Thursday, 19 January 2017

Update 65

Red opts to go to the hospital to have the baby

Yes, I've changed Rocky's hair.

Hello Catnip

TWINS again.

Red comes out with THIRTY-ONE
a red human girl

Rocky comes out with THIRTY-TWO
a green human girl

It looks like the colour slider is a little wacked again, because that babies green is very off!!


Traits = Brave - Loves the Heat
Favourites = Kids - Pancakes - Red


Traits = Slob - Easily Impressed
Favourites = Soul - hamburgers - Lime

I'm not sure where those green eyes have come from - they are not teal like Rocky's

I already know that Rocky is going to be a good Daddy, as I've played him wishacy before.

TWENTY-THREE received a reward from the town hall for reaching $25,000 earnings from his paintings.

I'm kicking myself now ... I should really of had Red as a self employed painter!!  It would have been interesting to see how far you can push that career.

I think everyone has forgotten about the cooker ... because all of their meals are now coming out of the baking station.

Rocky can't get into bed because EIGHT is napping on his side

Hello SIX

Basil wants to buy something .... so I decided to get the pizza oven out.
(after the kitchen had a tiny one space extension)

It is a shame TWENTY-THREE never had any kids, he would have made a good Dad!

TWENTY-THREE is the first one to find the pizza oven, he makes Cheesy bread.

The girls playing.

Red is teaching THIRTY-ONE to talk

Rocky is back from work .... I don't like his work clothes very much!!

Rocky teaches THIRTY-TWO to walk

and the potty training begins.

If these two don't leave the time machine alone, I am going to have to sell it or turn it off as a woohoo location!!

Red has just made a pepperoni pizza, but it is not getting eaten .... Rocky wants woohoo again!!

While there are BABY CHIMES coming from the bedroom .....

ANOTHER extra is walking out of the time machine!!

Oh Hell!!

MARK is a teenager.

Traits = Excitable - Charismatic - Frugal - Easily Impressed
Favourites = Digi Tunes - Stir Fry - Lilac

I've now turned the time machine off, so they can not woohoo in there any more ... if I don't they will fill the house up with extra's!!

It amuses me the way these time travel children just walk out of the time machine and blend into the family like they have always been there and nobody bats an eyelid at them!!

TWENTY-THREE is still writing his 6th book

Red teaches THIRTY-TWO to talk

Mark is reading the Charisma book that he brought with him from the past.

Baby sick.

Rocky is helping out with the potty training

SEVENTEEN phones Rocky for a date.

Red is painting Rocky's portrait, straight away it doesn't look good!

Rocky is trying to improve his Logic skill, which he needs for work.

Basil is annoying everyone playing his bass in the bedroom while they are trying to sleep.

Not good, so she sold it for $1996

Basil wants to visit the grave yard and see a ghost?!
I wander if he is missing Lime.

I thought he might spend the night alone in the cemetry, but the ghosts started to come out just after he got there.

FIVE, ELEVEN and Apple.

Then SIX comes out

Caramel comes out and he goes over to talk to her.

He spent all night in the cemetery .... and if it was Lime he wanted to see ... he didn't!

Mango is cracking me up ... he keeps phoning Red for dates, virtually every day

I'm amused while Basil is with his ghosts in the cemetery, there are three visiting the house.
FIFTEEN, EIGHT and lilly

I've noticed EIGHT and Lilly tend to spend a lot of time hanging around together when they are both here together.

Red teaches THIRTY-ONE to walk

I wander if we are going to get a ghost romance with these pair??

Anissa is now having to write freelance articles for work.

TWENTY-THREE wants to sculpt a sim ... so we are trying one of the toddlers

Now this is getting stupid!!!
I swear Red is being charged back pay from since she bought the no bills reward.
$60,000 worth of bills  ..... what a joke!!!

Basil now has the no bills reward so hopefully we won't be seeing any more bills

(I don't get that reward to be tight - I get it because I forget to get them to check the mail and the repo man comes a lot otherwise lol)

Red is still constantly being and feeling sick even though the baby bump has arrived. 
She had a Pear cut piece of Tiberium in her inventory ... I have put it outside to grow.

I notice on the family tree that TWENTY has now passed away

The ice sculpture ....

is so cute!!!

I have put the ice toddler in the bathroom, even though I know unfortunately that it is going to melt.

(They stop melting when the sim has done 25 ice sculptures .... a mission for Red I think!!)

TWENTY-THREE's writing and sculpting skills are now both at level 9 ... so he should quite easily get to achieve his LTW.

One of the gnomes is looking old and aging.

Pepper is out and sleeping on the kitchen side.

Lime is here with Apple ... and Basil is at work, so he might end up missing seeing her.

I spot TWENTY-TWO outside the music theatre ... he is  a mature adult.
Now that TWENTY has passed away ... TWENTY-TWO and TWENTY-THREE will be next.
TWENTY-THREE is 7 days away from being elderly

Yes I honestly think Basil was missing Lime ... lol

While I wasn't looking, they have become romantically connected

Well at least there is no chance of Lime and Basil filling the house up with babies!!

The baby is coming


he is a human boy.

Even though I haven't been showing it ... it is Rocky and TWENTY-THREE who are doing virtually all of the toddlers child care.


Traits = Brave - Excitable
Favourites = Hip Hop - Tri Top Tofu Steak - Spiceberry

He has the same strange green eyes like his sister

I'm not sure Rocky realises he has the neat trait - lol.  It is definitely not one of his strong traits - I hardly see him doing any cleaning and tidying.

He spends most of his time, playing the guitar, looking after the toddlers and woohooing with Red!!

THIRTY-THREE starts his potty training

Mark wanted to get himself a part time job, so he is now working at the Grocery Store, after school.

One of the paps outside has caught on fire because of the summer heat

TWENTY-THREE does turn up eventually ....

but he was too late to help her, she disintegrated as he got there.

Rocky and Red are too busy to care about what is happening outside.

BABY CHIMES coming from the shower.


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  1. Hahahahahaha
    It's a good thing you turned the time machine off now. You would end up with equal amounts of natural born and time born kids, lol.

    You keep getting bills because the money tree drops them if you don't take care of it properly.