Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Back to the Ugli Past - Ugli 28

To say I am nervous about this Resort Empire Lifetime Wish is an understatement!!!
I have played around with resorts in the past, but not to the extent where it becomes a 5 star resort!!
It has also been a long time and I have forgotten most of what needs to be done!!

So with the lot purchased ... The family fund is at $449,724
It will be interesting to see how much of that Greg is about to wax!!

Being on the beach I have built a platform, and there are staircases down onto the beach.

The brick building, I decorated the outside to match the guest house.

Technically they are called Towers, but the rabbit hole building looks nothing like a tower, so I am calling them guest houses instead.

The front (undecorated) entrance.

The reception area .... sticking with the yellow theme.

Pretty boring right!?

That looks better, for now

The dining room

I have put out the eight buffet tables from the start so that every type of food is available, and set the food quality as medium for the time being.

1.Breakfast - 2.Lunch - 3.Dinner - 4.Desserts - 5.Kids - 6.Sushi - 7-Vegetarian - 8.Dim-Sum

This will stop the guests from complaining about the food in the reviews.

MMmmm putting down the guest house has automatically opened the resort.

A Reception Clerk has turned up to man the front desk, and the reception is filling up with nosey siblings!!!

Reed, Alissa, Denis and Riley.

Just help yourself Kendra!!!  Lol!!

Now that the resort is open I have had to employ Maintenance Crew ... three of them.
They will keep the place clean and tidy, repair breakages and take care of the food tables ... or they should!!

Faulty table ... because I put the wrong candles in the centre of the table which is stopping them from putting their plates down.  So the centre candles have to be changed.

I actually think that Kendra is booking herself in for a stay!!!!
Wise woman ... she has sampled the food first!!

Talking of sampling food ...
Mr Frugal is making sure he gets his money's worth!!
He is onto his fourth plate!!

The pool area.
I am just putting in the basics needs for the resort to start with.
Decorating the place will come later when I am trying to build up the star rating.

and here come the tourists and Paparazzi , to keep the nosey siblings company!!!

and with all these new people around ... we need to take advantage of it.

Benny and Matthew have got a new playground and audience for their performances.
Cory and Chandra too can use the resort to find the victims for their individual woohoo/romance missions.

Woohooo we must be doing something right - we are making a profit!!!

Talking about money ... The family fund has dropped to $368,662
so the resort so far has not dented the funds too much.
Remembering that Cello with a max handy skill now gets cheaper building materials.


The resort is full ... so I am guessing everyone eating are paying guests.

It looks like Denis, Darion and Alissa are staying here!!

The Acrobat and Magician have made a killing in tips today!!!

You are on fire you idiot!!!

He pats his hair untill the fire is out.
and all he is worried about now, is his nails!!!!


I wandered where Greg was.
He is stuck behind the guest houses, after coming out through the back door.

Blame the builder, for not remembering how thick sims can be sometimes!!!
The sims are TOO STUPID to work out they have to walk to the end to get out.
The guest houses had to be moved two slots away from the fence and two slots in between a group of two houses, before they managed to walk out on their own!!!

That is just charming!!!
Denis peed himself on the dinning room floor!!!!
Then I spot Darion has done the same thing in the reception area!

The builders fault again ...
while he could have used the guest houses ... there are not actually any proper toilets here yet (cringe!!)

Sorry Denis my fault!!!!

Romantically Cory is a drip!!!!
He is getting more excited over his favourite key lime pie!!

The pool water is set on chlorinated water and the hot tub set on hot water .....
which is how they need to be to keep the guests happy.

Denis definitely looks happy!!!
I've been watching him milling around the place.  It definitely looks like he is staying here.

Of course the active household members have free run of the place, and the boys who are here are definitely making the most of it.

Only Chandra has taken herself off home.  The four boys have not even attempted to go home ... they are eating and sleeping here and generally enjoying themselves!!

Matthew has had a step up his career ladder.
He is now on level 2

Checking in at home.

I have left Teri at home, along with Cello and Mallow, because she has a rabbit hole job elsewhere and she is very close to completing her Lifetime Wish.
Her last promotion is only being held up because she only works three days a week Friday - Sunday.

The garden has totally gone to pot, now we have no gardeners in he house again!!

