Monday, 23 January 2017

Update 69

I think Basil is going through a rebellious faze.
First he wants a Street Art kit 

Then he decides he wants to do three floor murals ...
and because Basils is doing it, Mark starts rolling the wishes to do it too.

Now, he's defacing the wall because he wants to do three wall murals

Inside TWENTY-THREE has just sold a painting to take him to career level 10 on top of his achieved LTW.

woohoo ... and to think, TWENTY-THREE barely scraped through school
(If you remember he was the one that was constantly told off for his bad grades!!)

Three wall murals done .... and now Basil has made a right mess of the house!!

Then he's off to start a protest .... about unskilled sims ... lol

The camera swings me home annoyingly!!

THIRTY-FOUR is having his birthday

and so is THIRTY-FIVE

Back to the protest

What a rebellious family Red has lol.


I'm highly amused when TWENTY-SIX joins in!!
If my memory serves me right ... he is an unskilled sim himself!!

Basil looks pleased with himself!!

Back to his music

THIRTY-FIVE gained the Good Sense of Humour trait

THIRTY-FIVE gained the Friendly trait

Mark has decided he wants to quit his part time grocery job and have a culinary career.

Seriously .... he got so excited over his new job at the bistro!!

THIRTY-SIX is now the only toddler left in the house

NINE, Holly and Ice are visiting today

Ice today decides she is going to start stalking Basil!!

Red is finishing THIRTY-SIX's potty training

Rocky has now been promoted to a Lieutenant.
so we have a police car on the front garden

(which he doesn't use because he runs across the road to work!)

Basil is jamming with Nine, until they are disturbed ...

Disturbed by Ice who starts flirting with Basil.

He walks away .... good boy!!

What is with all the uncooked food??!!

LMAO .... they seriously have no shame


I have mentioned before that my game does stupid things and sometimes only loads half of the contents.  I know it's happened because when I load up the game I get a pop up when the saved game opens


I thought I would show you ....

This is where I saved and shut down the game.

The game loads and the beds are missing .... beds that come with a stuff pack

 Hair is missing ... store hair.

 also store and expansion pack clothes are missing

 Rabbit holes missing ... The hospital and school which come with Lucky Palms store world
and the Business rabbit hole - which I thought was base game!?

On this occasion I had to turn the game off three times and restart it before it loaded the contents properly.  It doesn't do it all the time, just occasionally - it might not happen again now for weeks.

So if anyone knows a fix for this or what might be causing it ... I really could do with some help!!

So back to it ........................

Red encourages THIRTY-THREE to improve his skills.
This is the first time that I've seen her doing this!

Then she lets THIRTY-TWO off the hook .... Basil grounded her for whoopie cushion pranks.

Red decided she wanted to find some seeds .... like she doesn't already have an inventory full of them already, that she is doing nothing with!!

(I am just glad she hasn't thought about the forbidden fruit seed that she has been carrying around since Jazz's time!!)

Rocky makes good use of the Paps who hang about on the front garden.
Gathering information by questioning them and writing up reports.
This one is Derik.

One way to get out of doing your homework after school .... go straight to bed instead!!

I catch TWENTY-THREE jumping into the time machine

while Basil is defacing the lawn again

Lol .... he now has a suit like Mark's.




and another one of the Pap ghosts ... Tonia

Now that is too close and personal!!!

Rocky heart farting FIFTEEN

Yes, can I help you?!

THIRTY-FOUR has discovered he can play fairy pranks, and everyone is getting a dose of them at the moment.

He casts hot head on Mark

and this is the first time I've seen it backfire on a fairy badly!!!

THIRTY-FOUR is on fire!!

THIRTY-TWO who has the Brave trait starts to try and put him out.

Until TWENTY-THREE steps in

and finally does extinguish his little brother

That is twice now TWENTY-THREE has saved us from a disaster!!!
I made the right decision letting him move back in 😝

And what are they doing while their kid is on fire??!!

planning a trip to the bedroom!!!

Yes I would be disgusted too!!

I am highly amused when the insurance coughs up $792 to cover the losses.
What losses??!! ... the carpet didn't even need cleaning and nothing was damaged ... lol

Red is invited to TWENTY-EIGHT's party



NINETEEN appeared and that was it.

No musical instruments played, it was the worse party yet.
Everyone kept yawning and went home early, including Red.

That dog has fleas!!

THIRTY-THREE is having his birthday

He gained the Party Animal trait

He wastes no time, jumping straight onto the bass.

Basil gets out and Mark gets in ...

Basil must be bored with his life ....
now he wants a karaoke machine

Mark is a copy cat ... he seems to want to do everything Basil is doing ... first the street art kit, then the mud bath, now the karaoke ... and its not the first time I've noticed he seems to follow Basil around.

TWENTY-THREE is onto the Topiary

Cute little giraffe

Jazz and Ice are visiting today

Jazz is flirting with Anissa ... and she is flirting back

Red doesn't like Ice much .... I wander why - lol!

THIRTY-SIX is having his birthday

He gained the Loves to Swim trait

THIRTY-THREE has now jumped onto the guitar

$2951 Red earned for this one

There is a gnome grave in the garden .... this time it a mystery gnome.

and we have a new baby mystery gnome in the garden.

The stove is seriously getting rusty from not being used ... the baking station and pizza oven is where most of their meals are now coming from.

TWENTY-THREE is onto his second topiary girraffe

Annisa has had a promotion, she is now an Investigative Reporter

I might need to get a second sculpting table because Red and TWENTY-THREE are virtually fighting over it and they never leave it empty and unused for long.

Rocky has had another promotion .... I had to chose which path he was taking  and he hadn't rolled a wish to which branch he wanted to take.  I chose Forensic.

He is now a Wiretap Reader

Rocky is off to the park because he needs to do more reports to improve his work performance.

and here we go again ... the option to question sims is not there again!!

So we give up on the reports, and he wanders around for a bit socialising.

I spot Mango who is now elderly.

He is still constantly sending Red love letters and gifts in the post ... like SEVENTEEN is constantly sending them to Rocky.

This park is beginning to look like a policeman's hangout
Rocky, SEVENTEEN and TWENTY-SEVEN all being in their uniforms.

I am seriously stupid ... I know these ice sculptures are going to melt, so why do I keep putting them outside instead of selling them???!!!

After watching Red and Rocky .....

Basil gets out his soap box and starts to have a rant about .... Love and Relationships.

If that is aimed at your Mother Basil, she is not listening!!
because they are using your bed again - lol!!

Gulp .... we just got a pop up .....
TWENTY-TWO has passed away.

You know what that means don't you ...... TWENTY-THREE is next 😭



  1. Awe I will be sad when 23 dies! I felt so bad for him when he was growing up!

    As for your content loading issue...I have no clue. That never happened to me. I wonder if you could find anything on Crinrict's website.

    Hope you find something that will help fix the issue. That would drive me bonkers!

    1. Yeah ... it was hard for me I got very attached to 23!!

      Ive asked the question in a few places - and nobody seems to have a clue. It is wierd as well as annoying!!