Sunday, 22 January 2017

Update 68

Watching an elderly TWENTY-THREE struggling with the washing ....
I think it is time that he slowed down and put his feet up .... he has earned it!!

THIRTY-THREE has his birthday

He gained the Virtuoso trait

Mark has his birthday and becomes a young adult

he gained the Natural Cook trait
LTW = Culinary Librarian

The baby is coming ... sorry Rocky, that woohoo will have to wait!!

How can Mark sleep through the racket that she and the other screaming kids are making!!

THIRTY-SIX is a fairy boy

I am highly shocked that she only had one, and didn't sneak another extra in!!

So that is Rocky's six babies. (Already!!)


Traits = Good - Athletic
Favourites = Chinese - Crepes - Sea Foam

The ghosts are loving the water slides!!


We have a new ghost .... Myra
(You have seen her before, she is Basils Pap friend)

Mark is graduating

TWENTY-TWO is now elderly

Doesn't TWENTY-THREE look snazzy in his dickey bow!!
While Anissa didn't even bothered to get dressed ... she is still in her bed clothes!!

Mark was Class Valedictorian
Most likely to be Mediocre ... ??!!

Heart farts for his best mate Harley

Red is teaching THIRTY-SIX to talk

I would love to know how THIRTY-FIVE is watching tv through the couch!!

ping - ping - ping

Taa - Daa!!

Rocky is thinking, this boy doesn't have a musical bone in his body!!

After selling the three paintings of his that are clogging up the easels .... TWENTY-THREE only needs $5460 for promotion to level 10 painting career.

Red is teaching THIRTY-SIX to walk

The girls are playing outside

She looks scared stiff!!

THIRTY-THREE is constantly now hanging around Basil, he has the virtuoso trait, so he is quickly drawn to the music.

Pepper is making himself at home.

Basil does a runner when he sees the cat on the bed.
I think Pepper is now happy he has the bed to himself!!

THIRTY-THREE is a noisy little monkey ... I don't know how Basil is concentrating.

Mark is reading a cooking book, he needs to work on his cooking skill if he wants to learn all the recipies to become a Culinary Librarian.

He still has his part time grocery store job ... which he seems quite happy with at the moment.

One I haven't seen Red paint yet.

TWENTY-THREE wants to paint a portrait ... so Red is his guinea pig

As part of his job, Rocky has to dig for information and write reports, by questioning sims and rummaging in bins.  So I sent him to the new park, that nobody has bothered to interact with yet.

But for the life of me .... I can't work out how to do it because there is no option for him to question sims!!

All he got out of the trip were heart farts and a chat with Harry and Catnip.

I spot an elderly TWENTY-FOUR sat on the bench
which should mean that Cranberry is also elderly now.

THIRTY-TWO is having her birthday

She gained the Supernatural Fan trait

she is going to look like Red I think.

THIRTY-ONE is having her birthday

She gained the Over Emotional trait

hello FIVE

So trying to question other sims, didn't work out ... so we try a bit of bin rummaging.

Watch out Rocky!!

He has been caught red handed by FOURTEEN .....mission failed completely, and now FOURTEEN is angry with him!!

wouldn't it have been funny if the police had turned up to arrest him!!

He did managed to get a photo of FOURTEEN .....
he also got a public disgrace for rummaging in the bins ... lol!!

The portrait of Red that TWENTY-THREE painted .... is okayish I guess.

This is what I was afraid of!!

TWENTY-ONE is a crafty madam, this is the second time she has had a mud bath!!
She is now two days younger than TWENTY-TWO when they are supposed to be the same age!!!

GGGGGrrrrrr (it's my own fault!!)

Basil can sit in there all he likes, I wouldn't mind if he lived forever!

I'm not sure how Rocky and Red are sleeping with THIRTY-ONE and Anissa having a pillow fight in their room.

Last lot of potty training for a while

I tried to improve his writing skill to see if it would help with this writing reports nonsense!!

Well silly me .... he needs to be wearing his police uniform to question people I THINK because now the option to question sims has appeared!!
Yes, I'm stupid sometimes!!

EIGHTEEN refused to be questioned and stormed off.

TWENTY-SIX was happy to spill his guts

Chapter and verse he gave Rocky, I thought he was never going to shut up!!

Heart farts for Brook.
She refused to be questioned

and so did TWENTY-FOUR

In fact ... he kicked off proper at Rocky!!
(What is he hiding I wander!!??)

When Rocky got home the place was in chaos ... two screaming toddlers that everyone has been ignoring, because TWENTY-THREE is asleep.

Finally he manages to write a report .... on TWENTY-SIX

Rocky asked Prelude for his autograph
He did something I've never seen before .....

he waved the signed card in front of Rocky's face then ripped it up ... lol

Caramel is happily playing on the games console.

Way to beat the autumn frost!!
Play on the water slide in your coat and trousers!!

No .... I don't think this piece is going to grow, which is unusual!!

Unlike Rocky, Mark did get the autograph that he asked for.

I'm amused when I see Prelude and TWENTY-THREE reminiscing!!!

Finally I think Prelude remembers he is his Dad!!


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