Cello only has one level of Bass and two levels of Piano to get now, to complete his One Sim Band Lifetime Wish

The house is pretty spotless because Chandra with her neat trait is doing nothing but housework, I would imagine.

So I drag Chandra to the Resort, so we can make a start on her Master Romancer Lifetime Wish.
I am planning to have the 5 different woohoo locations on this lot, so all she will need to do is find the 5 different sims.

He is one of the Maintenance Crew ... and he is skiving!!

Taking a soak after a long day of performing.

Peter the Pap, always seems to be in my face ... so he is going to become either the Heartbreakers or Master Romancers victim ... maybe even both!!

So I put Cory to work ....

Cory makes friends with Peter pretty quickly and he is even open to Cory's winking and flirting.

but like all Paps he walks away, and pretends he is actually doing a job!!

When Cory gets out of the bath, he is approached by Kenyalla (who named her?!)
She is another Pap who keeps hovering around.

They are already acquaintances, she is the one he was playing Tag with!
After a bit of chat she is also open to his flirting.

GIRLFRIEND 2 .... but not according to the game!!!

I checked and the girlfriend count is 1/10 not 2/10 ???
Yeah, so what am I doing wrong - because as far as I know it is not possible to have more than one girlfriend/boyfriend at a time?!

The Resort reviews have made the resort ... 2 stars.
There has been negative comments about the lack of plants, decoration and snack stand ... so I need to fix it.

So there is now a snack stand and I have thrown a few plants in to keep the moaners happy for the time being I hope.

(I am quietly building the gym that is needed .. also I need to work on a wedding venue .. and build some VIP rooms) Along with juggling the 8 sims and what they are supposed to be doing.  Huh!

I guess we could close the resort and just build it right up, before opening again ... but where is the fun in that.

Chandra is disturbing the bar staff, to get the first notch on her bedpost .. lol

After lots of chatting, the flirting starts and she goes in for the kill.

and off they go into one of the guest houses.

Woohoo Number1 ... in the guest house ... with Bernard
lets hope that registers!!!

Greg is bushed!!

While Cory has Kenyalla as his Girlfriend ... he is working on Peter.
He needs to get another romantic interest, so that I can satisfy my mind about it not being possible to get a second girlfriend/boyfriend.

Cory = "Back off Sis, this one is mine!!"

I am not so stressed about Chandra ... because she is rolling wishes for her Lifetime Wish and seems to be on the man hunt on her own.  She is hovering around all the men and making friends with them ... which will make my job easier later.  She actually really reminds me of Red, prowling around like a praying mantis!!

Cory and his Lifetime Wish on the other hand are going to be hard work!!

Matthew is distracting the reception desk clerk.
He has dragged her away from the front desk for a water balloon fight.

When Peter gets out to do what Paps do .... April jumps into his place.
She is one of the Maintenance Crew and is on a skive!!
So she has just volunteered herself up to be another one of Cory's victims.

They spend hours talking in the hot tub.

Well I would be insulted if someone sketched me and that was the resulting picture!!!

Peter is back!!
Notice Chandra is hovering around him!!

While Cory gets flirty with Peter, Chandra starts eyeing up one of the Maintenance crew!!

Between them Cory and Chandra are turning this resort into a whore house!!!

I wander what Benny is so pumped up about?!!

Spending more time with April, who STILL has not got back to doing her job!!!

There is still a lot of saluting going on between the siblings, I am just not showing it.
All of the children now are getting both the Rocker and Salute hidden traits.

So I am an idiot!!!
Everyone is wishing to upgrade the towers guest houses and I am trying to figure out how because the option is not available to upgrade them.

Then I realise - you can not upgrade the small ones ... I should have put out the bigger ones!!!
So now I have to do some building replacing and juggling which will have to wait.  The one upgradable building will have to do for now and keep them happy wish wise.
It is a good job the place is not decorated properly yet, or I would be in a right mess now!!!

Matthew now has a new trick to his act .... flying birds

Woohooo!!  We are still making a profit!!!

Greg is now $2,028 into his $40,000 profit.

Boolprop SimNano
Pictures = 1800 + 61 = 1861✔
Words = 30,774 + 1,741 = 32,515 ✔
Update = 28