Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Update 72

THIRTY-THREE has a celebrity opportunity, wants to go to the festival ground, and earn $25 in tips playing the piano, so I thought I would kill three birds with one stone.

First he goes to the school to present a check ...

EA you do realise its not spelt check but cheque!!??.

He tried to snowboard, but TWENTY-ONE interrupts him

Then he tries to skate but he fell on his but and gave up

FOURTEEN seems to have a thing about having his face painted, this is not the first time I've spotted him covered in face paint.

Surprisingly it didn't take him long to earn his $25

Yes ... your parents are MAD!!

TWENTY = "That is for being an awful Mother!!"

Basil amusingly is very drawn to the ghosts as soon as they arrive ... he goes out of his way to interact with them.

Lilly flirts with him and he doesn't seem to mind

You be careful Basil!!
If Lime catches you getting over friendly with Lilly and you start cheating on her ... she will rip you to shreds!!

I have to laugh straight after his encounter with Lilly, when we get the faithful pop ups spring up - Basil is faithful to Lime and Rocky eternally faithful to Red.

Her plants indoors are now very neglected it is rare that she even waters them!

TWENTY-THREE approves!!

It looks like the gnomes are having an indoor party.

THIRTY-FOUR has decided on his LTW
He wants to be an Illustrated Author

TWENTY-TWO has come to visit

Red finally finishes the portrait of FIFTEEN

That is a little wacky!!

Red has a new best friend!!
I've noticed that THIRTY-FOUR is always going out of his way to talk to Red.
He rolls a lot of wishes too to hang out with, talk to Red etc.

I think he loves his Mommy - bless him!

THIRTY-FOUR has inherited TWENTY-THREE's lap top.
He wants to start working on his writing skill.

Prelude and ELEVEN

Rocky is doing a four hour work out for a celebrity opportunity, not that he needs an excuse to exercise, and THIRTY-SIX virtually lives there!!

Prelude is napping next to THIRTY-THREE but he doesn't notice.

THIRTY-FOUR is already at level 6 with his painting


It looks like Red has given THIRTY-ONE a dose of inner beauty.

The ice chair is scupture number 16 .... 9 to go

Anissa is doing another article for work.

Everyone seems to like Ira ... lol

That came around quickly .... where has the last year gone?!
Today is Basils 2 year anniversary of working at the theatre.

THIRTY-FOUR is having his birthday and becoming a young adult

He gains the Star Quality trait
(game given probably because of lack of school)

LTW = Illustrated Author

THIRTY-FIVE has her birthday and becomes a young adult

She gained the Party Animal trait

LTW = Jack of All Trades

Mark has had a promotion - he is now an Ingredience Tester.

There are only 5 days now until THIRTY-SIX becomes a young adult.

It's great when we get a new pap appear, because Rocky gets to question them and write another report.

Basil is feeling mischievous .... he is planning to wake Rocky up with the megaphone

Obviously he is not impressed!!

You are going to get soggy pages!!

Woohoo level 5 for Rocky

I have to laugh ... she is only now getting the satisfied moodlet ... up to now she has been getting bad woohoo!!  She basically is trains them up and kicks them out .. lmao!!

Graduation time again

THIRTY-FIVE is the most likely to offend others

THIRTY-FOUR .... was the Class Clown!!

How could he have been the class clown?!   He has more skills and levels than all of the kids AND he had a higher school grade than his sister!!

I am laughing at Basil at the moment ... I think he is taking his mischievousness to the limit, I half expect him to start throwing eggs at the neighbours houses!!

Red gets a date phone call which I just have to accept ...

She is meeting the Grim Reaper, outside the theatre.

She is used to mean spirited evil sims ... she had plenty of practice with Prelude

TEN = "OMG Mother!!!  You are unbelievable!!"

I can understand why TEN would be mad .... this man took away her Dad, brothers and sisters!!

Okay .... so this is where full filling wishes becomes creative

She is on a date with Grimmy ... I see an igloo ... Red still has a Baby Girl wish from her last pregnancy with Rocky  ... and I have the opportunity and power to make them try for a baby (he! he!)

Sorry Rocky ... but when the opportunity arises, it has to be taken!!

she had to have a grim reaper baby somewhere in this!!


Grimmy's children are usually cute ... she's already had quite a few in other lives!

Yes Red .... you are a Tragic Clown!!!

TWENTY-FOUR is in the garden when she gets home.

This tickles me .....
First he heckles her

then he hugs her!!

Red and TWENTY-FOUR are chatting and Rocky comes out in search of Red .....

Does he know already?!

No!!  He just wants the normal .... woohoo!

Awwww .... we have a ghost dog sleeping on the floor
Crosby little dog.

Oh, if only he knew where she has just been!!

Garden party.

It amuses me that he keeps waving at everyone

We get a pop up .... Cranberry has just passed away.

Rocky seriously doesn't have a clue does he!!
They have only just got out of bed and they are up for round two!!

THIRTY-THREE and THIRTY-FOUR are doing their normal thing

They are playing out in the sandpit together and Red has a public disgrace pop up ....
for public woohoo

and how does Rocky react ........

Off to the bedroom!!

THIRTY-FIVE = "Let's pretend we weren't watching them!!!"

Nice sink!!

I'm amused, the minute I take THIRTY-FOUR's sink off the sculpting table, Red jumps onto it.  TWENTY-FOUR is now shouting and stamping behind her, because he wants to get back onto it.

He interrupts her from her sculpting to pull faces at her ... lol

So I scrap her block of clay
(I want her to be doing ice sculpting anyway to get her count up, not clay ones)

THIRTY-FOUR swoops in and gets the empty sculpting table, lol!!

Baby bump.

THIRTY-SIX has decided he wants to learn the cooking skill

She is going to get away with cheating on him isn't she!!
She has a public disgrace for public woohoo and I don't think he has noticed that either!!

TWENTY and Melvin

I spot the blue dog coming across the garden ... presuming it is the dog we saw earlier.

but it's a completely different dog ...
This one is Suzi little dog

Awww ... look how sad that dog looks!!

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  1. 0_0 I can't believe she cheated with Grimm....okay who am I kidding...I can't believe it took her this long to cheat, lol.

    Rocky is obsessed with her and apparently love has blinded him! Hahaha