Monday, 2 January 2017

Update 41

They have no shame!!

You know why he has a smile on his face!!

Red has maxed her woohoo skill ... so he has all sorts of good woohoo moodlets going on ... and has now constantly got the positively orgasmic moodlet when he is around Red.

I see this a lot and really don't understand it ... Prelude wants to send TWENTY-TWO a text!!

HOW and Why?!
Just talk to him Prelude ... the baby doesn't have a damn phone!!


Traits = Genius - Good
Favourites = Kids - Hotdogs - Blue

Prelude teaches TWENTY-TWO to talk

Then he does a bit of ice-skating

I keep wandering if all those fairies flying round her head means something.
Most of the time there are only a couple of white ones ... but occasionally it gets out of hand with so many brightly coloured ones over her head I can hardly see her!!

She is definitely getting the hang of hugging her kids!!

Forrest is back AGAIN!!

Red hasn't noticed, to preoccupied with Prelude, who now will seriously not leave her alone!!

Forrest and Basil seem to spend a lot of time together when he is here haunting.

It's almost like Forrest bided his time, and waited for Prelude to go to work, before he hunted her down.

LOL ... she is in trouble again!!

He is yet again laying into her for cheating!!

He has his say then vanishes!!

Well that's amusing ...  TWENTY-TWO is outside drinking a bottle!
Whoever gave him the bottle, obviously didn't have the sense to take him inside!!

Poor Basil has both girls pecking his head for a bed time story.

BABY CHIMES coming from the bedroom!!

Nobody is using the shower until that gnome moves!!

That is the nicest thing I have seen them do together!

NINETEEN would rather cook her own food!!

Amusingly she has already rolled the LTW to be a Celebrated Five Star Chef.

Sign of baby number 23

Prelude is potty training TWENTY-TWO

NINETEEN is baking more muffins

Basil is brave, eating one of NINETEENS burnt blueberry muffins!!

FINALLY .... I get to play with the Bake Sale table!!
NINETEEN wants to sell some baked items.

THREE amusingly didn't buy anything ... those cakes are too expensive!!!!
like she can't afford $2 ... they cost more than that to make!!

LMAO ... what is Atlas's problem ...
Child slavery or is he ranting about the red whore in the house?!

NINE buys some cakes ... so she made the sale she wanted

TWO also came along and brought some.

EIGHT didn't get a chance to buy anything, because Red interrupted him

she must be going soft in her old age!!

She invite EIGHT in

NINETEEN is now rolling nothing but wishes related to that bake sale table.  She is cooking more and storing it in the fridge, so she can have another bake sale tomorrow.

Catnip, is annoying me, she is constantly telling EIGHT to clean up like she does with Prelude!!  She is going to drive him out of the house if she carries on!!

FIVE is cooking, even though there are perfectly good meals on the side

I took a sneaky look at EIGHT's age
he only has 7 days left 😒

Baby bump

It looks like FIVE and EIGHT are sleeping over!!


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