Friday, 31 March 2017

Update 138

I have been laughing because Reed has a moodlet saying he has a sun tan but I couldn't see it.
Now he is stood by Basil, I can.

SIXTY-SEVEN and Ramiro are best friends

Reed's painting skill is now at level 9

Extra randomly took a trip into the past

There are just the two toddlers left to age up now


Oh boy, I spoke too soon!!
A ghost horse ... I hope it stays out in the garden!!

Violet (Affairs Mother)

Reed is now an undercover Specialist


I love the way toddlers only get a male doll to play with ... but children get a male and female.

SIXTY-NINE didn't come home after the field trip to the science fascility.  He is still outside too busy reading his book to come home.


Ocean is now getting regular phone calls from his brother as well as his parents.

SIXTY-NINE gets home just in time for a ghost story

Basil seems to be living on overtime ... his bar has been full for two days now and I am getting very confused by how much time he actually has left, because this is the first time I have ever played a fairy into old age.

 The game max for the lifespan I am playing is 106  ... he is showing as 109.
(It is stupid ... when fairies get to elderly, the game counts their age as if they are human and haven't already lived over 300 days up to now.)

Most of the kids roll a wish to become good friends with Red - but very few actually make it!


Gggrrr ... even though that baby gnome is cute ... I am not too pleased to see it.
I guess the gnomes are only reproducing like Red!

I'm laugh ... I can actually see butterflies fluttering about inside the town hall doors.

SIXTY-SEVEN goes to Prom.
He was prom king, but he didn't get himself a romantic interest

Kale has had a promotion - he is now Lead Designer (level 8)
He needs to improve his writing skill for work

Reed has come out of work and gone straight to sleep in the abandoned sleeping bag.
TWENTY-SIX is still playing with his toys ... bless him.

We get a pop up ... FIFTY-SEVEN is getting old

I'm saying nothing!!
I wish there was a gnome deterrent like there is an animal deterrent.

I'm sad - seeing that magician gnome which we should not even have with no magicians here, I've counted the gnomes in the chest to make sure that evil one is not sneakily letting them out!!

and another toddler who has peed himself because BOTT is too busy nattering to put him down!!

SIXTY-EIGHT is having his birthday

He gained the Handy trait

It is a shame he didn't age up yesterday, because he has missed out on prom tonight.

He jumps straight onto the musical instruments.



Holly gets an eyeful when she comes in.

While Holly is here Red gets her ice statue done

I am very surprised that Red hasn't wanted to grow another forbidden fruit / plant sim - she has been carrying a forbidden fruit seed around with her forever.

I realise she hasn't even done Ocean's ice statue yet.

Extra's needs to be done too

SIXTY-EIGHT hasn't moved from that spot yet and is on the verge of collapsing, peeing himself and starving himself!!

we get the pop up saying FIFTY-SEVEN has passed away

Yeah I guessed doing three ice sculptures one after the other might be a bit too much - lol
Extra seriously was not impressed with her!

The twins are having their birthday


He gains the Vegetarian trait


She gained the Athletic trait

I can't quite work out what is going on with Kale and SIXTY-NINE ....
they are best mates and always hanging around together.  SIXTY-NINE only really has one friend - Kale ... not even BOTT is on good terms with the boy, who is pretty much a loner all but for Kale.

Basil is still like a spring chicken

It always amuses me when the ghosts chat with someone on line.
Could you just imagine a dead relative pinging up in chat ... you would think you had gone mad!! lol


I think it is the mud baths revitalising him and keeping him so fit.   He isn't hobbling around slowly like elderly sims normally do, he is bouncing about.

Me and my best mate!

SIXTY-EIGHT is a very busy boy - he doesn't sit still

SEVENTY-TWO is skill less and friendless because she has that stupid IF doll!!



SIXTY-SEVEN has decided on his LTW

He wants to be a Dynamic DNA Profiler ... I'm not sure where that has come from.