Sunday, 8 January 2017

Update 50

Jazz always amuses me, I think out of all the visiting ghosts he is the only one that is doing something different and unexpected all the time.

He is playing with the music box, until he spots NINETEEN and TWENTY.

Jazz = "Well hello pretty girls!!"

Don't even think about it Jazz!!

Random hugs for TWENTY-ONE

Jazz = "I'm still here ... I just thought I'd let you know!!"

 puff and he's gone!!

Just a note ... from here the pictures in this chapter are a little rocky - my graphics card had an update, which kind of made my sims game throw a spanner - the game options reset itself to default setting, so it took me a while to get them right again to my liking.  It also changed the moon cycle and gave me a full moon which I don't normally have, because I don't like the full moon lighting in the pictures.  So you will only see it this once.

Red is reading her last recipe book ... Ambrosia.

Seriously Basil ... DO NOT fall for it!!

Now Ice is in trouble!!

SIX turns up just in time to break up what I think might have turned into a fight!!

Basil is off to work in his dashing Orchestra tux

TWENTY-THREE has got his painting skill up to level 8

Apple obviously is not happy with retirement, so he now has a job at the military base.

THREE is now a mature adult

Full moon kicks in - I missed that it was turned on until it happened

THREE turns into a zombie ... lol

Hugs for Delores

It has taken 25 weeks and 7 sim days for me to get the first alien abduction ... which is pretty shocking!!

Bye Red ... enjoy your trip!

Red is now reading a book that Atlas had from work ... The secrets of a Chef.
I wander if this book will actually help her in any way?

Jazz is back again today
They discover they share a few traits which had them having quite a long chat.

He amuses me playing on the arcade machine

I wander what Jazz is going to do with that toy horse!!

Ice is sniffing around TWENTY-TWO again .... but it never goes beyond flirting and hand holding.

Jazz and Basil are now jamming together amusingly they are now really good friends.

The twins pretty much stick together, they are best friends

TWENTY-THREE hits level 9 painting
see he is good at something!!

Jazz is having a giggle with Catnip

TWENTY-THREE is painting a portrait of Brook

but it is birthday time.

He gains the Schmoozer trait (game given)
LTW = Renaisance Sim

TWENTY-ONE has had a promotion, he is now Toddler Sports Couch

Red is invited to THIRTEEN's birthday party
Which means she has just become elder.

She is killing the party ... with her novice piano playing!!

Downstairs something is going on that I really didn't want to see!!

Apple's time has just ran out

I spot FIFTEEN is now elderly

(this doesn't seem right - Atlas's kids seem to have aged up way too quickly!!)

Atlas is now heart broken.

I thought Atlas aged up before Apple ... is he another one living a life on overtime?!

Heart farts for Grimmy ... lmao .... only Red could!!

She randomly cast a fairy prank on him .... but he vanished before it kicked in and I didn't see what it was.

Hugs and fairy frolicking with Basil.

lmao .... TWENTY-TWO seems to have lost the cooker!!

TWENTY-THREE is graduating

Awww pooor Atlas!!  He is missing Apple.

TWENTY-THREE is deemed Most Artistic ... like we didn't know!

Lilly and Lime are sat on the bench like a pair of old ladies, lol

I knew that would happen - Prelude and Lime heart farting.

Yes you two were made for each other ... but not in this life!!

I spot TEN carrying Harry

Is she wearing maternity wear??

Harry also has Forrest's eyes like Brook, when neither of their parents do.

Chattering teeth .... I'm disappointed Red!!!
I hoped she was going to throw something nasty at Lime!!

Red and Atlas start to dance together

but it doesn't last long, TWO interrupts for an autograph

Prelude is on another date .... ONE this time

ONE I think is still crying because of Apple dying.

Along comes Jazz to but in on the date

Out come the flowers!!

A second bunch.

Way to keep a close eye on your daughters date Jazz!!

Then she gives him a third bunch of flowers

Then he amuses me by giving her the pink flowers straight back ... lol
I've never seen that done before ... at least he saved us $40 ... the skin flint!!

an interesting end to the date!!

He goes home from the date and drags Ice off into the bedroom .... they deserve each other!!

NINETEEN pulls another ghost gnome out of the arcade machine

We now have four of them!!


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