Saturday, 26 August 2017

Update 196

NINETY-FIVE registers herself as a singer

NINETY-ONE is still on his date
They have jumped into that photo booth enough times for him to get level 1 woohoo skill - which totally cracked me up ... that is all they must have been doing while I've not been watching them.

NINETY-FOUR gets the job he wants at the hospital

NINETY-FIVE is practising her singing

I sent her outside to perform for tips - which is what she wanted to do anyway
she earned $12 off one of the paps lol

At least she has kept all of the none sleeping aliens entertained during the night - even if they have had to listen to one song sung over and over again!!

Oops ... I think we have just found the unfortunate baby mommy!!  lol

Unknown causes ... yep!!
NINETY-ONE is the one getting the baby bump

Darrell has got himself up to level 8 with his painting career

NINETY seems to have taken root here ... he is sleeping over and not going home

Should baby carriers be doing strenuous martial arts?!

Janet one of the paps is outside and has set on fire because of how hot the sun is.

I'm watching everyone in the house and nobody is paying the slightest bit of notice of the woman burning on the front garden.  So nobody comes out to help her.

but they all start piling out after she has burnt to death!!

Darrell just peed himself!!

NINETY is now doing what Pebbles did ... keeps going outside and ringing the door bell
he is driving me cuckoo - so I have to send someone out to invite him in

SEVENTY-NINE is now elderly

NINETY-FIVE got a cheer up sing o gramme to do for Sage
He could actually cheer himself up by taking a shower ... lol ... he has been in that singed state since Voohoo attacked the community lot!!

SIXTY-EIGHT is now a mature adult

She hangs around and performs for tips
It is a little funny - she hates the outdoors - so she has not really got the ideal job!!

The parents to be ... lmao

I've just noticed the pap's grave is still on the front garden, unusually ... they normally vanish and go off to the mausoleum

We have a baby bump .... and a semi invisble man tut!!!

SIXTY-EIGHT is now ringing the doorbell

I can't change NINETY-ONE's everyday clothes into something that makes his stomach visible
but his sleepwear clothes show all of him ... the cap is amusing me.

Lovely .... SIXTY-NINE is going to stinking up the place while he is here
He is humming ... sniffs!! sniff!!

He is very protective over his baby bump

 but he lets his best mate have a feel!

Yes Red ... your son doesn't like you enough!!

Pebble = "So how do I get one of those?"
NINETY-ONE = "Don't ask me, I don't know how it happened!!"
Julie = "No, neither do I!!"

NINETY is STILL here ... we seem to be getting a constant stream of visiting guests at the moment

Oh No!!
This is EXACTLY why I get nervous when vampires come to visit ....
they have a habit of dying on me!!

Poor SIXTY-EIGHT ... sniff!!
Dying of starvation because he didn't get plasma, and I didn't even think while I was watching him eating normal food!

What is with all this hugging Grim that Red keeps doing!!
I would be beating him up if he kept taking my kids prematurely, not hugging him!!!

I got sick of NINETY keep ringing the doorbell so I reset him
Thankfully he didn't come back like Pebble did.

We now have a third premature vampire death grave in the garden

We get a pop up ... Melon has passed away

NINETY-FOUR's ice statue

NINETY-THREE does a lot of painting WHEN she can get a free easel

NINETY-FIVE's ice statue

I hope Pebble is not getting any ideas ... he seriously is not leaving the baby bump alone!!

Those two are just too cute together!

Phoenix and Basil are out

NINETY is back again ....
I feel like they have found a game to play to get themselves moved back in!!

This is the first time I have seen them having a civil conversation since their fall out and punch ups.

We get a pop up Raven has passed away

I am surprised when I get a couple of pop ups ... both Christine and Heath are today having their 1 year anniversary of working at their work place

I am howling at a pop up ... someone sent a woohooty call to EIGHTY-ONE ... but she wasn't in the mood!!
Only Voohoo - Darrell or Snow could have done it ....
Voohoo is at work ... Snow is asleep ... so that only leaves Darrell

Finally she now knows 2 songs

Baby is coming

and while that is going on .... NINETY-SIX is having his birthday

He gained the Lucky Trait

LTW = Hit Movie Composer

and it is a boy


I can tell by the babies tinny voice and no fairy wings that he is going to be an alien

So with NINETY-SIX now being a young adult .... that is all of Voohoo's six children all grown up.