Saturday, 28 January 2017

Update 78

Red is teaching FORTY-ONE to talk

Bay is helping out with FORTY's potty training which still has not been done.

It is always bedlem when BOTT is recharging her batteries.

Rian and Atlas are here

Brook is outside

She look scares stiff!!

NINE has just cleaned the all in one bathroom ... bless him!!

BOTT is autograph hunting again

Basil is now earning $4,060 a day!!
In comparison, Bay's strip end is only $70 a week!!!!

Bay is making a Robotany Gardening trait chip for BOTT.

BOTT jumps straight onto the gardening

Basil wants to send BOTT a text

I actually forgot bots have phones until he rolled that wish.

Bay needs to start earning some serious money because he wants to improve his career level.
Making and selling bots is the way to do it.

He buys a few cheap trait chips to go with the ones he has made.

$250 it costs him to make a bot

He upgrades it, gives it a tune up and adds a few of the trait chips.

and he sells it straight away for $2,430

Awww this makes me feel bad and sad!!
Look how disappointed that bot is slumping over, he is sad, he thought he was getting a life and now he has been sold again.

Then he waves goodbye.
Aawww... don't make me feel guilty!!

He makes a second bot and sells that one for $2898


You never we might see them walking around town if somebody buys them.

Basil is mind melding with BOTT.
He didn't learn anything .... no I didn't think he would - lol

She needs to mind meld him!!  lol

Atlas is here and is having an ice sculpture done.

Mango is out on the water slide.

and so is Caramel, Bay's Mother.

A new cat .... I've seen this cat before with one of her children, but can't remember who now.

Nova Cat

We have another baby bump.
I haven't heard any baby chimes or seen any vomiting, so I am not sure when this one was created!!

Basil is on baby sitting duty again while BOTT recharges

Atlas's statue

I haven't checked the mail since Rocky left!!

5 IF's to delete lol
and Red had a few love letters from Rocky and Grim

His second painting

Now it's BOTT's turn to be imortilized in ice

Awww she likes it!!

Unrealistically BOTT's statue hovers in mid air with no support!!

Red has rolled an interesting wish .... she wants to clone a sim.
But who do we clone??!!
(So if anyone has any preferences ... let me know!!)

This gnome pack is growing on it's own - I spot extra laundry, ghost, celebrity spring and mystery gnomes. 

Phoenix has wandered over to the town hall - I don't know why.

Rocky and Anissa

He is happily dancing to THIRTY-THREE's drum playing

I spot Christopher over the road, he is now a teenager

Red is painting a portrait of Bay

While he potty trains THIRTY-SEVEN

Phoenix is having his birthday

he gained the Party Animal trait

look at that, five sleeping toddlers!!

They are now jumping in and out of the time machine ... which amusingly they have only just discovered is working for woohoo again.

I unlocked this when I turned try for baby on again ... it has taken them this long to realise.

but I am not worried because she is pregnant and they can only woohoo in there at the moment
try for baby option is not available for them!!!

That will teach you!!

The baby is coming.

Just as the baby decides to come, the quads are having their birthday


He gained the Dare Devil trait


She gained the Neurotic trait


He gains the Vegetarian trait


She gained the Supernatural Fan trait

I am just in time to catch them coming out of the hospital

Red is holding THIRTY-TWO

and Bay is carrying an uncountable extra.


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