now elderly

Atlas is now elderly too

I'm laughing when she rolls a wish to kiss Atlas!!

I leave her too it and go back to Red.
I'm not going to do it for her because of Apples romantic attachment to Atlas .... if she wants it, she can do it herself!!

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