Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Update 64


Rocky is not my sim - he belongs to Jenn, who let me steal him away years ago, and recolour him.
He was born via a time machine, into Jenn's first wishacy years ago, and has appeared in one of my wishacy's as well as in my rainbowacy, because I'm a little obsessed with him, he is one of my favourite sims.

He has always been a Rock Star for me, but for this he is using his original traits and LTW, so I am hoping he will go off in a different direction, and away from music.  
(I have too many doctors and rock star sims!!)


Traits = Loves the Outdoors - Neat - Virtuoso - Eccentric - Athletic
Favourites = Kids - Falafel - Turquoise
LTW = Monster Maker

This is my rainbowacy copy of him - I let him keep his guitar but all his skills have been removed.


Rocky does not even bother to go into the house, he gets his guitar out and starts to learn how to play it.

I am very surprised (and very pleased) when the first wish he rolls is to have a career in Law Enforcement.

He is out there a while before he attracts any attention.
Basil is the first one to have a nose.

Hearing music ... of course Basil can't resist joining in

TWENTY-THREE is inside working on his book and writing skill

and Red seems oblivious to the new man in the house, painting what looks like another new painting.

TWENTY-THREE is out next

Then Red finally makes an appearance.

Red actually interrupted his guitar playing ... not to talk ... she just flirts with him straight off!!
Well she has been without a man for nearly 24 hours lol!!

There were no heart farts .... hmmmm

Lol!!  Now that is worrying ... no heart farts for Red, but plenty for TWENTY-THREE!!

Seriously ... STOP!!!

Red manages to get another flirt in before Rocky goes inside to check out the house.

Rocky starts to work out.

and Red finishes her new painting.

$2318 she earned for this one

This picture always makes me think of Sunset Valley, I don't know why!!

I am glad that TWENTY-THREE has gone for a nap, he is being a little stalkerish around Rocky!

Not that Red is paying Rocky much attention

TWENTY-THREE gets his sculpting level up to 6

FIFTEEN - THIRTEEN and FIVE are visiting tonight

Rocky is woken up by the ghosts crashing the bedroom

Seeing the cherry pie at the food party a while back, reminded me I have the baking station.  So when Red wanted to buy something worth $1,000 I got it.

I'm not sure how long it will stay in my game - my game is doing stupid things and sometimes doesn't always load up the store cc - which is a pain!!

 Red uses it straight away ... and comically makes cherry pie!!

Which FIFTEEN is quick to sample.

Things are starting to look better ... they have a giggle and do some flirting.

More flirting.

Rocky amuses me ... while he is jamming with Basil, he rolls a wish to kiss Red for the first time!!

Red who seems more interested in playing with her new cooking toy at the moment!!

So we act on Rocky's wish!!

I think it might be a little early but try anyway, even though their friendship bar is only half way.

Proving again ... any man will do!!

She doesn't kick off

They are romantically connected quicker than I thought they would be.

A few minutes later ..... woohoo is on the menu

NO ... NO ... NO!!!!!
The first place you are doing it ... the time machine ... really!!??

This is pretty comical for me (and probably Jenn) because Rocky came out of a time machine.

Seriously that better had just have been woohoo in the past!!

TWENTY-THREE is stalking Rocky again.

but he doesn't get a chance to talk to Rocky ... Red has other plans for him.


Now why did I know this was going to happen!!

Out walks a NONE COUNTABLE time travel child!!

ANISSA .... is a young adult fairy

Traits = Excitable, Genius, Bookworm, Handy, Friendly
Favourties = Kids - Falafel - Blue
LTW = Star News Anchor

TWENTY-THREE meets his new half sister.

Look at those two ... sleeping innocently !!!

This house is a lot better than the cave they left her in apparently!!

Now their first countable baby has been created ... Rocky can get the job he wants .. at the police station.

The heart farts are for SEVENTEEN who is Rocky's new boss at work.

Now they have started ... it doesn't stop

Seriously guys ... beds are for woohoo!!

Baby sick

How strange would it be to meet your daughter who is actually a few days older than you are (cough)

Prelude is here.

but he behaves himself, he spent most of his time playing in the sandpit and sleeping.

Anissa gets the job she wants, a journalist career.

She is pretty active at the moment, trying everything out.

I get nervous when these two are together ... Rocky is actually better friends with both Basil and TWENTY-THREE than he is with Red at the moment!!

TWENTY-THREE has actually had a romantic interest since he went to prom - but he has not once rolled any wishes regarding her!!

Mango makes me sad!!  He has sent Red two love letters and two gifts in the post.

Basil has recieved in the mail a gnome for being a celebrity ... so we have a new gnome.

Baby bump.

Basil has a new chess buddy

They share the genius trait

Anissa is working on her writing skill, which she needs for work.

TWENTY-THREE's painter career is already at level 9

Basil is away with the fairies and music

Anissa is hogging the computer, so I bought TWENTY-THREE a laptop so he can work on his writing skill.

He is writing his 6th book ...
At the moment he is earning $1583 in royalties for his 5 published books

Red wants to sculpt Rocky.

Seriously Red!!??

That looks NOTHING like Rocky!!

Rocky = "What the hell is that?!"

She tries to hug him, and he's having none of it .... she has peed him off with that sculpture ... lol

Basil is making baked dinner rolls.

They look more like uncooked cup cakes to me!!


Basil has gone to the book store to buy new music compositions for the bass, paino and drums.

He doesn't go home, he starts playing his bass outside

NINETEEN and Catnip


The ice statue is outside ... lets hope it melts quickly ... lol

Jazz, ELEVEN and Ice are visiting tonight.

I don't understand this - when Red has the no bills ever reward!!!
There is another $20,000 worth of bills on the garden that need paying!!

Red can't go on a date with you!!!

Anissa in her work uniform

TWENTY-THREE is hogging all the easels at the moment.

The baby is coming.


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  1. Omg, LMAO! Of course they tried for baby in the time machine straight away! You might end up with a lot of extras with that thing there.

    Oh I miss Rocky. I need to try and recreate him for TS4 I think. Maybe, I don't know, I am on the fence about it because he won't really be the same. Anywho...sorry for the little tangent.