Thursday, 12 January 2017

Update 55

Five baby dads and five pictures ... just another twelve to go!!

Red is painting outside .... a new picture for a change!!

Mango doesn't do a lot .... he's actually disappointing me a little.  All I ever see him doing is cleaning and playing chess mostly.

Baby bump

Everyone is now constantly dancing now they have a sterio in the house.

Chess buddies.
Basil is actually better friends with Mango than he is Red.

Mango has a vacination clinic
(I love these because I get to see a lot of Red's kids!!)

EIGHTEEN is squealing like a baby.




Heart farts for FOURTEEN ... that is hysterical!!


You know Mango, you are hurting everyone!!  Forrest didn't make this many people scream!!

Heart farts for NINETEEN

and TEN

Seriously EIGHTEEN, don't fall for it ... Ice flirts with everyone!!



I'm amused by Prelude, he stands and watches, then takes off.


I am surprised to see TWENTY-THREE ringing the doorbell

It seems like ages since any of her kids came to visit her.

I am a little amused when I get the pop up ... Red and TWENTY-THREE get on so well he wants to move in blah blah blah.

I'm thinking ... their friendship bar is only a quarter way filled ???!!!!  So does that mean Red is his best friend .... or only friend?? 

Okay so I let him move back in!!!  I was curious and doubt he will be any trouble.

Red is actually his only friend besides Basil and a woman called Sara.  All of the Orchid bee's that he lived with when he moved out - they are all in the red, especially Prelude who is showing as his enemy.
Bless him, I think he wanted to come back home!!

At least he will help Mango to keep the place clean and tidy!

TWENTY-FIVE has his birthday

He gained the Bot trait.

TWENTY-THREE jumps straight onto the sculpting table.

Now the bedtime stories start.

I am amused watching Red dancing a lot ... it is not something that she normal does, but it is a fairy thing, they like dancing.

Only THIRTEEN, Apple and Jazz are visiting tonight

Jazz stands staring at Basil for a while .....

Then he goes seriously stupid!!
LMAO Jazz!!

Tell me he is falling for Basil??!!
They are showing as best friends!!

Basil doesn't wake up so he moves onto Brook.

He does wake her up

Just to take her photo

While Jazz has now woke everyone up in the other bedroom, Apple has woken Red and Mango up.

Red amuses me by telling Jazz to clean up.

He ignores her and goes off to stalk Basil again.

They end up jamming together again ... this is why they are such good friends.

I can't wait to see Apple and Atlas here together, to see if they interact with each other romantically ... not that they actually did a lot in life.

There are only three ghosts because Pepper the cat is here again.
(He doesn't show on anyone's friends lists so I don't know he is here until I see him.)

If this cat is going to keep visiting, should I put cat food down for him?!  The ghosts feed themselves, so why shouldn't he be fed.

Basil amused me, the ghosts don't normally disturb or bother him, but Pepper the cat seems to upset him!!

Seriously Red, you don't play with him during the daytime when he needs it ... so why wake him up to do it, when he doesn't need it!!

Perfect Pumpkin pie!!!
(I think the improved meal quality upgrade that Red did ages ago is making everyone a good cook!)

Baby is coming

TWENTY-EIGHT is a fairy boy

and she's on a roll again .... another set of twins

TWENTY-NINE is a human boy

TWENTY-THREE seems a lot happier than he was when he was a child.  He is making friends with everyone in the house.

And he is turning into super nanny!!

Neither Brook or TWENTY-THREE have rolled any career wishes still!!
Brook isn't really doing much of anything, except reading, but TWENTY-THREE is painting a lot, so he is earning money without being employed.

Mango has had a promotion and is now a medical intern.

Super nanny is annoyed that Mango got to TWENTY-NINE first.

So he plays with TWENTY-EIGHT instead

but he gets to play with TWENTY-NINE when Dad walks off!


Traits = Athletic - Neurotic
Favourites = Roots - Fruit Parfait - Violet


Traits = Loves the Cold - Loves the Heat
Favourites = Digitunes - Lobster Thermador - Turquoise

I am a little disappointed that we don't seem to be getting any mini Mango's.   Colourwise we are, but not facially.

Basil has now got his Bass, Drums and Piano level all up to 9
He is not too far away from achieving his LTW of One Sim Band.

We get a pop up THIRTEEN has passed away.

TWENTY-FIVE is having fun!!

We have a baby gnome, wearing a nappy ... lol

We have THIRTEEN, FIVE, EIGHT and Lime visiting tonight

It tickles me that FIVE and EIGHT always wave at Red as they pass her.

The ghosts have caused chaos and woke everyone up except for Red.

Red and TWENTY-FIVE are kicking gnomes
It is Spooky Day again!!

TWENTY-THREE is now hogging all three easels.
He could actually complete his LTW ... being a renaissance sim, he only needs to max three skills - his painting is level 9, writing level 5 and he has logic and sculpting to work on too.

Red has been cooking Vegetarian Chilli again!

Basil and Lime are amusing me.
Basil made a beeline for her ... they talk, kick off, then go back to talking again.

TWENTY-EIGHT and TWENTY-NINE are being taught to talk

EIGHT and TWENTY-FIVE playing together in the sandpit.

BABY CHIMES coming from the shower.

So that is Mango's six children created.



  1. Awww, 23 was probably tired of being yelled at by everyone at his dad's house. Less grown people to bug him at moms, lol

    Yes you should put down cat food. I mean if it's going to come around frequently it might as well have food. Oh and toys too :)

    1. Lol .... the cat food is down and the toys :)