Thursday, 29 August 2019

Back to the Ugli Past ... Update 36

Very disappointed with the genetic experiment part of this challenge,
all these children are coming out pretty much with the same colouring.

Joss is another one who gets his orange eye colour from his Grandfather Lyric.

So Joss now has a fishing spot in the back garden so that he can work on his Lifetime wish.
Present the Perfect Private Aquarium.

His lifetime wish is one that I have always avoided, and one I probably would never have done if I didn't have to for this challenge.

There is a new room all set up for his perfect fish collection.

Joss and Brandee now both have jobs at the Science Fascility,
so they can natter about work together, and become the best of friends.

Yeah I am never breaking the "lets take a picture of that painting" habit that I have

No body has spotted the visiting alien!!

Apparently the Advanced Technology skill is gained faster when in the future.  
So that is exactly where Leonel is going.

He will be flying around most of the time or using his hover board

Leonel has FIVE houses containing his descendants.
so we go to have a nosey.

Mmmm Nice house!!!
His descendants are all living in the rich part of town.

Why am I not surprised by his descendants genetic colouring.

I am tickled tho that his descendant has cello's big ears, when Leonel doesn't.

Don't mind me while I just puke all over your path!!!

Leonel does a bit of face planting on his way to his next descendants house.

Yeah all the same colouring again white skin with orange hair and eyes!!

Another nice house.

Check out the future taxi's, even if its annoying that he didn't fly.

At the "base camp" where Leonel is staying,
he bumps into a very grumpy looking Gregory Landgraab

visiting another rich descendant with the same colouring.

Mmmm purple eyes.

The rest of his time in the future was spend doing some opportunites that came up for him

He spent all day searching for the key peices.

When he had the complete key he had to go all the way back to base to report to Emit.

Annoying he had to travel all the way back just to put the key in the hole,
which he could have done while he was here earlier!!

The hidden treasure ....

A book from the past

A llama statue

and a sprite!!
Yipee doo!! Huh!

and the point of this is???!!!!

Time to go home I think ....
being in the future doesn't seem to be helping his Advance tech skill move any faster.

It is nice to be home.

Leonel is at the grocery store to buy a lottery ticket.

When he was in the future he went to a building (that I forgot to take a picture of)
where he researched past lottery numbers.

So let's see if he can cheat a lottery win

He now has another food synthesizer to play with, to help with the skill.

O ... M ... G!!!!!!!!!!

Now that is what you call a lottery win!!!!

>>>>>>>> $1,300,000 <<<<<<<

You cheat!!!!

Maybe this is why his descendants are so rich in the futuree!!
The family are now millionaires!!

Leonel's Advanced Tech skill is still only level 5

Joss's fishing skill is now at level 5,
and he has just caught his first perfect fish.

The music in this house is constant, because Cello and Mallow don't seem to do anything else with their time these days.

Wayne has had a promotion to Vice Squad ... level 6

His reports are in the red, probably because he has not done any yet!!
So he is out  getting to know two of his brothers, Greg and Benny, so that he can question them.

Not that two reports are going to make much difference.

Blake (Generation 2)

Roland is out and chilling with Palmer

Terrence (Corey's ex boyfriend) is right outside the front door playing drums??!!

A lot of their older children are now elderly, even Reed.

Mathew is out with one of his son's Abraham.

Joss has been book shopping, and bought all the fishing skill books to read, so he can learn about fishing bait.

Terrence is still there serenading the house in the morning.
He packed up and left in the afternoon, then there is a pop up to say he passed away.

Brandee is out and ends up spending time with his Nephew Amit.  (Chandra's son)

He came out to the Bistro to do an opportunity .. delivering some produce.
But there seems to be a little bit of malfunction .... he was told to come back when his gardening skill reaches level 9 .... he has maxed his gardening ??!!

Lemon (Generation 2)

Mallow and Cello are stir crazy ... probably the reason for the constant woohoo.
So they are out spending the evening at the resort.

As usual they are up to no good ... skinny dipping and public woohoo,
which has earned them a public disgrace!!